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Not a story. Not really. But it is about The World Contamination Tour.

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I'm sorry about this, truly. 
I know these fuckers suck.
But I'm so upset. So fucking heart-broken. And I knew that y'all would understand. Because there are some truly amazing people on this website, in the MCRmy.
And none of my friends understand, my fucking best friend laughed in my face when I told her how I felt. 
But she doesn't understand how I feel. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you some uber amazing story about how they save my fucking life, but I'm not gonna say I never thought about it. I'm not gonna say that they didn't take my mind away from those thoughts either.
That if Gerard can grow from being this dude everybody wrongfully thought was a douche to rising into this beautiful person as everyone can so clearly see. Then, maybe, just maybe, I dunno. But I'll tell ya when I do.
But I told my mother. I told her. I did. I told her the day the tickets came on sale that they would sell out. You know what she fucking said, "Nobody likes them. It won't sell out. We'll talk about it later."
I'm not even exaggerating, that's what she said.
A week later she brings it up, and guess what? It's sold the fuck out.
And now she brings it up again, she's like "maybe we could go to Chicago, it's cheaper." Yeah, and it's far too, I should mention. 
But if it's sold out in this shit-hole, what makes her think it wouldn't be sold out there?

I just needed to vent here.
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