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1: In Which Plan A Fails (prologue)

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Bakura wants a body of his own, Yami won't help, so he seeks out someone who will: evil genius Dr. Drakken. Crossover with "Kim Possible." Bakura/Ryou

Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Crossover, Humor, Romance - Characters: Ryou Bakura, Yami Bakura - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006-05-16 - Updated: 2006-05-16 - 1113 words

Title: Anything's Possible 1/8 (version 2.0)
Author: Tsutsuji
Summary: Bakura wants his own body and Yami won't help, so Bakura and Ryou track down an evil genius who might be able to help: Dr. Drakken.
Fandoms: Yugioh & Kim Possible
Characters appearing: Part One: Ryou, Bakura, Yami, Yugi. Later: Drakken, Shego.
Pairings: Bakura/Ryou.
Rating: PG-13.
Warnings: Shounen-ai, Crossover, my poor attempts at humor
Spoilers: Not much, but some general references to the Ancient Egypt arc of Yugioh.
AN: This is set in a world of Yugioh where the Memory World thing hasn't happened.
... indicates thought-speak between spirit and host (yami and hikari). ... indicates emphasis.


Chapter 1: Introduction, In Which Plan A Fails.

"Absolutely not, Bakura!" Yami no Yugi stood glaring, arms crossed, hip thrust forward, eyes narrowed dangerously. The Spirit in possession of Ryou's body glared back. They were alone in Yugi's grandfather's game shop; Bakura stood before Yami, looking like a fierce wind had just picked up his hair into spiky angles and blown open his shirt to reveal the Millennium Ring gleaming gold against his host's pale skin.

"You stubborn fool," Bakura said angrily, glaring right back. "All I want is a body of my own, why is that too much to ask of the great Pharaoh? You could give yourself your own body as well. I'm sure little Yugi would appreciate it if you did."

"That's not the point," Yami said curtly. "I won't use the powerful magic of the Millennium Items just for your convenience."

"I see," Bakura said, smiling wickedly. "It's as I suspected all along, you aren't really powerful enough to do it, are you?"

Yami's eyes flashed red. "Be careful, Bakura," he said in a low voice. "Remember that I can free you of Ryou's body by sending you to the Shadow Realm, if you insist on causing trouble."

"Rrr..." Bakura snarled, but in mid-snarl there was a flash of soft light from the Millennium Ring. The Spirit's spikes of silvery hair fell into a soft white cloud around his face, and his violet eyes flickered closed. A moment later Ryou's deep brown eyes opened instead, looking pleadingly at Yami.

"Please, Yami," he said in his soft, desperate voice. "I can promise you he'll do no harm, I'll take responsibility for him, if you would just make him free of me," he continued.

Yami's expression softened slightly, and he looked at Ryou with pity.

"I'm sorry that this burden is laid on you, Ryou," he said. "But as long as Bakura must depend on you to exist in this world, his power for evil is limited. The truth is, I don't know what would happen if both he and I were free to walk this earth, but I fear the power unleashed would be too great even for me to control. I can't help you."

"I... understand," Ryou said sadly. He sighed, his head drooping for a moment, but then he looked up with a brave smile. "Well, then, we'll just have to make the best of things as they are, won't we?"

"Mm," Yami nodded firmly. "That's the spirit, Ryou. I'm glad you understand how important this is."

Still smiling, Ryou turned and walked away, leaving Yami to stare after him.

I wish.... Yugi's thought came into Yami's mind, but Yugi cut it off just as the door jingled shut behind Ryou.

/What is it you wish, Aibou/? Yami asked.

I wish we could be two people, too, Yugi said. Maybe Bakura would be different if he could come out and be friends with all of us, he added hopefully.

"The risk is too great," Yami said out loud to the empty shop. He felt Yugi sigh.

I suppose you're right, Yami's other self said resignedly.


"Well, are you satisfied? I told you it wouldn't work," Bakura said to himself, or more precisely, to his other self, as he stalked away from his meeting with Yami.

It was worth a try, Ryou insisted. Maybe if we tell them the real reason...

"Huh! You think the Pharaoh would agree to give me my own body just so I can ravish you? I doubt it very much, even if you were able to convince him that is exactly what you want. And even if he does secretly want to do the same to his own little hikari," he added with a sly grin.


Bakura laughed, leering at Ryou in his mind; he could sense his Other blushing.
"Well, if you still want us to be together, are you willing to try my plan now?"

I suppose so, Ryou thought with a sigh.

"Alright. Plan B it is, then. We'll need to book a flight to America."
I already made the reservations, Ryou admitted, and Bakura smiled.


The truth was, Bakura hated flying. More precisely, he hated being a passenger. He'd be fine, he thought, if he knew how this big machine worked, if he could control it himself. He didn't trust the idiots that were in charge to know what they were doing. And that ocean below them seemed endless. Bakura paced in his soul room, frequently peeking out through Ryou's eyes and then retreating again when the scene hadn't changed from the last time he looked.

Ryou couldn't decide whether to be amused or annoyed. Would you please try to relax? I've flown hundreds of times before you came along to complicate my life, and I can tell you it's perfectly safe. You watch too many disaster movies.

Bakura muttered and continued to pace. Ryou tried to sleep, but it didn't work. He finally retreated and forced Bakura to the surface.

I'm sleeping now, he thought firmly to his other self, who was distinctly uncomfortable to find himself actually sitting bolt upright in the narrow seat, feeling the jet engines vibrate through the floor. You're in charge. If anything bad happens, don't bother to wake me, he added with such an uncharacteristic lack of sympathy that Bakura blinked in confusion.

A moment later Ryou's consciousness faded, just as it used to do when Bakura pushed him aside to take control. More recently they were almost always aware of each other, and Bakura was disconcerted to find himself suddenly alone with his thoughts for the first time in ages.

"This is Yami's fault," he snarled, ignoring the startled look of the elderly gentleman sitting next to him. He managed to distract himself for the rest of the trip by imagining Yami's reaction when he returned alongside Ryou in his own body, and by thinking of all the things he would do to get back at the Pharaoh for putting him through this in the first place.

(continued in Chapter 2)
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