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Chapter 21

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Beckett's feeling a little too pleased with himself

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"You called for me, Master William?"

"Ah, yes, Brendon, come in," Becket waved his hand to usher Brendon into the room. "Where is Michael?"

"You want him too, William? I'll..."

"No, not yet, I just wanted to know what he's doing."

"He's threatening the Press Office," Brendon replied with a smirk that could only be described as evil.

Beckett raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Can there be anyone in the Press Office who isn't aware of what Michael will do to them if they don't comply?"

"No," Brendon laughed at the idea, "I think he just likes it."

"That sounds like him," Beckett couldn't help but return the laughter at the thought of it.

"Shall I fetch him?" Brendon asked again.

"No, there's no need. You can... No... Tell him that I need him," Beckett nodded, "I have another decree to be issued."

"You need him?"

Beckett grinned at the expression on his Second's face. "My dear Brendon, you're not jealous again are you? You know I've warned you about that before now."

"Yes, William," Brendon's voice dropped a tone as he acknowledged the reprimand.

"Brendon, perhaps you were never aware because of the size of the Coven, but I would occasionally give each of my vampires a taste of what it's like to have my favour to ensure their loyalty. That's all I'm doing now. Don't give in to your paranoia again Brendon, I have neither the patience nor the inclination to suffer it again."

"I saved your life," Brendon muttered, knowingly risking Beckett's wrath.

The room hung in an unpleasant silence and the glare boring into him made Brendon feel increasingly uncomfortable. Before long, the waiting for the reprisal was more than he could bear.

"Master... I'm sorry, I... I don't know what... I'm sorry."

"Be sure that you are, Brendon, I don't expect to have this conversation again. Now," Beckett deliberately lightened his tone. "Fetch Michael; I want the Press Office to issue the decree, but this time, it will be a statement from the Mayor."

"The bounty?"

"Yes, the next statement after this will be from the Chief of Police."

"Me?" Brendon clarified.

"You," Beckett confirmed.

"But this one? You're really expecting Mike to come up with a decent wording for this statement?"

"Don't underestimate him, Brendon, never underestimate anyone... much safer that way. I think in this you might be surprised, although, perhaps not on this occasion. I have already drafted the statement, all I want him to do is deliver it."

Brendon smirked. "What does it say?"

Beckett reached into a folder and withdrew a solitary piece of paper and read aloud:

Wanted, for crimes against vampire communities - Joseph Trohman and Andrew Hurley.

A reward is to be offered of $50,000 each for the capture of these criminals - Alive, Dead or Undead

By order,
Mayor Michael Carden

"Of course, there will be photographs to accompany the decree."

"Only the two of them?"

"Just the humans, the others will be dealt with under vampire laws," Beckett announced in a way that suggested that Brendon should know what he was talking about.

"Vampire laws?" Brendon frowned; after his earlier criticism, he felt deeply uncertain whether or not to ask the question.

"That's the main reason I want you as Chief of Police and me as Governor and Chief Judge. Together we will lay down a series of laws to control vampires, covens and communities in this town. But most of all, we will determine the cruelest of fates for Patrick and Peter. Nothing will be too cruel for them. We shall, between us, make them suffer more they could ever imagine. Between us, we will make torture an art form. But for now, we will hound the humans and invite the public to do the same."

"That's certainly enough to set even their friends against them," Brendon smiled broadly, returning the paper back to Beckett.

"What friends?" Beckett returned the cruel smile. "They'll be very much on their own now, they won't be able to trust anyone, except possibly a vampire, one that they know is from an opposing Coven."

“Saporta?” Brendon grinned.

“Indeed,” Beckett returned the self-satisfied expression; he had thought of everything. “Well, at least they'll think they can trust him.”

"Master William?"

Beckett glanced up, surprised to hear Mike's voice coming from the doorway. Having grown tired of threatening people who were clearly already beyond terror, Mike had been more than ready to be called away.

"Ah, Michael, I was just asking Brendon if he would ask you to come to me." Beckett reached for the folder once more. "I need you to make a statement as Mayor to the now freshly terrified Press Office."

"A statement?" Mike queried.

"Just something to keep the pressure up on the hunters, I have something in mind."

"Yes, Master, but before I do, you have a visitor."

"A visitor?" Beckett frowned initially before turning the corners of his mouth up in a sly smile. "She's here? Show her in."

Mike pushed the door open further, wide enough to reveal, waiting outside, a woman with long auburn hair and pretty green eyes.

“Andrea, my dear, won't you come in?” Beckett motioned for her to enter.

Curtseying low, Andrea greeted the vampire who had ordered her turning.

“Master William, it's an honour to work for you.”

“Rise,” Beckett ordered brusquely. “I have some questions for you first and a test.”

“Yes, Master,” she nodded, standing upright once more and moving closer.

“Brendon, Michael, that will be all for now,” Beckett dismissed them, before adding, “Michael, we will discuss your statement later. Eat, but remain available.”

“Yes, Master William,” Mike replied as the pair left Beckett and Andrea alone in the office.

Beckett frowned intensely at Andrea, the expression on his face drawing only concern on hers.

“You seem unhappy, Master William,” she commented.

“You were in love with Joseph.”

It wasn't a question, it was a statement, and one that Beckett could neither understand nor approve of, but the twitch of distaste that the comment brought to her face pleased him enormously.

“That was…” she frowned, “the pathetic whim of a human. I'm above that now, and glad of it.”

“He believes you to be dead,” he explained.

“I know, I remember his pitiful whining when the doctor told him to leave.”


“Yes, pitiful, not that I felt any pity. It was pathetic, contemptible.”

The way she spoke; each of her words dripped contempt and almost shame for her previous liaison with the man whose life she had saved only days earlier.

“He tried to save your life,” Beckett continued testing her reactions. “Don't you wish he had succeeded?”
“Why?” she frowned, apparently confused by the question.
“He loves you.”

Andrea's face blanked for a moment before she shook her head and laughed. “Am I supposed to care about that?”

“No,” Beckett smirked. “No, not at all. Now, I have a task for you. I want you to torment Joseph. I want you to appear to him, but only him. Use your speed and agility to disappear before others see you. Haunt him like a ghost, do everything you can to make him miserable but don't reveal yourself to be a vampire. Do you think you could do that?”

“Yes, Master William,” Andrea smiled. “In fact, I was so keen to start, it was difficult for me to wait until tonight. I would happily have begun last night.”

“Patience my dear,” Beckett raised a finger in the manner of a teacher to a pupil. “Humans break easily, but not these. No, these two will require special and careful handling. Joseph acts too much from the heart. Right now, that heart is broken, but that's not enough, not nearly enough. I want you to shatter it.”

“You can rely on me, Master William,” Andrea smiled. “By the time I'm through, he'll wish he'd died the night of the trap you set.”

Beckett smiled proudly and happily. Everything was falling into place. The human population would hate the hunters because of the curfew, Joseph and Andrew were about to be hunted themselves, and Peter and Patrick would very probably befriend a vampire whose sole intention was to destroy them. And all the while, Peter would be struggling with his human blood addiction, losing more and more of his self-control with each drop. It was almost worth losing his mansion and coven for.
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