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Funeral For Yesterday

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F/F and explicit drug usage.

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Okay, just a warning, there's detailed drug usage and sex. This wasn't meant to be an erotica... It's for those that like a little bit of everything :) So, this is what i got for chapter one... i would REALLY appreciate if you reviewed, it helps. Enjoy ;)

It’s about 8pm and the last bus comes to pick me up. I get on, insert my dollar and take a seat. We start heading west on Van Buren. We pass 21st, 23rd, then the freeway. We come up on 27th avenue, and I pull the string. A loud beep fills the silence of the bus. I start to get up, and walk towards the bus’ exit. The bus stops in front of the 7eleven on the northwest corner of 27th and Van Buren. I walk down the long dark street, then take a left. I walk through an apartment area that looks more like a meth lab than anything else. I walk until I reach a big house. Samantha’s house. Her mom owns a daycare there, but there were no kids at this hour, at least, not on a Friday night. I quietly make my way onto the property. I go through the sliding glass door, and walk down the hall. At the end of that hall I am greeted with a dark brown door. What’s behind it is even darker. I try turning the knob, but only to find it’s locked. I tap lightly on her bedroom door. Shortly the door starts moving, as if it were seizing. It opens and my eyes are greeted with a bright yellow light and a very pale, yet beautiful girl. Her eyes are dark and slightly sunken in. Her eyes, usually a bright blue, are grey with a black outlining her iris.

“Hey, babe.” She turns to the side, allowing just enough room for me to pass.

“Hey.” I say walking in, still making eye contact. She shuts the door behind me. I lean in to kiss her, but she pulls away.

“Not yet… come here.” She leads me into her bathroom. The walls are painted bright green, which contrasts with the blood red walls of her room. She pulls out a blue container that has the word “spacesaver” imprinted on it. From the box she obtains aluminum foil with black streaks on it, an orange lighter, and a very small bag of off-white powder. She gently pours some of the powder on the counter, and breathes softly on it. The heat from her breath reacts with the powder and creates a dark brown- almost black- tar. She takes out a hollowed out marker caked on the inside with the black tar. She hands me the lighter, and tells me to light it for her; I obey. Smoke rises as the tar slides down the foil, creating another black streak. She inhales the fumes through the straw. She holds it in for as long as she could, then blows it out. The sudden gust hits my face with a foul odor. She trades me the foil for the lighter. She lights it up for me, and I inhale. I can’t describe to you the horrific taste of heroin. It’s kind of like burnt marsh mellows.. But not the good kind.. Like charred marsh mellows.

This cycle continues till the last toke. I ask for shotgun. She nods her head, then I light the foil. Not much smoke goes into the straw, but it tasted like a lot. We lock lips as she blows the smoke into my mouth. I inhale what was left of it. The shotgun turns into more when I’m also greeted by her tongue. I kiss her deeply and run my hands through her dark hair. She stops me, and pulls me toward her bed. It takes up most of the room. It’s a California king size bed with a black bedding. She throws me on the bed and takes off her shirt. Her bra is red and lacey. She hops on top of me and starts to kiss me again, this time, deeper and more passionately. The high starts to affect my movements. It progressively gets harder to move any part of my body. She reaches her hand underneath my shirt and cups my breasts. I manage to obtain enough strength to push her over and get on top. I start lightly kissing her neck. Kissing turned into nibbling, and nibbling turned into biting. Her moans were drowned out by the pounding in my head. It wasn’t a headache. It was more like the drug telling me it was still there. And I knew.

Samantha stops my necking and pushes my head lower. I kiss her all the way down to her pants. I unzip and unbutton. She slides them off for me. She doesn’t usually wear underwear. I start to kiss her legs. She pushes my head down which forces me to eat her. I lick her clit and she squirms. She moans, this time audible over my pounding head. I continue to eat her for a good 2 minutes before I insert two fingers. She moans sharply, and I add another finger. The thing about heroin, it's pretty much impossible for you to cum. So, this goes on for awhile, until we just give up. She pushes me to the side and kisses me gently, then we just lie there next to eachother. I feel light but heavy at the same. The ceiling moves to the left slowly then snaps back into place everytime I blink. I can't lift my legs or my arms. I have to battle for my eyes to stay open. I turn my head over to Sam, who's eyes were clothes and mouth was open slightly, but you can tell she's not asleep. I attempt to lift my arm to tap her shoulder.. but I fail. I try again. Fail. I try once more. I get my arm an inch of the bed, then it plops back down. I decide to give up, and close my eyes.

I remember my past with Samantha. We dated for a good year and a half. We were SO in love. She has hurt me so bad. The only time she acts lovingly to me now is when were high. Lately ive been really depressed. This is the only thing that makes me feel like everything is okay.
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