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A decision that makes Avril every happier. Oh, and they finally take a bigger step in their relationship.

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A month Later

I amoke to a bit of a headache. I love the fact that no matter how much I drank, I never get hangovers. That was a pretty epic party last night. I tried to sit up but found that I was pinned down. I opened my eyes and looked around taking in my surroundings. I smiled to myself and looked beside me to find that Frank was still sleeping. He has his mouth hanging open and had some drool on his cheek. Even with the drool he still looked sexy. I still couldn't believe its been a mouth already. This past mouth has been amazing. When I wasn't with Frankie, which was most of the time considering I moved in with him. (Alittle fast? I think not!) I was with Steph, but considering she got together with Gee the same night Frankie and I did, we all hung out together a lot of the time. My life was really starting to look up, but it was about to come to the end. The guys are leaving tomorrow to start another tour, which really has me upset. I'm going to miss him so much. I decided I might as well get our last day together started. I turned and kissed Frankie on the forehead, he stirred a little bit but showed no signs of waking up.
"Frankie, Hunni, wake up." I said shaking him alittle.
He mumbled something I couldn't make out and shook his head.
"Come on Hunni. Its our last day together." I said
His eyes shot open and he looked at me while the sadness filled his eyes.
"I know Baby. I'm upset to." I said
He threw his arms around me and tightened his grip. After pulling away he sat up and started laughing.
"Whats so funny Baby?" I asked
He pointed to the floor so I sat up and looked to where he was pointing and doubled over in laughter. Laying on our bedroom floor was Mikey and Bob in the spooning position. Mikey was laying infront of Bob with his tumb in is mouth and Bob had his arm over Mikey. After supressing my laughter I looked at Frankie.
"I wonder what happend?" I asked not really rememebering last night considering I was so trashed.
"I don't know, but it's pretty funny." He said
Then I got a brillant idea. I got up and walked over to my purse that was sitting on the dresser and rumaged through it till I found my most prized possesstion. My camera. Frank sat on the bed smiling at me.
"You wouldn't!" He said
"I would." I said with a smile
After taking a couple pictures I put my camera back and decided to wake the two love birds. Bob woke up pissed and punched Mikey, which caused Frankie and I to fall over in laughter. We all finally made our way downstairs to find Gee and Steph sitting on the couch watching TV. I ran over to Gee yelling "BIG BROTHER!" and jumped onto his lap and hugged him, which caused Steph to giggle
"Umm, Hi Av." He said. I smiled and slid off his lap and sat beside him
"So.. What are you and Franks plans for the day?" Gee asked
"Oh just fuck all day." I said with a smile while Frank handed me a cup of coffee that I ended up spilling on me due to laughing because of the look Gee gave me.
"You better not be fucking my little sister!" Gee said to Frank.
Frank who was roaring with laughter suddenly got serious and shook his head.
"Gee, Av and i haven't even did anything more than make out." He said
Gee shook his head and stood up
"Come on Steph, lets go." He said taking her hand and helping her stand up.
"Where you two going?" I asked
"It's a surprise." Gee said smiling at Steph
"Well have fun you to, and don't do anything I wouldn't do." I said with a smile
"Yeah we're heading out to." Mikey said coming out of the kitchen with Shorty.
"See you Shorty." I said
"Bye Av." She said with a smile.
Just then Bob walked out going towards the door.
"You leaving to Bob?" I asked
"Yeah. Jaz left me a text saying she went home to get a shower. I'm taking her out today." he said
"Alright Bobert, tell Jaz I said Hi." I told him with a smile as he walked out.
Once alone I cuddled up to Frank and he put his arm around me and kissed the top of my head.
"So Angel, What do you want to do today?" He asked
I looked up at him and snuggled closer.
"To be honest Baby, I just want to to spend the day together, and just hang out here." I said
He smiled "Sounds like a great idea." He said "Hey Av."
"Yeah Frankie?" I asked
Frank took my hand and lifted my chin to look into my eyes.
