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The LinkMidna Shuffle

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Just some light work done for the iPod challenge. Five ficlets written while listening to five songs. /LinkMidna/

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Title: The LinkMidna Shuffle

Universe: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Theme/Topic/s: Ipod Shuffle Challenge

Rating: PG-13

Character/Pairing/s: Midna/Link

Warning(s): fluff, sensuality, rushed(IMO), some language

Word Count: 867


Teenage Dream-Katy Perry

Link straddled Midna's hips and looked down at her, his blue eyes colliding with her bright red ones, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Midna smirked, "Of course; I've been wanting to consummate my relationship with you for a VERY long time," she said, before licking her lips in a playful, yet seductive manner and ripping Link's green tunic off of his body.

Link blushed, "W-Wow..."

"You haven't seen anything yet," Midna whispered as she grabbed Link by his wrists, flipped him over and pinned him down on the floor, her body now on top of his.


Midna raised an eyebrow, "What? You thought you were going to be on top? Never. Now let's do it; right here, right now!" she said, pressing her body against his and kissing him hungrily, animal desire quickly taking over them both.

Accidentally in Love-Counting Crows

Link was comfortably situated under a tree in Hyrule Field, one hand on his chin and looking up at the sky.

"Hey." Link looked down and to the right of him, startled. It was Midna.

"Hey. So, what's up?" Link asked.

"You may not have noticed, but I've been observing you lately and have noticed some...things about you," Midna replied coolly, before looking him straight in the eyes.

Link raised an eyebrow, "Eh? Like what?"

"Well, for starters," Midna drawled, "You've been acting...strange around me: you've been blushing constantly, tripping over your own feet, and stuttering."

Link sweatdropped and blushed at the same time, "Oh, I have?" he muttered. 'I hope she doesn't know already...'

"Yep," Midna said, "So, based on the way you've been behaving, I'd say you're in love with me."

Link's jaw dropped, " did you know?"

Midna sighed, "You're not that hard to figure out, Link," she said bluntly.

Mine -Taylor Swift

Midna sighed and rested her head on Link's shoulder. The two were sitting by the river that went through Ordon Village.



"Doesn't this remind you of something?" Midna asked, tilting her head upwards and gazing wistfully into Link's eyes. "You here."

"Um...well..." Link muttered, placing a finger to his lips, trying to jog his memory.

Midna groaned, "Oh, come on; don't tell me you've forgotten!"

Link's eyes widened, "N-No! No, I haven't!"


"Yes! Really!" Link insisted.

Midna shrugged her shoulders, "Okay, then. Show me you haven't forgotten."

Link nodded, "Alright," he assured her, unconsciously putting his arm around her.

"Okay. I was wrong," Midna said, blushing slightly.

"Wait...what?" Link mumbled, confused.

"I was wrong. Wrong to think that you'd forget what happened here," Midna said.

Link sweatdropped, "I'm still not following this."

Midna groaned, "Ugh, you idiot! Look at your arm!"

Link looked down at his arm, "Oh, right. This is the place where I put my arm around you for the very first time."

Midna grinned, "Bingo! But I still cannot believe it took you so long to remember something that happened two weeks ago! Jeez!"

"Wait, that happened two weeks ago?"

"Gah! You know what, Link? Just stop talking right now and sit here with me."

Link rolled his eyes, "Yes ma'am."

Marry Me-Train

"So..." Midna drawled, before finishing her last bit of food and scooting her chair closer to the table she was sitting at, "Why'd you insist that we go eat here in Castle Town.?"

Link sighed, "...I thought you'd like it here," he replied, scratching the back of his head sheepishly.

"I do," Midna said, "Telma's food was good and I've enjoyed myself's just...why'd you have to rent out the whole freakin' bar for the night?"

"Well, I had some extra money and I thought-"

Midna looked straight at Link from across the table, "Bullshit. Tell me the real reason why you rented out the whole freakin' bar?"

Link blushed, "Well...I just wanted tonight to be special because...because..."

"Come on. Tell me," Midna said bluntly.

Link got up from his chair, "I just thought that maybe...just maybe...since we've been dating for a very long time...oh, what the hell! Midna, will you marry me? Please say you will!"

Midna smirked and rolled her eyes, "Jeez, what took you so long to ask? Of course I'll marry you!" she said happily, getting up from her chair and going over to hug him, Telma smiling as she did so.

Suki to Itte-Ishida Yoko

"Say it," Midna ordered, folding her arms across her chest as she stared Link down.

"Say what?" Link asked, confused.

"Say that you like me," Midna said, bringing her face closer to his.

"Wha- why- how-" Link sputtered, blushing.

Midna groaned, "Look, I know you like me, and the least you could do is say it!"

"Alright...I..I like you," Link admitted, his entire face turning red, "You're cute, you're honest, you're everything I want in a girl. You're perfect."

Midna grabbed Link's chin, "Good," she whispered, "Now kiss me."


"You said you liked me, Link. So kiss me."


"Argh! Why is it that I always have to do everything?"

And with that, Midna closed the distance between them with a kiss, both of them closing their eyes as soon as their lips met.

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