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Love is BL/ind

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Frerard. Kind of. A story of four killjoys becoming three. And is love really blind? Frank will have to find out the hard way if he can ever love Gerard again.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2011-02-03 - Updated: 2011-02-03 - 664 words - Complete

I didn't have time to think.
I didn't have time to look around me.
Ten draculoids, four killjoys, one chance.

I took a deep breath and everything slowed down to a sickly peaceful pace. I saw nothing in my haste, just a technicolour blur. I shot anything and everything in front of me. It seemed like a memory, or a dream. I saw an open window and made a break for it, there were a few draculoids in my way but I shot them down with a single shot. Draculoids were easy, BL/ind officials on the other hand, were like boss levels on 'Sonic the Hedgehog'. I could never pass that thing. I slipped trough the window like the super suave guy I was and ran for it. I decided to make my way swiftly to the base - the other guys had the dracs distracted. And all of a sudden I felt an overwhelming amount of guilt fall on my chest and sinking my heart. I always did this. I always let the others take care of it. I was ashamed. I shot my raygun at the ground and accidentally killed a small insect. Good. I hate insects.

I jerked awake to the sound of a smash. I immediately jumped straight out of the chair I was napping in and grabbed my gun. Slowly I came round the side of the door, weapon at the ready. What I saw before me was more horrifying than anything I could have imagined. Korse, the man in white. Gerard, my leather and hair dye hero. I dropped my gun, my entire body went numb with shock and I could no longer hold on to it. To the sound of the weapon hit the ground Korse lifted his head and grinned at me. His face was ripe with pleasure. He began to cackle, and teased me with the body he was holding, I could tell Gerard was still conscious, he was looking around him as if in a daze. Eventually his eyes rested on me, and he smiled. "there you are." I was suddenly aware of the hot tears streaming down my dirty face. He began to speak again, but Korse took a single look at me to make sure I was watching and snapped his neck clean open. I was almost sick. Korse simply laughed. And to make sure I wouldn't be able to make out his stunning features again, he casually picked up my raygun and shot him directly into his left eye. I threw up. I threw up quite a lot. Korse picked up the lifeless body and discarded my gun. "Disgusting animal." He muttered. I don't know how he got away, and I don't care. All I knew was that Gee was gone. I feel asleep huddled in my own sick.

We moved camp after that. Korse had found out where we were hiding and that meant it was no longer safe. I considered if it was ever safe to begin with. Killjoys were never safe.
I hadn't been able to fight for days. It didn't make any difference, I was never any help to them. I had gained a horrible habit of self-harm, but not through cutting or anything, just punching myself and shit. I hadn't had a dream that didn't turn into a nightmare since then. So I was sat in base writing when Mikey and Ray returned. I knew something was wrong from the moment they stepped inside. I looked at them in despair. I was on my knees, and Mikey was unnaturally tall anyway so when he stood their he towered over me completely. I felt like cowering.
He looked at me with sweat on his brow and blood in his eye.
"We need you. We need you now."

Author Note - Sorry this is kinda short. I will be working on new chapters soon, so please rate and review if you want meto continue this. Thank you! :)
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