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"You can sleep in a coffin, but the past aint through with you..."

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!FRERARD! Gerard thought he had gotten over the infatuation he'd never had the guts to tell Frank about, but on the world contamination tour, old feelings start to resurrect themselves....

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hey people, here's a little frerard oneshot i've written- hope you like it and Pretty Pweeeeeease review it- i really wanna know what you think- whether it's good or bad! enjoy xD

disclaimer: this never has and (sadly) never will happen and i don't own Frank, Gerard or MCR, just the plot :)

“You Can Sleep In a Coffin, But the Past aint Through With You.”

Gerard’s point of view:

The blinding stage lights, the enthusiastic, ear-splitting screaming from the crowd, the pounding guitar melodies, the deafening background drumbeat and the taste of nervous excitement; it’s a typical My Chemical Romance show, only, for me anyway, it’s starting to get a little too… predictable? Not that I’m not having fun- I totally am- it’s just too much like any other show we’ve played on the world contamination tour so far.
There’s a break in the lyrics and I glance round to see Ray head-banging in time with the drumbeat, Mikey concentrating on his bass solo and Frank bouncing crazily round the stage like the insane, hyper- freak he is.
As Frank skips closer, his shoulder- length, slightly sweaty dyed-black hair flopping wildly across his face, a long forgotten thought creeps into my mind.
Okay, maybe in all honesty, not that long forgotten…lately, I’ve found it not infrequently sneaking into my brain, especially on stage. But like all those other times recently, I just push it to the back of my mind.
I’m so absorbed in my own thoughts, I almost don’t notice Mikey’s solo end.
“…you don’t believe in god, I don’t believe in luck…you don’t believe in us…I just believe we’re the enemy…” I sing, nearly missing my cue, as I feel something behind me gently head butting my lower back.
I spin round, still singing and see Frank grinning cheekily at me, his stripy, long-sleeved black and white t-shirt clinging sweatily to his skinny, yet muscular torso, his heavily-lidded, greeny-russet eyes twinkling from behind the strands of his dyed hair.
Without thinking, acting totally on impulse, I grab his shoulders and smash my lips forcefully into his for the first time in years, breathing in the familiar scent of guitar strings, nerves, cinnamon shampoo and sweat.
The reaction from the crowd is deafening, but I hardly hear it- as I work my lips furiously against Frank’s, something strange is happening to my insides…they’re going all…tingly?
For some unclear reason, I can’t seem to pull away, sparks igniting up and down my spine, until Frank pulls away pink-cheeked and panting slightly, a surprised expression on his face. He quickly masks his surprise with his mischievous grin, winking cheekily and making the already insane crowd become deranged, before returning to his guitar playing.
I belt out the next few lines, though my voice sounds a little weak.
“Destroya…Destroya…DESTROYA!” I sing, ignoring my heart, which is pounding frantically against my ribcage.
It’s nothing. Nothing.
I’d gotten over this years ago.
Hadn’t i?
Still Gerard’s POV:

“Hey, good show, Gee.” Mikey beams, flopping down next to me on the sofa of the tour bus.
The show ended a couple of hours ago and now we’re all back on the tour bus, trundling down the highway as it approaches midnight.
“Thanks. You too.” I say distractedly, my eyes fixed in a blank stare somewhere in the direction of the TV set.
“Gee?” Mikey’s voice sounds very far away, even though he’s sitting right next to me.
“You okay, man?” Mikey sounds vaguely concerned.
“So Frerard’s back then, eh?” I can hear the smirk in Mikey’s voice. “The fans were going crazy!”
“Yeah..” I sigh distractedly. “Where are the other guys?” I add, wanting to change the subject.
“Ummm…Ray’s gone to bed and I think Frank’s in the shower. Are you SURE you’re okay, Gee?”
“Yes!” I snap.
“Then why are you staring so hard at the TV?”
“I’m watching it!” I say automatically.
“Yeah, Gee, it’s not plugged in, man.” Mikey says informatively.
“Wha-“ I finally blink out of my reverie and realise that in fact, the TV is not plugged in, while Mikey looks like he’s fighting the urge to laugh at the fact I’ve been staring at a blank screen for the past twenty minutes.
“SURE you’re okay?” he smirks.
“Surer than fucking sure!” I say snappily. Getting off the sofa and walking over to the bus’s mini- kitchen to make some coffee and escape my little brother’s probing questions.
“Umm..hi Gee.” I jump and whirl round.
Frank is leaning against the kitchen sink, sipping a mug of coffee, dressed in his red checked PJ bottoms and plain black t-shirt, his hair still slightly damp form the shower, the short sleeves of the top exposing his heavily tattooed arms.
“Unughh…hey.” I mumble, spooning coffee grounds into my favourite “Come to the dark side- we have caffeine” mug and ducking my head, wondering if I should apologise for what happened on stage.
There’s a thick, awkward silence for a couple of moments as the kettle boils, and I wonder why the hell my stomach suddenly feels like it’s been invaded by the butterfly army.
I peek up at Frank from behind my hair as he wanders over to the kettle to refill his coffee mug and see that his usually pale skin is a delicate pink, his slightly damp hair falling across his face as he nibbles his lip.
He suddenly looks up and chuckles, peering into my coffee mug.
“Uhhh…Gerard? Why are you trying to make Coffee with pepper grounds??”

