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Motels and Power-Shifts

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Frank wants to take thier minds off the previous night in the only way he can think of as well as continuing with his orginal plan for thier organised getaway

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FRANK: It was a sort of strange looking though standard motel. Check-in looking out onto a Parking lot, a two story retreat with no doubt some form of courtyard of concrete in the middle. I couldn't of cared less where we were though, anyplace looks awesome with the right company, the right light. And I was determined to make it brighter for us both.
I got out and stretched my legs, unsure of how long we'd been driving or even the direction we went. The surrounding area was nice enough, scattered woodland with a moroway cut right through it and some big hills in the distance. Pretty remote. Gerard hauled our stuff out the boot and handed me my hastily packed bag.

"Here?" I asked, despite knowing the answer.
"Mmmm, I was thinking we spend the night out here first. Then we can stay at the motel. I was only parking actually..." Gerard spoke quietly, almost appologetically.
"Oh, okay. Where......?"
"We could stay here first though, if you want." Gerard offered with a shrug. I took one look at the unpromising sky and went along with his plan.
"Yeah, it looks like it'll be a crappy night." I shivered and tucked my hands under my armpits for extra warmth. Hopefully the weather would be better later.

We had to wait for ages until someone showed up so we could check in. They handed us the key to room 201 without a second glance.
"Here for camping?" He asked, just about toneless.
"Yeah." Gerard answered, spinning the key on his finger, fixated on it for a few seconds.
"Good area." He shrugged and turned back to his desk, shuffling papers for looked like just the hell of it.

"C'mon." I pulled on his hand, not even waiting for him to get his other bag back on his shoulder. I followed the signs on the walls and went up a flight of stairs until we got to the room.

I let Gerard open the door and as soon as I got in, I dumped my bag on one of the single beds, not even bothering to remark or make a frown about the fact we were seemingly sleeping alone. I joined my bag and lay down flat. Car jouneys are nice but I always feel real sleepy afterwards and it's always nice to stretch out, even if it was sideways so I was barely on the bed at all.

"Nice treasure trail Frankie." Gerard was between my feet, grasping my ankles and swaying ever so slightly. He grinned but didn't look me in the eye.
"A what?!" Gerard attacked me before I had the chance to sit up again. He jumped crazy fast and landed heavily on me, straddling me, a favourite move of his. Hell, one of my favourites as well. It wasn't going to be about him though. As soon as he suggested coming out here so long ago before all this crap exploded I decided I was gonne be the one giving him a good time. We needed it, we both did, even if it was just to stop us thinking about the otehr night. The vacation was about us, not Shane.
"This." he reached under his legs and tickled that small row of hairs going down from my belly button. Satisfied at my insane laughter he pulled up my shirt a little.

"No, no Gee. Whatever you're planning, later." I panted, battling against him to pull down my shirt, and of course loosing.
"Just take it off, then we're good." He pleaded, wrapping his hands around my ribs and kissing right in the middle of my chest.
"Okay but I'm in charge tonight. I mean, I'm giving you a break that way." I teased, pulling the thing off.

"No...." Gee whined, already trying to win me over with his classic moves; grinding our hips, lowering his voice, but this time I was not gonna give in. He needed to be disciplined at times like these, I was not always gonna be messed around.
"I'll fuck you silly if you keep arguing with me." I wasn't sure how valid a deterent it would be but it made him fall silent for a while. He stared at me with his mysterious questioning eyes. "I mean it." I added incase he didn't quite get it. He nuzzled my cheek happily. Maybe it would be like training a dog in some ways..... A lot like it. Training a fucking sex puppy more like. I fully intended to be on top, I was determined.

"When would you do that?" He asked, right against my ear.
"When you least expect it." I giggled happily and thus totally ruining the serious tone.
"Don't say stuff like that Frank, it's hard enough sleeping in the same room as you without suspecting you'll suddenly take me."

I shoved him off angrily and making an angry grumble.
"I'm joking okay? You know I was lying!" He raised his hands up in protest. "You're too harmless..." I was about to slap him like I often did when he made a joke too far. "In a cute way!" I held my hand there, debating the severity of his appologetic and belittleing description. I decided against getting on the wrong side of him, especially in the circumstances at the time.

I took it as a compliment instead and allowed a quick hug.
"There has to be a better way of deciding this. Preferably a method I'd be good at rigging." Gerard blurted out, getting off me. I sat up and watching walk around the room distractedly.

"Of deciding...?" It's so annoying when Gerard doesn't explain things but then asks a quiestion about said mystery-topic.
"Who's on top." I should have guessed what he meant, especailly when he mentioned rigging it. Gerard looked back at me, a small grin gracing his previously blank face.