"I love you Avril Lynn Way." He said
Tears filled my eyes
"Angel whats wrong?' He asked
"I love you Frank Anthony Iero." I said crying harder
"Angel don't cry, whats wrong?" He asked again
"Baby, it's just. I'm going to miss you so much." I said
"Same here Angel." He said
We laid on the couch for awhile watching Spongebob. I started to giggle I looked up at Frank who smiled.
"What?" He asked
"Oh, just that fact that we're both grown adults and were laying here watching Spongebob." I said laughing
"Hey! Don't dis Spongebob!" He said starting to tickle me. I started rolling around laughing trying to get him to stop. Suddenly his lips crashed down on mine making my body set ablaze. I let out a soft moan, causing him to pull away and smiled.
"I love the power I have over you." he said
Without a word I slipped out from under him. I grabbed his hand and ran up stairs. Once in the bedroom I crashed my lips onto his. I pushed him down on the bed breaking the kiss. I crawled ontop of his staddling him.
"Angel, what are you doing?" He asked
I didn't answer with words. My lips crashed back onto his once again. My hands started to explore his body. I moved to kiss his neck causing him to out a soft moan. I sat up and pulled him up so he was sitting up and pulled off his shirt. He wrapped his arms around me.
"Angel, are you sure?" He asked looking into my eyes
I nodded my response and his hands slipped up my shirt and cupped my breasts with his hands. He then unhooked it and pulled my shirt and bra off and threw them aside. Before I had time to think I was suddenly under him and he moved down to my breasts. His toung shot out flicking my right one causing me to moan. His started sucking and then moved to the other and did the same. My body was reacting to each touch and the desire I had for him was driving me crazy.
"I love you Baby." I said
He moved back up and kissed me. our toungs danced together as his hand slowly moved south unbuttoning my pants. He slid them off and moved down. He kiss my pussy through my panties causing me to moan louder. He looked up and smiled. He then took the elactic in his teeth and pulled them off as well. After he discarded them he moved back up to kiss me while his hand caressed my pussy. His finger started massaging my clit then moved down my slit.
"Angel, you so wet, so hot." He said in my ear,
It was really starting to get uncomfortable. My need for him was so overpowering. My hands moved to his pants and unbuttoned them and he slipped out of them.
"Baby I need you." iI said softly. I saw him smiled and shake his head.
"Not yet Angel." He said moving back down to my pussy. He kissed my clit and spread my legs. His toung came out and flicked my clit causing yet another moan to escape my lips. He then started his assult on my clit causing me to moan more.
"Oh Frankie." I moan "Feels so good."
He moved his finger to my opening and slowly slid it in. My hips bucking up to his finger. He slid it in and imeadiatly found the spot. As he assulted my clit he rubbed my stop causing my body to go crazy, I moan louder and louder as I came closer to my climax. Frankie must have known I was close, cause he suddenly stopped
"Not yet Angel." He said again
"Baby please." I said pulling at his boxers. He let me pull them off and he positioned himself above me.
"Are you sure Baby?" He whispered
I nodded
He slowly pushed into me. I dug my nails into his back and he stopped
"Are you okay Angel?' He asked "I'm not hurting you am I?"
"Don't stop!" I begged
He pushed in harder this time and it felt as if he ripped me apart I dug my nails in deeper as I gaspped. He trusted in and out making the pain subside and the pain turned to pleasure.
"Oh Frankie." I moan
"So wet, so hot." He moaned in my ear.
With each trust I felt closer to him. My body was responding making me shake in pleasure.
"I love you Frankie." I moaned
"I love you Avril." He moaned back
I felt my climax coming and I bit my lip I didn't want this feeling to end yet. I held in as long as I could.
"let go Angel." He whispered in my ear
The wave of passion crashed over my body causing me to yell out his name. I felt him shoot inside me yelling my name as he did. He fell onto me trying to catch his breath. As he laid there I ran my fingers through his hair. I loved him so much. I felt even closer to him now. I gave him the most important thing I had, my purity.
"I love you." I told him
He sat up and looked at me and smile. He slid off of me and laid down new to me. I cuddled up to him and laid my head in the crook of his neck.
"I love you Angel." He said running his fingers through my hair now.
We laid there cuddling both our bodies glowing until sleep slowly look over us.
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