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So Many Wrong Things

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Jetta hangs with the guys and they have fun. My lousy atttempt at humor.

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And through the door came Ray, Bob, and a pleasant looking person who had to be Matt. They had a bag or two with them.

"YEAH-HA, now the party's started!" Frankie got up and jumped on Ray, making him drop his bag of whatever. Ray groaned and let Frankie fall to the floor on his butt.

"Jesus Frank, you could make the pope into a serial killer." Ray bent over to pick up his black messenger back, which a bunch of clothes had fallen out of.

"OWW! You made me break my butt-bone.", Frank whined, rubbing the spot. Bob scoffed as he crossed the room.

"There's no such thing as a butt-bone.", he told Frank, who shook his head.

"Yes there is, it is called the coccyx and the sacrum." We all looked at him and he shrugged, "I took Anatomy and Physiology for a reason."

Then it was time for the movie, we went down into Gerard's dark room and gathered around a TV that I realized I hadn't noticed before. It had a small screen and was right in the middle of the room on a bedside table, and we sat around as Gerard tried getting the VCR to work. Meanwhile Mikey produced the box of pizza from earlier. Frankie, Matt, Ray, and I were on the bed while Mikey, Bob and Gerard had the couch as the movie began. It was the 1978 version of the movie and the scene began with a blond in a blue shirt twitching in her sleep. I felt suspense build in me as they started to talk about the undead.

"The zombies eat the people, that's their source of food.", Frankie whispered, repeating the lines as the African American television host said them. I elbowed him, he was just trying to scare me. Gerard shot a glance at us and actually smiled, he'd be getting a real kick around the middle. The onlyh horror movie I'd watched was a brief part of Halloween, and that had caused me to have nightmares about masked men. I was beginning to regret agreeing to watch this.

The TV screen became overrun with bloody actors that looked realistically like the undead. And it happened when the zombies got a hold of the guy, I squeaked, which sounded like a shriek. All of the guys looked at me and chuckled, not wanting to hurt my feelings, but I knew I sounded like a pansy. Frankie put an arm around me and giggled for me to calm down.

"It's just a stupid movie, if ya need to, hide your eyes when a bloody scene comes on." It was easier said than done. Some of the action made my spine tingle. I looked at the guys and saw that they were engrossed in the movie, except Gerard. He seemed tense, and through the corner of my eye, he kept glancing at me. At Frankie's arm around me. My cheeks blushed at the thought of him being jealous, but I pushed the thought away. I doubted Gerard would think we were anything but friends.

At the end of the movie I was basically looking to the side, until I saw that Francine was climbing up the ladder to safety. And then of course the zombies had to start climbing the ladder and another wave of terror hit my stomach. I smiled when they flew off into the sky, but frowned when the ending credits came on. They just went and left the zombies there, someone didn't come and try to clean up the place?

"I don't get it, what happens next?", I asked. The guys shrugged.

"They got away, the end." Frankie grinned as everyone got up and stretched. Watching a movie for two hours without moving was hard on the joints.

I smiled over at Gerard who was unplugging the VCR player. "I actually understand how you thought of that movie from my drawing.", I told him. He shrugged as he straightened up and rolled his shoulders.

"It's nothing special, I could probably connect a horror movie to any art piece to tell ya the truth.", he smiled at me cornily. I actually had a look into what he was thinking at a certain moment. That was one thing I had overlooked in my assessments of Gerard and had learned in one single night, his thought process was entirely different from any guy I had come across. That poem had been another wave-blast to this fact. To my relief, he'd put the tiny piece of paper into a drawer when we all had come down.

"We'll what shall we do now gents and lady?", Bob asked, taking the empty pizza box and throwing it into the trashcan that Gerard clock on the wall read 9:02, way too early to even think of getting to sleep. None of us had any clue what to do now, until an idea came into my mind. It was something that I did at Stacey's sleepovers, and could potentially be amusing here.

"How about Truth or Dare?", I suggested. They looked at me like I was crazy, but then grins started forming on their faces as each of them got ideas.

"I'm game", Mikey put forth. Soon everyone wanted to have a go, so we went back to our movie places.

"I'll be the first questioner, or whatever the person's called." Frank raised his hand to start things off. We looked around for someone to step up to the challenge. Basically asking for someone to man up.

"I'll be the test rat, nothing too disgusting please Frank.", Matt requested. Frank just smirked.

"Well now, that just depends if you pick Truth or Dare.", he told Matt evilly. "Now pick." Matt put a finger to his chin and then grinned.

"Truth.", he said for everyone to hear. Frankie groaned.

"Oh come on, I had a really good dare.", he pouted, but got to ask a question. "If you had to pick a GUY here. . ." He stressed guy, his eyes darting to me. "Which one would you sleep with?" Matt went bright red, and smiled, embarrassed. Frankie just giggled and prodded for him to answer.

"Come on, don't back out now, unless you want my Ultimate Dare.", Frank threatened, the evil glint back in his eye. Matt nodded.

