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House Party

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Laundry, straightened hair, and drunken escapades.

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Two weeks later.

Two days until my birthday. Halloween. I’d be seventeen, not legally an adult, but one step closer to moving away from home, getting out of this place and living life for real.

“One more year,” Gee said idly as he lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling. “We can go wherever we want. Frank, imagine—” With that one word he could conjure whole landscapes of possibility. He sat up halfway, ashed his cigarette into a half-empty soda can, and lay back down again. I was folding laundry on my mom’s orders, but I was spending more time just staring at him.

Ever since the fight, things had been different between us. There was nothing in the way anymore. When we kissed in public, he wasn’t careful with where he put his hands, not like he used to be. And when we were alone...I shivered and bit my lip longingly. I thought of what he’d told me weeks ago, the first time I’d been in his room—we have to take things slow, Frankie—and I was glad he wasn’t following his own rules. Of course I’d told him how much I loved him, that night after the fight, stumbling over words and struggling to express what I actually meant. I didn’t have his confidence; I couldn’t wear my heart on my sleeve like that. But he’d smiled and we’d stood there in the dusk for a while, just loving each other and listening to a dog barking far away in the night.

“Frankie.” He exhaled a long stream of smoke into the air. “You’re not allowed to be sad anymore. It’s Friday night, and your mom’s out, and I’m in your room,” he spared me a brief grin, “and we should be doing something illicit, not folding laundry on the night before the night before your birthday.”

“You’re not helping,” I pointed out.

“Should I be helping you fold your underwear?” he asked, laughing. “That doesn’t seem very romantic.”

“It’d be done faster, and then we could get to...whatever you had in mind.”

“Toss me some of your clothes,” he said immediately, dropping the remnants of his cigarette into the soda can and setting it aside.

“So how are things going with Mikes and Casey?” I asked as he held up an orange shirt.

“I might have to borrow this,” he murmured to himself before answering my question. “Oh, they’re complete lovebirds. You should see them; it’s sickening.”

“We really haven’t got a leg to stand on,” I said, “seeing as you can’t keep your hands out of my pants in public.”

“As if I could help myself.” He groaned. “How could I not think of tapping that god-given ass of yours? And you give me goo-goo eyes all the time.”

“I can’t help it. My eyes are just naturally sparkly and flirtatious.”

“So we’ve agreed,” he said with great finality. “We’re just gonna touch each other in public and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

I grinned. “Exactly.”

We made short work of the laundry. Soon it was piled neatly on my bed and Gerard was smirking as I joined him, wrapping my legs around his hips. I sucked on his bottom lip until he gave in, opening his mouth with a soft moan. I loved how he tasted, how real and warm his skin felt against my fingers. He kissed me furiously, pushing me back onto the bed and pressing himself against me. I could feel the outline of his body, the hardness of muscle; my hips bucked and I bit back a groan. Heat was pooling in my stomach and trickling southwards. He peeled off my shirt and let his hands trail down my chest before deftly unzipping me and tugging down my pants. He paused to admire me lying there on my back, hard and needy, my cock throbbing in the cold air.

“Gee,” I said as he slid down onto his knees in front of me. He planted an open-mouthed kiss on my lightning-bolt tattoo. His hands gripped my hips; he nudged my legs further apart and rested his cheek on my thigh. I was gasping for breath. “My mom’s gonna be home soon.”

“Well then.” He grinned. “You better pray she doesn’t catch us.”

Every muscle in my body tensed as he wrapped his lips around my shaft and started slowly bobbing his head up and down. My fingers twined into his hair as he picked up the pace. His fingers were digging into my skin hard enough to leave bruises, but I just felt lightheaded with pleasure. I whimpered his name. He pulled away to nip at the inside of my leg. His eyes flickered up to mine, full of lust.

“We have the house to ourselves, sugar,” he purred. “You don’t have to keep quiet. I wanna hear you scream my name.”

“Oh...Gee...” I panted as he took me deep, all the way to the hilt. “F-fuck me harder...” He clutched at my ass, moaning around my cock. I could feel the vibrations in his throat. I thrust up into his mouth, begging for more. Every bone in my body was screaming with need, I still had the taste of him in my mouth and the feeling of his soft lips moving up and down my length was just so fantastically good. I couldn’t stop the words spilling from my mouth. “Gee, I—unhhh—oh god...” He swirled his tongue over my head, which was oozing precum. My hands were shaking like crazy; black spots bloomed in my field of vision until it was all just too much. I screamed out his name as I came hard, hitting the back of his throat. He swallowed every last drop with a satisfied little groan before he started cleaning me up with his tongue. I was tingling all over.

I let myself collapse back on the bed and he curled up beside me. He kissed my neck feverishly, ignoring my moans. I just lay there, sated, enjoying the feel of his warm skin.

“You’re mine,” he said gleefully, running his thumb over the purple bruise he’d just left on me.

I laughed breathlessly. “Thanks for the hickey. I knew I could count on you, Gee.”

