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Chapter 4- Explanations and Reasons

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Chapter 4- Explanations and Reasons
Gerard: He was crying why though?
"Frankie tell me what's wrong." I could tell my voice sounded worried. I couldn't help it though. I think I loved him.
"Lets skip the rest of the day?" was it really that important.
"Please Gee." he started walking and I followed. Once we were out of school, I wondered where we were going. We couldn't go to his, his mom would kill us.
"Franki we can't, go back to yours. Your mom will kill us." I spoke what I was thinking out loud. When I said this entence though, he flinched.
"Yes we can, go back to mine." I was really curious now. Did his mom have a job now. When we were friends, his mom stayed at home and cleaned. I kept silent until we got to his. Where as Frank was mumbling silently under his breath.

"Go in." I jumped a bit when he spoke, as we'd been in silence for so long.
"Frankie are you sure though, what about your parents?."
"Parent." he xorrected me.
"Why have you mom and dad split up?"
"Gee just go in, and i'll explain." I walked in and was shocked. It was disgusting, empty beer bottles vodka bottles everywhere. There were syringes and packets, that probably once held cocaine.
"Go upstairs you know where, my room is. I'll be one second." I went upstairs onto the familiar landing.

As I went into Franks room, I noticed a guitar with the name 'pansy' on the bottom. Frankie played guitar now. Then again he always did like music. I heard the creak of some-one coming up the stairs, and I sat down on Frank's bed.

"Heyy Gee, make sure your comfy. I have a lot to tell you." he had a rope in his hands. It had a noose at the end. What was this for? Curiosity got the better of me.
"What's that for Frankie?" I was so curious as to why he would, need a rope.
"Go on Gee, ask me any question you want." There was a few I wanted to ask, but one main one.
"Why did you go? Without even saying good-bye?" Frank took a deep breath. I knew this was going to cause him pain. It was written all over his face. I reached out and took his hand. As to tell him that I was there to listen, and comfort him.
"It's ok Frankie, you can tell me." he started crying. I wanted so badly just to hug him. I knew I couldn't though. This was unbearable seeing him in pain like this.
"Ok Gee well the reason I left, was because my mom hung herself, just before summer." I looked at the rope and understood now. I gulped as a lump had formed in my throat. Even though his mom was a clean freak, she had always been a motherly figure in my life.
"Yeah well I cam home from school one day, to find her dead and just hanging there." he stopped talking.
"Carry on please." It was more an order than a question, or an option.
"Well after she died, dad got depressed. As you saw when you came in. He takes drugs and drinks alcohol. He hasn't been home in two day y'know."
"Frank ring the police? If you don't know where he is."
"Gee he'll be fine. The other week he disappeared for, five days." I was angry. Not with Frank but with his father, and mostly myself.
"Anyway my nan said she'd take me in as she didn't want me to be around, him. That's why I went with a good-bye, I had to go that evening. When I got to my nans I realized that I didn't have my phone, so I couldn't text you." I wish he'd told me this before, it would've saved me from acting like a dick, and changing myself.
"I...I'm s..sorry Gee." Frank was crying so much now.
"One question Frank where, did she y'know hang herself?" I wasn't going to ask, but as usual curiosity got the better of me.
"In the kitchen." I nodded, I dodn't want to say anything that would make him more upset.

"Frank, get some clean clothes grab your guitar and i'll write a note." I got up from the bed, only just ketting go of his hand. Through pure will power. Frank looked so confused.
"What are we doing Gee?" I smirked at him, probably looking a bit more seductive then I intended, by the way he blushed.
"Your coming to stay at mine, for awhile." Frankie gave a quick but, beautiful smile. He then got up and started packing, while I went over to his desk sat down and got down to writing the letter.

Dear Dad, I've gone away for a couple of days to a, friends house. I'll be back on saturday though. I promise. Don't do anything stupid. Frank

I was proud of my work.
"Right Frank you done packing?" I looked at him and gave a smile. He went over and picked up pansy.
"You any good?" I asked I sang and wrote lyrics maybe, he could write the chords down.
"I'm okay I suppose." I swear he was just being modest. He was probably really good. He looked around the room and came walking, towards me. Our bodies were almost touching as he leaned over me. He grabbed a few pieces of paper, from behind me. At that moment in time I wanted to kiss him so bad.

Frank: I was so close to Gee, but after I grabbed the paper I walked away from him. I wanted to do so much more, then just grab the paper but I couldn't he was straight.
"C'mon Gee lets go." I smiled, I was finally getting out of the house. I was going to Gee's aswell. I made sure that I put pansy in her case, so she didn't get damaged, and enough clothes to last till the weekend.

"Let's go for sure this time." I laughed and grabbed Gee's hand, a tingle went through me. Once i'd grabbed his hand I ran downstairs.
"You got the note?" knowing me he hadn't picked it up when I dragged him downstairs.
"Yes I have, I grabbed it as you pulled my hand." he laughed, what was funny?
"You know for a small guy Frankie, you really are strong, i'd forgotten." he giggled to himself. It was so gorgeous just like him, it was contagious aswell. I couldn't help but laugh along.

Inside of me this pain that had been there for so long, was now gone. I felt human again, not like a living zombie.
"Gee put the letter on, the table and lets go." he did what I asked and gave me a smile. Once he'd finished he walked out the door. I followed slamming the door and, leaving bad memories behind.
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