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Chapter 1- Memory Lane

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Frank takes a trip down memory lane...

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Chapter 1- Memory Lane
My Birthday. If only people, would remember. Especially as I was 16 today. Dad wouldn't though he was a drug user and alcoholic. He had been, ever since mom hung herself just before summer. Considering though he, wasn't the one that found her...I was.

I was happy my life was great, I had perfect parents that were still together. Even though school wasn't great, my home life was. I walked in through the front door.
"Heyy mom." she was probably in the kitchen. I untied my converse and took them off (mom had OCD) and set my bag down. I walked into the kitchen not registering what was in front of me.

I screamed, the shock finally settling in. Eventhough it seemed more like a dream. My moms head was tilted to the side, her face colorless and pale. I went over to her, making myself numb. I got up on the chair and undone the rope. My mom fell heavily to the floor, she looked peaceful in her face though like she was sleeping. Except I knew she'd never wake up.

I picked the housephone up cuddled next to my mom and dialed 999.
"Hello, ummm ambulance please." my voice sounded calm, even though inside I was dieing.
"What's the problem?" the man asked from the other side of the phone.
"My moms comitted suicide." I told the man the rest of my details and he said an ambulance was on its way. I hung up and wrapped my arms around my moms, cooling body.
"I love you mommy." I kissed her as my tears rolled down her cheek.

My eyes stung, and were full of tears. I remember late on that evening going to my room finding a note saying she loved me. I kept it with me everywhere I went.

I slowley got out of bed my mind and body numb from the memory. I put on my black ripped skinny jeans, and my misfit top. My dad wasn't home, I could tell. I bent down and laced up my black converse. My rucksack was in the hall, so I grabbed the keys and ran downstairs. A quick glance into the kitchen and I was ready to leave.

The cold air greeted me as I went outside, clearing my head of my memories. I was tempted to skip school and go to my moms, grave but that wouldn't go doen well with dad.

One thing I hated everymorning, having to walk past Gerard Way's house. We used to be best friends, so close. Gerard changed though. I went away to my nans for the whole summer. I didn't arrive back in Jersey till the begining of the school year. He hated me for it.

Gerard used to wear band t-shirts, skinny jeans and converse's. Now he was just another popular kid that followed the crowd, was too scared to be himself. I knew though somewhere deep down was probably still, the same person I knew.

All the thinking of my used to be friend had passed the time. Next thing I knew I was at school. I heard the bell go as I walked on site. I started to run knowing if I was late i'd get a detention.
I'm sorry it's so dark but you need, to know the background information to get the rest of the story. Hope you like it (:
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