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Chapter 8

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Hey guys! Sorry for the delay; I know I said I’d update the minute I got back, but as you can imagine, things have been pretty hectic. I’m still sort of jet lagged and classes start tomorrow (rah… -_-). But, in any case, here’s the next one… enjoy!

Could I Lie Next To You? – Chapter 8 REVISED

It was hard to believe it was the last day of vacation already. Just like all vacations, this one went by faster than we all wanted it to. I couldn’t even remember everything about it if I tried—it seemed to be over before my mind could even comprehend some of our crazy antics.

I stretched out in the hot water of the Jacuzzi, letting the bubbles work their magic. The nighttime had crept up on us unexpectedly while the guys and I relaxed, and the resort became increasingly dark, the only light coming from the few lampposts by the beach and the windows of lingering hotel guests. One by one people retreated to their rooms for the night as the hour hand ticked by on the large clock tower beside the main resort.

I was starting to think that the others were semi-comatose until Bob stepped out of the Jacuzzi with a sleepy yawn. He mumbled something about having to get up early to catch the boat and waved before shuffling back to his hotel room. Ray agreed and bid us all good night, following after him.

“Man, I can’t believe it’s almost over” Mikey mused, crossing his arms over his chest. “I don’t want to go back home yet.”

“We need to start working on the next album. We usually start much earlier than this,” Gerard said worriedly. I gave his thigh an affectionate squeeze underwater.

“Don’t worry about it,” I reassured him, “Ray said he’s already rolling a few ideas around and we all know you have to have thought of something by now.”

“Yeah,” he grinned. “I did. You know me too well.”

Mikey stood up and we both turned to him questioningly.

“I’m pretty knocked out too. I think Bob and Ray had a good idea… we have to get up at like five tomorrow…er, this morning”

We both nodded, saying goodnight and watching as Mikey disappeared through the large lobby doors. I was pleased to see more guests disappear after him; there were barely any people left outside. There were still a few scattered around, though, so I was surprised that I didn’t get pushed away when I cuddled close to Gerard.

“Did you enjoy our vacation?” Gerard asked, glancing down at me. I lifted my head slightly off his shoulder to gaze back at him.

“Yeah… I loved it. And not because of the beach or the beautiful weather…” I returned his new smile and cupped the side of his neck with my hand, placing my thumb on his cheek and pulling him down into a kiss. I wasn’t planning on pulling away so soon until a scoff was heard a few feet away. I only vaguely recognized the three men standing by the bar and brushed it off, moving even closer to Gerard.

“Do you want me to stop?” I whispered. I didn’t want them to hear me and think their arrogance had any power over us.

“No,” Gerard replied, enveloping my lips in another passionate kiss. “Screw them.”

I smiled in relief. Finally…

We stayed in each other’s arms for a while. Gerard seemed lost in thought. We were content with the silence, though. It was comforting. I laid my palm flat on his chest and rubbed up and down slowly, feeling his heartbeat and listening to his breathing. It wasn’t long before I was lost in my own world, too, thinking about everything that happened in the past week and a half: finding out Gerard felt the same, telling the guys, getting to the resort and going to the beach every day, napping afterward in Gerard’s arms, going for dinner and drinks at night where I’d always be sure to watch over him, hearing him tell me he loved me for the first time, getting so close to making love so many times and always being interrupted…

A smile worked its way across my cheeks and I rested my head near his collarbone, drinking in his unmistakable scent.

“I love you so much, Gerard,” I murmured. I felt like I could say it a hundred times and it would just never be enough to get it across to him.

“I love you too.” I lit up at his smile and pressed my lips to his once more. I could have sworn I was melting and it had nothing to do with the hot water. Kissing lower, I nibbled his bottom lip and sucked on it slightly, drawing a soft moan from him that made me shiver with desire. “I’m sleepy,” he managed through labored breathing, shutting his eyes slowly. “It’s already two AM… we have to wake up in three hours to catch the boat…”

Normally there would be no way I’d let him get away with it, but I was exhausted too. And… let’s face it: I doubted there’d be a way to make love to Gerard with anything less than a fully-charged battery. “I’ll let you off easy this time,” I purred, “but don’t think the waves will be all that are rocking you on that boat tomorrow night.”

His face contorted with laughter and he pushed me away by my chest. “That was so cheesy.”

