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The only hope for me is you [oneshot]

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One Shot. What happens would you read something you maybe shouldn't have, does it make you realise, or does it turn into a disaster?

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'MIKEY I'VE HAD IT WITH YOU' i fell to my knees and cried, 'your never around Mikey, you make up bullshit excuses all the time, you ditch me last minute for other plans, what the fuck do you expect me to think Mikey WHAT!' i screamed
Mikey tried to put his arm around me, so i pushed him away and carried on running down the streets. He chased me, and curse my short legs, he caught up with me.

'Mikey, who is she? who else are you seeing?' i tried to stay calm as i held the tears back.
'Hope, i promise you there is nobody else, i love you, you know that' He said to me, i found it so hard to be angry at him, his mousy blonde hair, and his glasses that made him look adorable, but i couldn't keep letting my guard down like always, i had to stop letting people walk all over me.

'Mikey just leave me the fuck alone now! What other reason is there for you going awol all the time! Just go away' I ran off as far as i could, not turning back, i knew that would only make it worse to leave.
For the first time in the past hour i didn't hear the foot steps behind me, so i slowed my pace as i hailed a cab.
After about 10 minutes one pulled over and i jumped in the back.
'Airport please' i asked the driver. Why i was doing this, i really don't know, i just needed to be as far away as possible right now, needed to get my head straight.

At the airport, i brought the first ticket to England, my auntie lives there, so i'm sure she'd let me stay with her for a few weeks.

I slept the whole flight, i was so tired from all the crying, i really loved Mikey though, he was my first proper boyfriend, we'd been together 3 years, but lately he'd been acting so strangely, and my first thought was what if hes got bored and hes found somebody else.

When i got off the plane i checked my phone, 10 missed calls and 12 messages, every single missed call from Mikey, 11 messages from Mikey, 1 message from Gerard. Gerard is Mikeys older brother, hes like a brother to me aswell. I opened his message.
Hey Hope, I know your mad at Mikey lately, but please don't do this to him, your killing him, he's a right state, take care of yourself darling, don't do anything stupid xx
I thought whether or not to reply, i decided not too, if i did Mikey would try and contact me through Gerard, so it would be best not too.

Weeks passed and i hadn't heard anything from Mikey, then one day i logged onto my aunties computer and checked my facebook, nothing interesting. As bad as this may be, i decided to check Mikeys, he'd gave me his password before to upload some pictures, I felt bad for doing this but i just had to see.

I logged in and went straight to his mail, Hope Austin(me), me, Hope Larell, me.
I flicked back to the name before, this one wasn't from me, but from a girl also named Hope that Mikey had gone to school. I opened the message.
I don't know what to do Mikey, if we were together maybe it would wreck what we already have, but I really want to be, so much
I knew it, i knew there was someone else.
I had been right the whole time.
This explains his late night disappearances, the way he couldn't see me for a few days at a time, the way he would take hours to reply to my texts or return my calls.
I started to cry and knew i wasn't going to stop anytime soon.
I ran to my room and threw myself of my bed.
'WHY WHY WHY' i screamed 'FUCKIN IDIOT, HOW DO I NOT REALISE!' i was so angry, if there was one, was there more girls he'd have been with behind my back.

I heard the key turn in the door and my auntie walked upstairs.
'Hope! whats wrong darling?' she said leaning down to comfort me.
'I knew it Julie, i just knew it, there was someone else, i'm so glad i got away, otherwise this could have been happening under my nose for even longer, i can't believe he did it'
She hugged me, 'don't worry honey, no guys ever worth it'
'I loved him though, i still do' i cried into her shoulder.
'C'mon dear get into bed, its late, ill bring you a hot chocolate up'
Aunt Julie left my room and before i knew it was under my cover and in a deep sleep, and to be perfectly honest, i didn't wanna ever wake up.

The next morning i was woke up by my cousin Tyler yelling up the stairs, 'HOPE DOOR FOR YOU!'
I threw on my hoody and went to the door, I opened it, and did not expect to see who i did.
'MIKEY what the fuck are you doing here, how did you know i was here' I asked firmly.
'Alexis told me' he replied.
I should of knew, Alexis was my best friend, but she could not keep her mouth shut for anything.
'I don't wanna know what you've got to say, i've saw your emails off Hope Larell' i said while closing the door in his face.
He pushed it back open, 'Hope wait, hear me out'
'Fine go on then, this best be good' i said, i wasn't in the mood for this.
'You've got it all wrong, that message wasn't about me it about Gerard, she likes Gerard, didn't you see the message i sent back, i told her I would speak to him for her' Mikey said.
'How do i know your telling the truth Mikey?' as i said this, Gerard appeared behind, 'It is true Hope, trust me, We're seeing each other now, Thanks to Mikey, Look' Gerard said and showed me a picture of the two of them on his cell.

'Okay, maybe I was wrong about that then, but why was you always awol all the time' I asked feeling bad about acusing him of cheating.
'Hope, we've started a band, when you were home in Jersey, we were getting signed, thats why I was always busy' Mikey replied
Way to make me feel bad eh Mikey.
'Well why didn't you tell me' I asked, still confused.
'I didn't want you to leave me, or for you to get worried that we was gonna get famous and i'd leave you, cause i never would, I was just waiting till we knew something definate before i told you, sorry' Mikey said.
I looked at him, how could i stay angry at him, he was so adorable.
'Mikey i'm really sorry, i shouldn't have gone off like that, please forgive me' I said.
'Of course i forgive you sugar, come home please'
'Of course I will, its been so hard being away from you.'

Mikey cupped my face in his hands, 'The only Hope for me is you'
I gazed into his eyes, 'I love you Mikey'
'I love you too honey'
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