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You're My Everything Bandit Lee

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Tragedy Strikes Gerard leaving him a single parent of his beautiful daughter Bandit Lee Way.

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First off I might as well Add that I'm not giving up on If You Were Here. This is a story that came to me today while sitting in, TAP. Which is in school suspendsion. Which I got for saying (Jokingly I might add) 'Get the fuck out.' to my boyfriends little brother to whom I have science with. Of course I didn't realize the teacher was right beside us.

but I hope you enjoy it. Read and review please!!!


I stood staring down at her lifeless body. Tears flowing down my face. I still couldn't bring myself to accept that she was truly gone. It shouldn't have ended this way, our life was just beginning. I felt someone next to me. I turned my head to see my little sister Sadie standing besiding me holding a little bundle in her arms. My life and world, Bandit Lee. She was only brought into this world three days ago and was already motherless. Lindsey went into complications during labor. She was forced to have Bandit by Caesarian, knowing that it was both risky for her and Bandit, but we didn't have a choice. It was fate, she had to do it. It was either that or lose them both. It was either fate let me have both, or let me have only one. As my luck would have it. I only got to keep one. After Bandit was born she was cleaned off had her vitals check wraped up and was given to Lindsey. She sat there crying looking down at our daughter.
"Shes so beautiful." She said
I smiled, I leaned down and kissed her and told her she looked just like her.
"I love you Lindsey." I told her
She looked up into my eyes, hers were fighting back her tears.
"I love you Gerard." She said turning back to her.
Thats when everything went wrong. The next thing I knew the room was being filled with noise from the machines around me protesting. Doctors and Nurses everywhere filling the room to. Bandit was pulled from her arms and I was being pushed away.
"Lindsey! Baby! Don't leave me!" I screamed tyring to make my way towards her but I couldn't get close. So many nurses in my way.
"Grab the defibulator stat." I heard the doctor say as her line went flat. I stood there watching the doctor try to revive my wife back to life, but it was no use. I would never see her smiling face again.

I was pulled from my memory by Sadie taking my hand in hers. I looked at her, her expression was sad. It was Lindsey's funeral. Sadie had been taking care of Bandit for me today. She was the mother figure in her life right now. I could barely keep myself together. Sadie and Frank have been with me ever since that day. Sadie being the Mom, and Frank was trying to help me through it the best way he could. The poor little boy was trying his hardest. I was just so lost, the thought of putting Lindsey in the ground today crushed me. Sadie handed me Bandit and kissed my cheek before returning to her Husband. I looked at my daughter, she looked so much like her mother. I looked back at Lindsey.
"I love you Lindsey." I wispered "I pormise to stay strong for her. To keep her safe always." I leaned down and placed the last kiss I would give her upon her ice cold lips.

More soon/ I have a bit more written but not enough to put it along with it. I hope to have the next chapter either tonight or tomorrow. But if I don't tonight it will definatly be tomorrow.
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