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Keep the Faith -OneShot[Frerard)

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I wrote this one a while back. One shot of Frank & Gerard

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I sat on the hard cold chair. Holding his hand, as i watched his face as he slept.

I couldn't believe it. Why was this happening.

I moved the hair out of his beautiful face. My life was lying unconsious in a hospital bed.

Frank Anthony Iero was my life.

He didn't for one second deserve this.
The beeping of the life support machine sent shivers down my spine.
It reminded me of how he ended up here.
I couldn't live without him. I was so afraid.


"Frank wait up, im coming with you" i yelled running after him.

"Okay! Come on Gerard" He yelled back, as he crossed the road without looking.

"FRANK GET OUT THE ROAD" I screamed as a truck came towards him.

Frank turned around but it was too late, he had been knocked down.

I ran over to where his fragile, none moving body lay in the road.

Ray ran out of the bus.
"Ring a fucking ambulance!" I yelled, unable to control my sobbing.

I held his hand and stroked his hair.

"Don't you dare fucking leave me Frank, don't you dare" i cried.

An ambulance arrived and i climbed into the back with Frank, as we headed off to my most feared place.


*End of Flashback*

Franks accident was three weeks ago. Three Long weeks.

Everyday since he'd been here, i've been sat on the same chair next to him. I wouldn't dare leave him.

I heard the door creak over and looked open to see Mikey.

"Come on gee, you need some rest, come get a coffee or something" he said.

"no mikey, i'm not leaving Frank" i replied.

"Come on gerard, if anything happens, the doctors are here, and they'll let you know about anything, its only gonna be for half an hour" mikey said patting my back.

I gave in and stood up. I followed Mikey and walked out of the room. We went and got coffee from the machine, and sat down in the waiting room with the rest of the guys.

I stared into my coffee, all the time thinking about Frank.

"Gerard, he'll be fine, he's strong" Bob said.

I loved the guys for how they accepted me and Frank, they could not want anything to do with us because of our sexualities, but they support us.

And i knew it was true, Frank was strong, he always had been.

However the doctors had said it was a 50/50 chance. He could die. I knew deep down it was a possibility, i just didn't want to believe it. I wanted everything to go back to normal. For Frank to be okay. For none of this to ever have happened. If only we had gone out a little bit earlier, or maybe later. It might never had happened.

I finished drinking my coffee and stood up from my seat.

"I'm going back to Frank" i informed the guys, while i walked towards his room.

I opened the door and retrieved my seat. I grabbed onto Franks hand again. I could feel the anxiety build up inside me.

"why the fuck did this happen! why to you! why not someone else, i just want you back, i can't live without you frank, please don't leave me, it shouldn't have happened, you didn't deserve it. Wake up Frank! wake up please please, i love you" i yelled as i sobbed into the sheet on his bed.

I felt my hand being squeezed. I looked up to see Franks hand twitching.

I watched with hope and faith, "Frank, come on, wake up, i'm here" i whispered to him as he winced in pain.

He slowly opened his eyes.

"Gerard?" he asked.
"Yeah it's me" i said stroking his head.
"what happened?" he questioned.
"You got hit by a truck frank, you've been unconcious for three weeks" i informed him.

Bob opened the door and looked suprised to see Frank was awake.

"I'll go let the doctor know" he said as he left us.

Not long later the doctor came in with the guys in tow.
They all looked at Frank and smiled. Obviously happy to see he was okay.

"How are you feeling mr. iero?" the doctor asked.
"Yeah okay actually just a bit sore" Frank replied.
"Well all being well, we should be able to discharge you tomorrow, we'll just keep you over night to make sure you're okay" the doctor said.
"Thank you doctor" i responded.
"No problem" he said as he left the room.

The guys left and went home, but i remained with Frank.

"Why don't you go home and have a shower and some rest?" Frank asked.
"Nope i wanna stay with you, i haven't left you since the accident, and i'm not gonna now, i've missed you like fuck" i replied.
"i've missed you too Gerard" Frank said, motioning for me to get on the bed next to him.

I took up the offer and climbed onto the hospital bed and lay next to him.

"I love you Gerard, forever and ever" Frank said.
"I love you too Frank, forever and a day" i replied, as i gently kissed his lips.
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