“So,” he said, wrapping his arm around my waist and resting his head against my collarbone. “Are you going to Bob’s party tonight?”

I bit my lip. “I guess so.”

“Come on,” he pleaded. “Pretend to be excited, at least. We can dance and get drunk and barf in his closet. It’ll be fun.” Gerard loved parties. I could tell by the way his eyes lit up. There was something about the chaos, about being there with so many people you didn’t really know, that appealed to him.

I kissed his hair. “All right.”

We made plans to meet at his house at eight. He slid out the back door thirty seconds before my mom came through the front, looking worn out with her arms full of sketches. She stopped in the hallway.

“Frank, why aren’t you wearing a shirt?” she asked.

“Oh, I, um...” I struggled for something plausible. “The upstairs heater was spazzing out, it was boiling up there.”

She raised her eyebrows, but didn’t say anything else.


When I knocked on the door at 8:07, Gerard yanked it open immediately. His hair was wet and he had on the tiniest hint of eyeliner. He looked like a rock god.

“Hey, sorry I’m—“

“Mikey’s straightening his hair.” He was trying so hard not to burst out laughing. I pressed my lips together and thought about funerals until I had it under control. He hugged me. “Sorry. I had to say it or I was gonna explode.”

I grinned. “It’s okay. Just...punch me if I look like I’m about to crack, all right?”

We found Mikey in the bathroom doing his eyeliner. I would’ve died laughing, except his hair really did look unfairly cool, all shiny and smooth and feathered.

“Lookin’ good, Mikey.” I high-fived him. Gerard was practically biting his lip off until his brother finished up and left. We were finally alone. He was laughing his ass off as he pushed me up against the door and kissed me until I was begging him to stop.

“You blew me three hours ago, Gerard,” I pointed out, gasping for breath.

“I’d definitely like to repeat the experience. I missed you, sugar,” he murmured, his eyes lingering approvingly on my tight black jeans.

He set about getting me ready with manic intensity. I tried to hold still as he fixed my hair, carefully smudged my eyeliner, and peppered me with kisses to keep me from getting bored. My knees were weak as his warm tongue slid into my mouth.

When I looked in the mirror afterwards, I saw two cool kids in tight, tight jeans, with great hair. Gee smiled his megawatt smile and tweaked the collar of my jacket so it stood up.

“Our ride’s here!” Mikey yelled from the yard. Gerard sprinted down the stairs, narrowly avoiding doing a faceplant onto the hall carpet. I slid down the banister and hit the ground running. We got into Ray’s car and took off down the road. Mikey was sitting in the front and the radio was on full blast. Gee was nodding along and tapping the window in time with the song, full of jittery energy.

We pulled up outside Bob’s house, a big cream-colored McMansion in the classy part of town. I stared with wide eyes.

“Wow,” I whispered in awe. “Bob’s really outdone himself.”

The entire façade was draped with crêpe-paper streamers and lit with pink and blue spotlights. The pool in the front garden was filled with half-naked kids; people were talking on the lawn and the perfect grass was littered with red plastic cups.

Dude,” Mikey said.

“Where’s Bob?” Ray laughed. “The party’s gonna be over by the time we find him.”

And that was pretty much exactly what happened. We wandered through the beautiful house, drinking and laughing and making small talk with people we hardly knew. Bob had lived in Fair Haven his whole life and he used to be on the football team, so a lot of kids who didn’t go to our school were there. Gerard was witty and charming as ever, even though he started to get tipsy as the night went on. I kept quiet until I’d had a few beers to take the edge off. At some point I stopped noticing the people around us and just focused on my friends. Mikey, Ray and I were telling our worst family vacation stories, shouting to be heard over the music, when Gerard came over, swinging his hips in time with the beat. He grabbed my arm with the hand that wasn’t holding a red cup full of something strong-smelling.

“Dance with me?” he grinned. I nodded and we wound through the crowds of people into the living room, where the music was loudest. The bass was thudding through my chest and shaking the floor; the room was packed and there was an actual disco ball hanging from the ceiling. I was a little nervous—the years of ballroom dance classes my mom had enlisted me in when I was little had left me with a solid grip of the tango and no knowledge of the electric slide—but Gerard pulled me in close, placing my hands on his shoulders. “It’s easy,” he said in my ear. “Just follow me and listen to the music.”

I did my best to copy his motions. After a while, I got the hang of it and started dancing on my own. The music was infectious, even though my taste ranged more towards Black Flag than Katy Perry. After a few songs, Gerard spun me around and started grinding, letting me feel the way his jeans strained against his erection. His hands slid down to my hips as we rocked to the pulsating beat.

“Fuck, Frankie,” he breathed. “You’re so hot.” I leaned my head back against his neck, and he kissed me gently. He tasted like vodka, but I didn’t mind. We danced like that for a long time, until we were both sweaty and panting. I didn’t know what time it was, but it felt late, and there were a lot of slow songs playing. Gee seemed off-balance, and he was laughing a lot. A girl bumped into him and muttered an apology. He spilled half his drink on the floor, and the other half went all down my shirt. I pulled him into the corridor where it was less crowded.

