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A Rock-tale.

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When two girls are together, everything's possible; even more when the sister of one of them is a tricky-minded-girl xb

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You wanna know what happens when two fifteen year-old perverts girls meet their idols? Well, I’ll tell you, but you can’t regret once you read it, I’m warning you.

There was this beautiful day in London, and Megan and her recent arrived friend Dannie were walking through the streets, waiting for the amazing night they would have. Dannie had managed a way of travelling from Portugal alone, only to see My Chemical Romance’s concert, that night; she’d stay at Meg’s house for a week, accomplishing her dream of being in London. All of a sudden, Megan got a call from one of her sisters, which was strange.
- Hello, Josie. Why’re you calling? – She asked, looking at her friend, with a confused feeling inside her chest.
- Get ready and put on some pretty clothes. You’re going on a date with an actual man – her sister replied; she had always been pretty crazy about love and dating. – Oh, and bring a friend with you, he’s got a brother. Meet me at the door of Starbucks in half an hour, I’ll tell you who they are, then.
Her sister hung up without even a goodbye, leaving Megan looking awkwardly and confused at her phone.
- What’s up, honey? – Dannie asked, noticing Meg’s strange look; she seemed to understand something big was coming from Meg’s mouth, now.
- My sister got us a blind-date, with men – she replied, looking funny at Dannie’s face.
- Well, did you wanted it to be with women? – Dannie replied, laughing, and making Megan laugh along.
- I mean, real men, not boys, men, older than us… My sister is somehow crazy about love stuff, but she always seems to pick the right boys, or, in this case, men, for the people around her – Megan replied, laughing. – Do you wanna meet them? We could turn them pedophiles… - She continued, giving Dannie a dirty look, only the two of them could share. Dannie laughed, and nodded, smiling and grabbing Megan’s arm.
- Well, we’re pretty good on these clothes, aren’t we? – Dannie asked, looking at their punk-rock’s outfits, and goggling, when she understood they were both wearing a My Chemical Romance’s t-shirt.
- I don’t know the guys from anywhere, so, let’s just show’em who we are, dear – Megan replied, smiling sweetly at Dannie.
- Oh, let’s show them who keeps us running – Dannie replied, moving her eyebrows up and down, making both of them starting to sing ‘Sing’, a My Chemical Romance’s song.
They walked towards Starbucks, slowly and crazily, while singing to a bunch of songs from their favorite band, which was obviously MCR. When they arrived, Megan saw her sister looking around, probably looking for them, since they were a tiny bit late.
- Oh, Meg, there you are! – Josie said, smiling at her sister, and then looking at her clothes; then, she checked out Dannie’s clothes. – They’ll like that, it’s just their style. That band is… perfect for them.
- Really? I like them already – Dannie said, unable to stop herself, although she was ashamed of meeting guys, especially older than her.
- Yep, so do I – Megan told her sister, too, smiling. – Where are they?
- You see that two guys with their back turned to us, one with red hair and the other blond? – Josie asked the girls, pointing at what it seemed two completely hot guys.
- Sure we do – Megan replied, looking in a pervert way at Dannie, who smiled to her.
- It’s them. Tell them you came from Josie… have a nice dinner, and use protection – Josie said the girls, turning away; however, Megan held her arm.
- Are you trying to make them go to jail? They’d turn into pedophiles if we… you know. Although that makes it even more desirable, I don’t wanna be guilty for ruining their lives! – Megan said, shocked at her sister.
- Don’t worry about it… If you say you’re two are in love, on the court, they can’t do nothing to them. Just go there, and get some, girls. No regrets, ‘kay?
Megan nodded, surprised at how her sister seemed to understand how she and Dannie had imagined, so many times before, them having sex with an older guy… Despite they imagined it with two fabulous rock stars, and not with some guy. Dannie was afraid of what she was going to do, but it was her who pushed Megan inside Starbucks, and took her to the men’s table, not even knowing what she was doing.
- Hum, we came from Josie’s part… - Dannie told them, stammering because of how nervous she was; they instantly turned around, revealing the faces both of girls had dreamed of, the faces of their idols, the faces of Gerard and Mikey Way.
- So, you’re the girls? – Gerard asked, looking from the top of Megan to her toes, making her flush.
- Supposedly… I’m Megan, and this is my friend, Dannie - she stated as Gerard got up to hug both of them.
Dannie sure liked Gerard, but she couldn’t help herself, but look straight in Mikey’s eyes, stating how more beautiful he was, in person. She loved the way his hair was falling to his back, his hazel eyes, with a slight brown stain on his right eye, his desirable rose lips that seemed to be like gravity to her, who was, unconsciously, moving closer to him. Her gaze was interrupted by Gerard’s tight and comfy hug; despite of his hug being amazing, she wanted to let him go, to see Mikey again.
