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Chapter One

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Part one of Tales of Destiny. Fifteen years after the events of Earthbound, an embittered and broken Ness is approached by an enigmatic figure and given a mysterious mission.

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He stands in the road, far out in the country. There is no one around for miles. The raindrops fall from the sky, elongating until they strike the ground. Then they vanish, a small part of a much large rainstorm. There is a strange beauty to it, he realizes-each raindrop knows their place, and each falls precisely as intended. He will miss such simple beauties.

He stands, the highway extending for miles in either direction. The time has come.

"Come get me" he mutters quietly. The volume is irrelevant-they would have heard him were he on the far side of the universe.

They appear then, melting out of the ground and the rocks. The rain falls on them too, illuminating their otherwise invisible edges. Creatures of pure darkness, they circle him slowly, a mass so large that it is hard to tell where one ends and another begins. This too was irrelevant-they are here only to watch, all save one.

The one he has been waiting for steps out now, separating from the circle of creatures. It is as one of them, but more solid, more real. Its body ripples with both magic and muscles. It is clear that this is the greatest of the dark things, a mighty force that only the powerful may reckon with. It speaks.

"So, Ness of Onett, it appears that you've managed to make yourself into a greater thorn in my side then I anticipated."

Ness jerked awake as the dream ended. His ragged breathing stabilized, and his heartbeat slowed to normal speed. Slowly he sat up in his bed-if you could call it that- and shook his head.

What the hell's happening to me? He wondered. For the past few weeks he'd been having the same dream, over and over again. The road, the rain, the circle of dark beasts, and then the one solitary creature, powerful and dangerous.

Abruptly, there was a knocking on the motel room's door. He started, and then slowly moved towards the door, rubbing his stubble-covered chin. The dream had unnerved him. He reached up and looked through the peep-hole.

"Who's there?" he asked nervously. He could see a man in a long coat.

"Can I come in?" The man at the door asked.

"Who are you?" Ness called back, suddenly nervous.

"A messenger. Can I come in?" The man outside replied insistently. Ness was nervous, but could see no real reason to keep this man outside in the rain, so he undid the bolt and jerked the door open.

"What's your message?" he asked the imposing figure, wanting to know what the man as here for.

"It's very short." The man, whose coat was wet and dangling from his shoulders, assured him. "It will begin tomorrow at midnight."

Ness started.


"If you want to know, travel west until you reach the city." The man began smiling the self-centered smile of one who knows more then he's telling. "And now, if you'll excuse me, I am needed elsewhere. Don't forget, midnight, in the city." The strange man turned to go.

"Wait!" Ness called, confused. He dashed forwards, hoping to catch the messenger, but he was already gone. Ness looked around, confused.

"Where did he go?" he wondered aloud, searching vainly for the man who had come and gone like the wind.
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