He tried to take another drink, but missed his mouth completely. “Ugh, I’m hammered.” He hiccupped and started laughing again. “F-Frankie, my face hurts.”

I wasn’t feeling so great, either. Ray had talked me into trying some tequila and my head was starting to spin. I dragged him through the maze of rooms. They all looked the same. “Gee, come on, let’s go talk to the others.”

Mikey had found Bob and they were deep in conversation. I nudged him and jerked my thumb at Gerard, who was busy talking up a potted palm in the corner. He choked on his drink; Bob clapped him on the back with one gigantic fist. When he could breathe again, he started laughing.

“I see you’ve met non-sober Gerard. He’s like the normal Gerard, only friendlier and prone to traffic-related accidents.”

“I think we oughta go home.”

He nodded. “Try not to move him around too much, or he’ll puke. I’ll be home really soon, I’m just waiting for Casey to sneak out and come over here.” He made a face. “You reek of vodka, Frank. You can crash at our house and we’ll call your mom in the morning.”

“Thanks, Mikes.” I ran my hand over the front of my t-shirt and hoped it would dry soon.

Ray was all tangled up with Liza, but he held up his keys and mouthed ‘Wanna ride?’ at me.

I shook my head. Ray was in no condition to drive. “The walk will help him sober up.”

He gave me the thumbs up and started making out with his girlfriend again. I took Gerard by the hand and led him out of the house.

It was a long, freezing walk home. My shirt was still soaking, my mental map of Fair Haven was still a little sketchy, and Gerard didn’t feel like walking fast. He leaned against a tree as we waited for a light to change, staring in wonder at the leaves on the ground.

“Whoa, I think I just blacked out a little bit.”

I giggled. It was kind of cute to see him like this, so childlike, but it would’ve been a lot cuter if we were safe at home rather than out walking god knows where. There wasn’t a soul on the streets at this time of night. There was a full moon in the sky and it was bitingly cold.

C’est l’Halloween, c’est l’halloween,” Gerard sang in garbled French. He seemed to be getting drunker by the minute.

“Day after tomorrow, Gee.”

Eventually we found his house. I walked him downstairs and ordered him to lie down. He wiggled impatiently as I helped him out of his jacket and sneakers and started undoing his pants.

“Mmm yeah,” he panted. “Like that.”

“You’re so wasted,” I laughed. My headache was fading now that we were okay. He was on his back on the bed, sprawled out invitingly. He reached up and cupped my crotch, massaging me through the fabric of my jeans. I let out a low moan.

“That’s right,” he mumbled. “God, I’m so hot for you. I wanna fuck you so hard, Frankie. I wanna be inside you and feel you come from the inside out.”

I should’ve left. Should’ve broken contact and backed away and gone to sleep in Mikey’s room. But his hand on me felt so right. I wanted him, wanted to kiss him and squeeze him and run my hands over every inch of him, feel his skin warm and his heart start racing. The booze was going to my head and rushing in my veins. I felt reckless and daring and stupid, so I climbed up on top of him and locked my legs around his slim hips. I took a moment to admire him lying there under me. He looked so pretty like this, pale skin glowing in the darkness. I pulled up his shirt and ran my hand over his chest, tracing the curve of his ribs and sliding back up to his biceps. He blew his hair out of his eyes and arched up against me, his tight boxers straining against his hipbones and his massive cock. I bent my head and kissed him. He parted his lips obediently and let my tongue ravish his perfect mouth. It only made the tension worse; the air felt like it was charged. He whimpered with need.

“No sex,” he said, surprisingly. “M’too drunk for sex. I wanna remember.”

He still let me jerk him off before he slept. I lay there for a few minutes in the darkness, his cum still warm in my hand, replaying every noise he made, each breathy, longing moan, before sleep hit me like a sack full of hammers.


Hi everybody! Your reviews blew me out of the water. I love you guys! Sorry I took so long—for some reason this was really hard to write, and Ficwad didn’t want to let me publish it late last night when it was done. “Maps” by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs belongs to the first half of this chapter, and “Not In Love” by Crystal Castles seems to go nicely with the second half. I thought it deserved two of my all-time favorite songs ;) Also, it’s come to my attention that for the first ten days I’ll be away, I will have no computer (they lock them away to encourage us to actually talk to people. Psh.) So anyway, I’m really sad about that, but there’s nothing much I can do except write the next chapter by hand and type it out when I get my laptop back. Maybe I’ll write two, to make up for disappointing you–if I had my way, you know I’d be writing day and night, but life is like that sometimes. It’ll help me figure out where this story’s going, anyway (if you have any ideas, or you know what you’d like to hear, please tell me, because I’m stuck :/) I’m gonna try to put out one last update before I leave on Tuesday...Frankie’s birthday = dynamite (if you know what I mean)! I want to leave something to remember me by, in case it’s a little bit before I have something new. Don’t give up on me, darlings! Hit me with the R & Rs! Xo b_b
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