“I liked it!” I huffed defensively. I couldn’t help but smile, though, and sighed happily when he took my face in both of his hands and kissed my forehead.

“Don’t get to bed too late, okay?”

“Yes, daddy,” I scoffed. He laughed again and stepped out of the Jacuzzi, wrapped a towel around the lower half of his glistening (and godly) body, and headed back to the hotel.

I sighed happily and shut my eyes; I hadn’t had a chance to be alone since we started the Black Parade tour. The hot water claimed the last of the stress in my muscles and I let my head fall back onto the concrete edge softly, closing my eyes. I didn’t realize until then how tired I was. The guys and I were all kind of trained to run on minimal sleep on tour and during the making of videos, though. Hell, three hours seemed like a blessing, but I figured it was time to start getting into better sleeping habits. So I stepped out of the Jacuzzi, grabbed my towel, and turned toward the hotel—and crashed straight into someone.

“Ow! Sorry, I didn’t see you,” I grumbled, holding my nose in pain. Whoever he was, he was tall and had a rock-hard chest.

“Like you didn’t do that on purpose, fag” he snorted. I stared up at him incredulously and wasn’t surprised to see who it was: one of the homophobes from the beach, one of the same that were at the bar just a few minutes earlier.

If he thought he was intimidating me, he was wrong.

“You want to repeat that?” I barked. He puffed his chest out and used his height to tower over me. Typical coward.

“/Fag/” he seethed, pushing me back a step by my chest. His voice was dripping with a heavy southern accent. This guy was just a walking stereotype, wasn’t he? Stepping back up to him, I looked him in the eyes to get across that I wasn’t kidding.

“You need to learn to have an open mind or keep your opinions to yourself.”

“And you need to learn to keep off your little boyfriend in public before you make other people sick,” he spat, stepping closer. I held my ground; there was no way he was getting the better of me.

“Fuck off, asshole. You aren’t the only one here.”

Before I could react, he reached back and knocked my jaw off-center with his fist. I gasped and stumbled back, covering it with my left hand, popping it into place as I returned the favor. Soon we were rolling across the pavement and, despite his size, I was getting the better of him. A jab to the nose and he was down. A kick to the knee cap and he stayed down. I didn’t want to attract too much attention, so I turned away and started toward the hotel with my hand still covering my aching jaw, seething.

Apparently his size was enough; being the bigger person wasn’t in his interests. Within seconds he was on his feet again, his hands around my throat, and I found myself bent back painfully against the towel rack.

My hands flew to his wrists instantly to try to pull him away, but I was contorted into a position that prevented any action. He smirked and applied more pressure, bending me back over the hard steel of the rack even further. I gasped in pain, my body screaming its refusal.

“Where we come from, faggots are lucky if they don’t get killed.” I didn’t recognize the voice this time, but it had the same Texan accent. It came from one of his two buddies now standing behind him. Of course.

“— the fuck… let go!” I intended it to come out much louder and more threatening, but all I could manage against his hands wasn’t much more than a rasp. I was starting to get dizzy. Where the hell was everyone? Didn’t anybody see what was going on?

He finally let go of me when I must have been turning blue. I collapsed onto the concrete floor, toppling the towel rack in the process. I felt a pair of hands drag me up roughly by my arm, and a surge of pain as a fist collided with the very tip of my nose. Everything exploded in a sea of colorful lights as I felt warm liquid seep across my lips and down my chin. I doubled over, resting my forehead on the floor and breathing heavily through my nose against the pain, tasting my own blood.

“S-stop…” I whispered. I doubted they heard me, not that it mattered. A foot made contact with a sharp jab to my ribs. I rolled over, clutching them and clenching my teeth against the pain. Another stabbed at the other side of my ribcage, this time with a steel-tipped boot on. I didn’t want to know what the sickening crack was. The fucking cowards, they were ganging up on me…

It was too hard to concentrate at that point… another foot ripped pain through my stomach… one to the side of my head… another to my groin… I couldn’t even see my attackers; I was blinded by bright colors as everything spun around me… Again I was lifted, thrown forcefully against the hard ground. My body landed heavily on my arm…

I numbed completely for a few moments, and when I came to I felt as if I were floating. I wheezed and water filled my lungs; I sputtered, but only succeeded in gasping and drawing more of the chemical-ridden liquid in. Then, a blessing: I couldn’t feel any longer… and finally, thankfully, I welcomed something I’ve never wished for so hard in my life…

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