Megan sat in front of Gerard, staring at his chest, which he could see through his ‘V’ neckline, and surely liking what she was seeing; before he could caught her, she looked at his face, observing the way his hair was moving to the breeze, the way his eyes were staring at hers, the way his lips were moving nervously, while he was chewing his gum. She was loving to stare at all the little moves Gerard did, but this awkward silence was messing up with her, and she knew Dannie felt the same.
- Well, what will you have? – She asked, moving her chair backwards, preparing to get up and go ask what they wanted.
- I’ll go there – Mikey offered, escaping Dannie’s gaze, flushing. – What do you want?
- I’ll take some normal coffee – Megan said, pulling her chair forwards, again.
- Hum… nothing – Dannie said, looking at the table, disappointed at Mikey’s reaction at her gaze.
- I want a coffee, too – Gerard said, not looking away from Meg’s eyes.
Mikey made a grimace, looking at the table, while getting up.
- Dannie, could you come with me? I don’t think I can handle the three cups – Mikey asked, smiling at her like he never had before. She instantly got up, following him to the counter where he asked for the three coffees.
- You sure you don’t want anything? – He asked, looking suspicious at her.
- Yep, I’m fine, thanks – she replied, blowing him with her smile; she never thought her lips could separate so much; then, she realized something. – Hey, wait a minute. Aren’t you two married? – She asked, as her smile faded and her eyes were drowned of hope.
- Not anymore… We found out both of our wives had been cheating on us, so, we divorced a while ago… We just didn’t tell our fans – he stated, looking at her, as he saw her eyes shine again, smiling towards that. The coffees arrived, and interrupted the sweet looking Mikey was giving Dannie.
- Shall we get back on the table? – He asked, smiling kindly at her. They both looked at their table, and laughed when saw Gerard and Megan almost bent on the table, getting closer to each other; they decided they should ruin the moment.
- Hum, hum – they coughed, making Gee and Meg get back on their seats properly. – Here’s the coffee – Mikey said, handing each one their cup, and keeping one for him.
Mikey and Dannie got back on their seats, and started talking about all kinds of shit: music interests (that made Mikey laugh, when she stated how much she loved My Chemical Romance), books, movies… then they talked about their personal lives; being so honest to each other it was impossible to see them apart from each other, now.
With Megan it was the other way around: she and Gerard talked about personal lives first, and then changed to the most basic talk, like hobbies and stuff like that.
In the meanwhile, they finished their coffees, and Gerard was insisting to pay for all, but Dannie, the only one who hadn’t drink anything, ended up paying, so they wouldn’t argue.
After Starbucks, Gerard and Mikey took the girls to their rented house in the city, where they prepared them an amazing dinner.
It was being a calm dinner, but Gerard seemed to have something else in mind.
- FOOD WAR! – He screamed, freaking out and throwing spaghetti at Megan, who replied instantly, laughing hard.
Mikey got caught in the way, and, pissed at the spaghetti on his hair, squeezed his eyes.
- OH, HELL NO! You didn’t just put pasta on my hair – he said to Gerard, who was laughing so hard he couldn’t even breathe; when he found himself, he had his mouth full with spaghetti Mikey had thrown at his face.
The war continued, as Dannie thrown Megan a big piece of the spaghetti she had on her plate, almost having no more ammunitions; good thing Mikey saved her and shared his food with her.
After that funny and joyful dinner, they decided it was better to do something calmer, to calm their selves a bit; they ended up watching a movie no one was really interested in. While the movie was playing, both of the girls were keeping strong to not stare at their crushes, and, on that moment, loves, for too long, trying to eventually pay some attention to the movie.
Suddenly, Gee and Mikey had the same idea, and put their arms around their girl’s shoulder, making them smile, enthusiastic. Dannie took her chance to lean against Mikey’s muscled torso, smiling as he caressed her arm, slowly. Megan decided to go straight to the business, and kissed Gerard passionately, who replied lovely, tasting what he had been waited for all night.
- Hum, we’re going to my room – Gee stated, moving his eyes from Megan for a second.
No one replied, since they left the room quickly, running upstairs, wanting each other badly.
Both Gerard and Megan knew he could be arrested for doing this with her, but neither of them minded; they just needed each other’s body. They finally made it to his room, and he locked the door, quickly, and turned to her, who kissed him right away. She was too teased and excited to let him play with her body: she needed him inside of her, right there. They never made it to the bed, they just took off their clothes, moving slower as they were getting to the part they both wanted, thinking “why rush something so special?” Gerard was careful with Megan, he didn’t want her to be hurt, or to regret anything; despite the fact they were both naked and ready, he decided to make her wait a little longer, exciting her a little more, by biting her nipples and kissing her entire body. When he felt she couldn’t wait any longer, he got a condom and put it on, and got into her. He felt amazing, like he never felt before, and so did she. He was amazing, and all she could think about was him, despite the fact the ground was cold, and she was leaning on it totally naked.

