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Better Than They Probably Felt It

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Gerard and Frank decide to read some fan fiction during their free time. (Wrote this when I was bored. About 300 words. R&R?)

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“Gerard grunted as Frank pinned his arms high above him, Frank’s sweaty skin covering every inch of Gerard’s. ‘Fuck me.’ Gerard growled at the younger man, nipping at any skin he can see. Frank’s red, wet lips crashed on top of Gerard’s, making out feverishly while his crotch desperately tried to find Gerard’s. Frank held both of Gerard’s arms in one hand while his free hand hovered above the older man’s erection before rubbing at it.”

“Wait,” Gerard called out from his spot on the brown leather couch. “So I growl ‘fuck me’ in the story?”

Frank looked up at Gerard and smirked at him.

“Yeah, you growled,” He told him, looking back at the piece of fan fiction he was reading on Ray’s laptop. “And apparently I’m just going to jerk you off because you don’t deserve my… Oh God! You don’t deserve my thick cock.”

Frank laughed loudly while Gerard chuckled to himself. “Our fans have the weirdest imagination.”

“Well, we do give them the fuel for imagination,” Frank noted as he clicked on another link that led him to a short story that started at a My Chemical Romance show. “Listen to this.” Frank told Gerard as he started to read.

“The cheers of the crowd grew louder when Frank hopped over to where Gerard was standing and pressed his lips to the lead singer’s.”

Gerard chuckled again as he stood from the couch and moved to the kitchen table where Frank sat.

“That’s your fault Frankie,” He mentioned as he sat down next to his best friend. “You don’t have to make out with me on stage.”

Frank rolled his caramel eyes and clicked on a picture that enlarged to show Gerard groping Frank.

“Yeah, because you are just so innocent.” Frank turned his head away from the picture to see Gerard sporting his sexy smirk.

“Well you can’t blame me. I would get any chance to get to touch you.” Gerard showed his smile to his boyfriend before going in for a kiss. Frank returned it, sliding his tongue into the mix. They soon pulled away, Frank laughing softly to himself.

“Just don’t do it that much on stage. I don’t think I want our fans to write about it anymore.”

It was Gerard’s turn to laugh. “I think they’ll find new ways to write about us.”
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