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One Summer Afternoon

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Slash was just laying on the couch, cigarette dangling from his mouth, bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand. No plan to anything today. Nope. Gonna chill.
Well, Duff had other plans. he had been watching the curly haired guitarist from afar, the hot summer air had made little droplets of sweat appear on his chest. Shiny. He waited untill he finished his cigarette. It appeared he had fallen asleep. Mouse quietly he snuck over to the couch, then jumped on top of him. "AAAARGH! HOLY FUCK DUFF WHAT THE HELL!?" He chuckled. "Sorry baby did I startle you?" He smiled and bit gently at his ear. He layed down on top of him and placed his head on his chest. "Do you need anything?" Said Slash who had by now sensed Duff's intentions. Duff shruged. "I dunno, do you want to do anything special?" Their eyes met for one quick second. "I might...." And with a kiss he got up, grabbed Duff's arm and led him to the bedroom. They closed the door behind them. Guess this wouldn't be a lazy afternoon at all.
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