Frank’s point of view:

Rain drums against the roof of the van as I toss and turn, thrashing around in the uncomfortable sheets of my bunk. It’s gone three AM and I’ve been attempting to sleep, needless to say, without success, for the past three hours.
Every time I shut my eyes, my mind is intoxicated with thoughts of a certain guy.
A guy, with ghostly skin and vivid scarlet hair that flops messily across his startling, greeny-hazel eyes.
A guy who, less than seven hours ago, kissed me, in front of hundreds of screaming fans.
A guy, who I’m sure has never even considered me as more thank a close friend.
I guy I’ve dreamt about for the past eight years.
A guy called Gerard Way.
Lying here, wide awake in the darkness, I can’t stop remembering how amazing his lips felt on mine after all those years. Fireworks, butterflies, shivers, every clichéd feeling erupted inside me after weeks, months, years of missing his touch.
I was utterly taken aback when I suddenly felt his soft lips on mine- we hadn’t done anything like that since The Black Parade- but then again, so far, we’ve only played a handful of concerts since then.
I yawn, fishing out my phone from under my pillow to check the time, wondering if anyone else is awake. The events of the concert creep into my thoughts once again and I turn the Bluetooth on my phone on, trying to distract myself,
I’m sure I hear a sigh from one of the other bunks as my Bluetooth searches, but I can’t be sure.
My heart leaps- one Bluetooth name shows up on the screen.
Without thinking, quickly text a message-
HyperSkeleton: you awake?
-and press send, hearing Gerard’s phone vibrate in the darkness.
I roll over, still clutching my phone, but not expecting a reply, so when my phone vibrates, the screen lighting up, I jump out of my skin.
I squint at the bright screen, blinking at the sudden brightness.

ScarletVampireBat: yep. You?

I roll my eyes and text a hurried reply.

HyperSkeleton: obviously. I don’t text in my sleep.

I’m sure I hear a soft chuckle from Gerard’s bunk, and my phone vibrates almost instantly.

ScarletVampireBat: lol. Why you still awake??
HyperSkeleton: thinking. You?
ScarletVampireBat: same. It really sucks doesn’t it?
HyperSkeleton: tell me about it- I really hate having a brain.
ScarletVampireBat: lol. What you thinking that’s keeping you awake?
HyperSkeleton: just a load of shit.
ScarletVampireBat: c’mon, you can tell me!
HyperSkeleton: I don’t think it would interest you.
ScarletVampireBat: anything to do with little fwankiepooh interests me :P

I stifle a giggle. Honestly, Gerard comes up with the worst nicknames ever.

HyperSkeleton: oh ha ha.
ScarletVampireBat: seriously- you were acting all funny earlier.
HyperSkeleton: me?! I wasn’t the one making coffee with pepper grounds!
ScarletVampireBat: oh. True lol
HyperSkeleton: yeah, so what’s up? Mikes said you were acting all weird too.
ScarletVampireBat: I’m not really sure.
HyperSkeleton: honestly? I can always tell when you’re lying…
ScarletVampireBat: honestly? I think I’m going insane.
HyperSkeleton: going?! Gee, you’ve been insane for a very long time.
ScarletVampireBat: hahaha. Okay, you tell me and I’ll tell you?
HyperSkeleton: fine. Deal.

Shit, did I just agree to tell him the real reason I’ve been lying awake for the past three hours?!

ScarletVampireBat: so what’s up?

