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Because What We Had Wasn't Long Enough.

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A sad little one-shot in memory of my brother.

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Mikey, you're never going to be able to read this letter, but it gives me a feeling of closure just to know that in a certain sense I'm telling you my thoughts. I miss you bro. You were my best friend, when the world closed itself up on me - turning my friends and everyone I know away, you stuck with me. You stopped me from fucking my life up by harming myself, letting me know it was okay to feel angry at everything for no reason. You would comfort me when I came home from school with black eyes and busted lips from fighting, you understood what I was going through even when I sometimes took it out on you. You accepted me for who I was, no matter how strange I dressed or how weird my hair styles became. You were my number one fan when it came to my drawings, even the fucking creepy and weird ones. Infact, you have always been that way - you never judged, you always accepted and welcomed people for who they were. I guess thats why you were so amazing and everyone who knew you loved you.
I wish it was me who had to go instead of you, you had so much talent and a lifetime of oppurtunities ahead of you. Smart, wise, funny and loveable, you made us all so proud. Especially me. Little things that you would do would make me smile and think to myself, 'Yep, thats my brother.'
I still think of that night every day, whenever I close my eyes I see you lay in the hospital bed, hundreds of wires sticking in and out of you. Making you look like some sort of lab animal. I remember sitting at your bedside and chatting away to you, I would sing you songs and try all sorts of daft things to get you to open your eyes. I even rapped for you - which I failed drastically at, but still - it was worth a shot.
I just need you to know that you were my only lifeline in this hell hole we call life and that no one will ever be able to understand me like you could.
Don't forget to watch down on me, kay ?
Love you so much Mikes
xxx Gee xxx

The tears poured down my face as I sealed the letter shut and slipped it into his bedside cabinet. I knew no one would ever read it, but I needed to let him know how I felt. I sat on the wooden floor of his bedroom as my head collapsed into my hands. I was a mess, well, I still am. He was the only one that kept me sane and without him, I'm lost, hopeless. I lay still on the floor and began crying hysterically. Most families would spend time together when a loved one passes away, but I can't be near any of them - not one of them have anything on Mikey. There was a permanent feeling of gloom and sadness hanging in the household as everyone acted brainwashed, completely striped of all emotions. I let my blood shot eyes gaze around his room as memories of him flooded back into my lifeless head. I could see him walking into the room right now, with a bottle of lemondade or some fizzy drink and a large bag of chips, ready to watch a horror film with me. I closed my eyes and let the tears flow.
I miss you bro, I really do.

This story is dedicated to my brother, who - if it were possible, would get the letter in the story. Miss you Josh. x
xoxo Ellie Frank xoxo
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