"Just take it in turns! Besides, you gotta admit it is my turn by now." I added, much emphasis on the 'my' in 'my turn'.

"It should be fun or something. Like.... Like blackjack or something with an element of luck."

"Oh Gee, if you care so much just... try being the one on the bottom for once. It really pisses me off when you criticise something about me you've never known. You make me feel like a toy. And you won't even use me in that way."

"You seem so eager to do me." Sarcastic comment.
"Well... Maybe I am! Wy wouldn't I? I want us to be more equal, I want to show you how much I love ya." I trailed off, getting quiet as a mouse towards the end from embarassment. I got up and hugged him tight around the waist. "You know that, right? Let me love you Gee." I naughtily panted my final words, begging for him to see my innuendo. I buried my face in his shoulders, sighing from fatigue.

"Not right now." Gee's hands closed over mine. "I don't think you'll like it, is all."
I could hear a strain in his voice, deep in his lungs. I knew it was something I couldn't instantly remedy. If it took just a coffee and a hug, I'd be there in a shot but like many things, it could take days or only moments to heal up. It was last night. I knew it. He hid it very well, and his moods honestly switched from happy to down in an instant, the two battling for supremacy. I was backing 'happy' for sure.

"Okay, okay." I conceded. "But I know we'll both like it, I liked it and so will you. You're not scared, are you?" I posed the question casually, flexing my fingers.

Gerard laughed at me.
"No, I could never be scared of you Frankie. Nothing to be scared of."

I edged around and tucked my fingers under his belt buckle. I slid down his jacket as far as it would go. I grinned happily, tugging on his belt playfully, sensing the mood fade into a positive one at last. I was relieved though some other thoughs dominated my mind. Anything would be better than dicussing that night and anything to do with dominating Gerard was even better. I could feel relief eminating form him too, I could just feel his happiness as we got onto a subject that pushed everything else away from the front of his mind.

"That's what you think." I winked and planted my lips firmly on his. I wasn't expecting as big a reaction as I recieved. I thought Gerard would merely return the favour but no, he stumbled forward, pushing me into the wall and holding my head right where it was with his hands.
I definately got more as the heat jacked up when tongues got mixed into the surprise equation. I let out a blissful gasp amongst many gleeful groans and tried my luck undoing Gee's belt. I was granted access and decided to play with his easily turned on sex-drive and slipped my hands under the top of his pants, fondling whatever I got my paws on.

Gerard's reaction was awesomely good on my side, going crazy with the hip-grinding, making my hand push even further into the growing bulge I had stirred. The tongue fight made no effort to slow down when Gerard repaid my favour, but his hand was heavier tenfold than mine. I caught my breath over and over as he unzipped my pants and undoing the button single handedly. I wriggled a little, the added movement casuing both of us to shudder happily as we were pretty much glued to each other.

I could keep up no more with kissing Gee, just let my hands carry on enraging the beast within him. I tipped my head back where Gerard sucked on my throat while heavily petting me through my boxers. Not sure of what brought on the sudden lust I just went with it, trying to keep up. Still relieved we weren't on any depressing subject. Aynthing to keep Gerard happy, very happy it seemed, very, very happy.

Gerard moaned, "Frank... Frank not now it's not even night yet."
"I don't..." I panted, desparate to find some corherant noises to make in place of words. I forced my hand into his boxers in the insane scramble. "Don't care."
"No!" Gerard hit the wall right next to my head angrily. "Ah, Frankie ~ No no no..." I didn't listen and used both hands to overcome his unwillingness to have some fun. I took him in my hand gave him the most controlled handjob I could perform while feeling high myself.

"Make me. You like this game... As much as me!" I wailed, uttering curses between growls now as Gerard attempted to ease me off.
"Frank!" He hissed, now falling against me, obviously giving in at long last. I was too busy, too much in a deep state of pleasure to recognise his calling my name hopelessly.
"Oh Christ Frank.... Fra-ank..." If I had, I might've been proud or something or satisfied even. My breathing eventually slowed as I worked to a rhythm and it was made easier for me to think right with Gerard with his hands out of my pants.
"Frank get off now. I'll...." He stopped in his sentence to stand up straight again. "Be yours later." now that, that, was a fucking incentive. I didn't let up and merely waited for him to ask over and over. He was clearly desparate to get me off before he came. I did leave him hanging as he seemed to have wanted.
I took his hand and interlocked out fingers.
"Until then, what do you propose we do?" I smiled, as if we hadn't been up to anything prior to my sweet question.
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