Downstairs, Mikey and Dannie were still holding each other romantically, as the movie was moving. Dannie wasn’t really watching the movie, she was just looking at Mikey’s happy face, as his caress n her arm moved to her waist, then to her belly… she couldn’t take it anymore, he had to kiss her, or she would just go crazy. Luckily, Mikey seemed to read her thoughts, and kissed her slowly and in a totally lovely way, fulfilling just her needs… at least at that point. The kiss slowly started heating up, and the movie was totally forgotten by those two lovers; Dannie made her way to the top of Mikey, while he lied on the couch, finding a comfortable position. She laid on top of him, unsure of what to do; he noticed her little hesitation, and pushed her away, but not too far.
- You don’t wanna do this? It’s okay if you don’t… - He told her, staring at her brown eyes; the brown hair around her face was falling, making some kind of curtain, separating them from the world.
- I want to… I just don’t know what to do, Mikey – she admitted, wanting to dig a big hole to put herself into.
- Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you – he replied, kissing her again, and changing positions with her.
When he was on the top, he started taking her shirt off, and she helped him, feeling the urge for him to run her body with kisses; kisses that he was already planting on her neck, going after to her chest. Then, he kissed her naked chest, moving around her breasts, and then going to her belly. She had never felt so good in her whole life; on that moment, she forgot about everything else: only Mikey was on her mind. He continued kissing her, until she took off his shirt, and kissed his chest and his neck. It went like that, mostly, and they were way too excited to the moment they’d be stuck on each other’s body, to wait any longer. Luckily, Mikey had a condom on his jeans’ pocket, and used it there, so they wouldn’t have any trouble, later. He slowly got into her, and she curved her torso a little bit.
- Am I hurting you? – He asked, afraid he had hit her too strongly.
- Au contraire, baby. Do it faster… do it stronger – she asked, breathing hardly.
- Really? – He asked, getting back, only to hit her stronger.
- Sure, do it now… Or I’ll get crazy.
He did as she told, and soon find the perfect rhythm for her, and the perfect strength. Soon enough, they’re both relieving soft moans, not to loud, and Dannie felt her climax arriving; so did Mikey. In no-time, they both had an outrageous orgasm, and, when they shut up, they heard Megan and Gerard reaching their climax upstairs.
The four of them got away from their lovers body, lying beside the only person they could think about in the whole world.
- I love you – they all said, in the exact same time.

So, are you regretted of reading this? You aren’t? That’s awesome, ‘cause, you know, that could be just you; luckily for those girls, it was them.
And they lived happily ever after…

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