"Alright, but only because he's the closet in resemblance to a girl." Matt took a deep breath. "It'd have to be Gerard." There was a roar of laughter and all eyes were on Gerard, who was bright red and started shouting.

"I don't look like a girl, what the hell man?", Gerard asked Matt with a weak smile on. Matt shrugged, his embarrassment forgotten.

"Well, Frank would probably be like fucking the Energizer Bunny, Ray might be a fire-crotch, and I don't do red-heads, no offence."Ray was shaking his head, lips pressed together in laughter."Mikey might electrocute me at some time in the middle, and Bob strikes me as too rough, so it's you.", Matt smirked at Gerard, meanwhile I was on my side in laughter. All of them except for Matt, were red and saying protests under their breath.

"Okay, okay, no more, next person please.", I wheezed, trying to stop laughing. I settled down and we resumed the game. Now it was Matt's turn to dare someone.

"Ray." His head shot up, fro bouncing. "Truth or Dare." Ray groaned in frustration.

"Fine, I'll go Dare, after that truth I'm afraid of any questions.", he shook his head. Matt grinned.

"Excellent, I dare you to go next door, knock on the person's door and ask them if they want a membership.", Matt grinned. We all looked at him in confusion. Ray was the most flabbergasted, how was bothering the neighbors with memberships a hard dare.

"But the club you're representing, is Sodomy Anonymous, and you must present the neighbor with your sports-wear." He threw something at Ray, which he pulled out of his pocket. Ray caught it and a look of complete shock crossed his face. It was a Jumbo Purple condom, lubricated with ribbing. Ray did a face-palm and threw his arms up. He pointed at Matt.

"Just wait dude, payback's a bitch.", Ray warned, his eyebrows raised as he went to the stairs. We were all still sitting when he yelled at us.

"Well come on, if I'm doing this, then you fuckers are going to get a chuckle or two out of it." We got up and herded up the stairs, Frank by my side, grinning in anticipation. I heard him mumble, "This is going to be so good." And I agreed, I had to give these guys points, this was way better than my times with the cheerleaders. They were all for black-mail, this was for pure fun.

We got out the front-door without waking up Donna or Don, and sat on the stoop, shivering as Ray made his way across the street, giving us a view for the action. Ray tip-toed up the person's steps and up to their front door. He glanced back at us with a pained look and we waved for him to go on. He rang the door bell and the perfect person answered it. It was an elderly man, one of those men who looked like they would snap if you're pants were too tight, or if you're shirt had a slight spot on it.

He answered it and barked at Ray, "What the hell do you want at this time of night you whippersnapper?" Ray held out the condom with a straight face, something that was an amazement to me.

"I'd like to offer you a membership to. . ." He had a hard time getting the name out. "Sodomy Anonymous." The old man stared at him, probably trying to decide if Ray was serious, before going back into the house and coming back with a cane.

"Get the hell out of here, you people make me sick with this shit." He started whacking Ray over the head with the hardwood stick, and Ray ran off the stoop and back to us. The old man returned to his house, glaring at us. Meanwhile we were laughing beyond comprehension.

"You guys are the worst sort of people.", Ray said, out of breath and clutching his head. Mikey sat up holding his shaking chest.

"Yes, but the worst part was that the guy is a complete homophobe, something that me and Gerard happened to leave out." He high-fived Gerard, who was nearly laying on Bob in a fit of giggles.

"That man needed a good shock though, we probably cleared his arterys for another year." Gerard wiped some tears away and got to his feet. They all did, meanwhile I was still laying down on the steps, my giggles subsiding. Gerard held out a hand to help me up as everyone went inside to continue the game. I grabbed his hand and let him pull me up. Once I was on my feet, I expected him to let go of my hand, but he held on, and reached his other hand out to my sleeve. I froze as he pulled the cloth up and sighed at the bandages. He pulled my sleeve back down and let go.

"Come on, we'd better get back before they do anything else.", he said in a sad voice, his face disappointed. I was a little confused, I thought he'd already known. But that was probably a confirmation, my brain figured out. I had a sad look on as I met his eyes.

"We'll talk later?", I asked him, letting him pick whether or not to accept it. He nodded, later.

We got back into the basement and found everyone waiting for us.

"Ohhh, where were you guys?", Frank teased as I sat down in my seat next to him. In a response, I thunked him on the head with a smirk on.

"None of your business.", I told him, giving him the message to shut-up about it. He was still the only one that knew about my crush on Gerard and I wanted to keep it that way. Frank stayed silent, a grin on his face, which gave me a tiny feeling that he was up to now good. But then it was back to Ray's turn to pick.

"Okay my turn to pick and I choose Jetta." Ray pointed at me and my face blushed in humiliation. God knows what they'd have me do. Pictures of streaking and setting bags of shit aflame on doorsteps, along with egging and toilet-papering something went across my mind. But it would be better than Truth.

"I pick Dare.", I said, a challenge on my face, I was proving that women were as brave as men. Until Ray gave his dare.

"I dare you to kiss Gerard." He and Frank shared a high-five as my face dropped. I should have known Frank would plan something.
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