I lie, frozen, in my bunk. Do I really have the guts to finally tell him? I hate lying to him, but telling the truth to him here might wreck everything…
But maybe I’ve been quiet about this for too long.

HyperSkeleton: okay- I’ve kinda been in love with this..person..for years, but I can’t say anything to them because it would probably fuck everything up. It’s really eating me up inside :/

There’s a dead silence in the pitch black bunkroom for a moment, then I hear the familiar clickity-click if Gerard texting.
My stomach is a writhing mess of nerves, my palms clammy when my phone finally vibrates.

ScarletVampireBat: I totally know what you mean- but maybe just tell them, get it off your chest- it might make you feel better. Who is it anyway?
HyperSkeleton: I really can’t say.
ScarletVampireBat: what do they look like then? Describe them.
HyperSkeleton: ummm… they’re a bit taller than me, they’ve got perfect pale skin, amazing greeny-hazel eyes, a cute button nose and messy bright red hair. He’s…beautiful.

FUCK!! Did I actually just send that?! Oh my fucking god! Gerard’s totally gunna freak out and probably never talk to me again- he didn’t even know I was gay.
Panicking, I switch my phone off, heart thumping, and cower under my duvet in the dark, feeling the embarrassed red-hot flush on my cheeks.
There’s a deafening silence in the bunkroom for a couple of moments, broken only by the bullets of rain hitting the roof, then I hear the bedsprings of Gerard’s bed creak and his soft footsteps padding across the room.
I put my hands over my ears, curling up into a tiny ball under the covers. Why the HELL did I send that?! Everything’s fucked up now…
I jump as I feel someone getting into my bunk, pulling back the duvet and curling up beside me in the dark.
My heart’s racing, my stomach drenched in nervous sweat, my hands trembling uncontrollably, my face flushed in shame and embarrassment.
“Frankie?” they breathe against my neck.
There’s no mistaking that soft, slightly ragged whisper, or that warm, sweet, coffee scented breath that’s tickling the back of my bare neck.
“Y-yeah?” I stutter, too scared to turn round and face him after what I said.
“Turn round.”
Trembling, I roll over, so I can feel his warm breath on my cheeks rather than my neck, soft and sweet and hot.
We stay like that for a couple of moments, my heartbeat getting crazier and crazier by the second.

Gerard’s point of view:
I lie, utterly frozen with shock, in my bunk for a couple of moments, heart pounding as I stare, open mouthed at the Bluetooth message on my screen.

HyperSkeleton: ummm… they’re a bit taller than me, they’ve got perfect pale skin, amazing greeny-hazel eyes, a cute button nose and messy bright red hair. He’s…beautiful.

Then, without really thinking, I clamber out of my bunk and tiptoe across the room, ascending the ladder to Frank’s bunk and climbing in beside him.
He’s scrunched up small under the duvet, back facing me.
“Frankie?” I whisper hoarsely.
“Y-yeah?” he mumbles shakily into the dark.
“Turn round.” I don’t really know what made me say it, but Frank obeys, turning to face me.
For a few moments, we lie there in total silence, his silky hair tickling my cheeks, his warm, slightly trembly breath against my lips, and all my confusion evaporates, everything becoming crystal-clear.
Impulsively, I crash my lips against his, and he yanks me closer, winding his arms tightly round my waist.
Fireworks are exploding in my chest as our kiss deepens, Frank’s tongue licking my lower lip pleadingly. I open my mouth willingly our kiss becomes frantically urgent; lips working, hands grasping messy handfuls of hair, hearts thumping wildly, hips grinding.
Eventually, reluctantly, I pull away, gasping.
“I-what-you-I-thought-“ Frank stutters incoherently, his warm body still pressed close against mine; I can feel his heart pounding crazily in his cheat and his breath is coming in stifled gasps against my lips.
I take a deep breath, still weak kneed and slightly dizzy from the mind-blowing kiss. “Frank- I’ve likes you for…ages. Seriously ages. I thought I’d gotten over it- but I was so wrong- being on tour with you again just made me realise it…I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
Frank slams his lips onto mine once more, fastly, furiously, telling me all I need to know.
His soft fingers dance up and down my spine, making me shiver and pull him closer still, crushing his skinny frame against mine and running my hands through his soft, slightly scruffy hair.
“Some things...” I pant, kissing my way down his soft, warm neck and sucking on the collar bone. “…are too special…” I kiss my way back up to his perfect lips, feeling his pulse fluttering erratically in his throat. “…to get over…”

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