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Whats life like, bleeding on the floor

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I could see them start walking, towards me.
I gripped Franks hand as he look puzzled.
'Please just go away, leave me alone'
'Amy, what the fuck are you doing with this idiot? You know you still love me'
It was my ex-boyfriend, Ethan.
He was the biggest idiot going. We'd been together for a year, he knew all about what had happened to me when i got raped the first time.
He seemed so supportive, but obviously i was wrong.
He used to force me to have sex with him, he used to gagg me when his parents were in so they couldn't hear my crys for help. It wasnt screams of pleasure, it was scream of help.
He used to beat me, he put me in hospital, broke 3 of my rips, and broke my wrist, not to mention all the bruises and cuts i received from trying to fight back.
This was the worst he had done to me, when he was sober.
When he was drunk, he got angry, he came back after a night out with friends, threw me up the wall, causing lacerations to my head, leaving me bleeding on the floor, I was in a coma for 14 days.
There was no way i could get out of it.
So i ran off, I left all my friend in New York, because of this monster, this is how i ended up here.
Now i wondered what he was doing here aswell.

'What the fuck are you doing here Ethan' i yelled at him.
'Seeing friends, and by luck i came across you, now get in the fucking car and come home with me' He said whilst grabbing my arm.
I tried to pull my arm back, but his grip was to strong, before i knew it Frank swang for him, landing a straight blow to his nose and causing it to bleed.
'Fucking leave her alone now' Frank said sternly.
Ethan was a lot bigger than Frank, but for some reason he gave me a look to say i'll be backand got back into his car.
I guess its cause the only people he's used to beating up is women.

When he had gone, I fell into Franks arms and sobbed my heart out. He picked me up and carried me the rest of the way to Gerards.
As we went into Gerards, Mikey ran to the door 'Fuck Frank, is she okay?' He panicked.
'I'll explain later Mikey, can i use your room?' He asked and Mikey nodded.
We went upto Mikeys room and Frank laid me on the bed, I sat upto face him.
'Amy, what was all that about, what had happened?'
I sighed, 'That was my ex Ethan, he used to force me into sex, put me in hospital from beating me up when he was sober, and when he was drunk he put me in a coma, i'm just so scared hes gonna get me now he knows where i am, or someone will'
He hugged me, 'don't worry sugar, i won't let them hurt you'
I looked up at him and gave him a shy kiss, 'Thank you Frank'
This is why i worried, Ethan seemed this nice at first than turned into a monster, I prayed to God that Frank was different.
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