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If Blood Could Be Hidden Like Water.

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She placed the blood red rose onto the oak coffin as the rain poured down on her body, flattening her already deflated ego. The gravel crunched and altered under her feet as she slowly stepped away, her eyes glued on the coffin.
There was a groaning noise as the coffin began to be lowered into the grave, slowly sealing the deal of death. Tiny bullets of soil soared through the air, crashing against the wooden cell, hiding it from the world. Covering up a life which someone once lived, someone she knew - who cared for her and made her life worth living.
A sigh escaped her lips as she turned and distanced herself from the crowd of mourners as they paraded out of the cemetry. With her eyes glued to the floor, she ignored the sounds of crying, the ice cold rain stabbing her skin - ruining her hair, her makeup, her clothes. Did she care ? No, all she wanted was to be out of this life. Envying those who had been able to escape this hell hole before her.
Black, spotless cars pulled up at the gates as everyone began to scurry towards them, like moths to a flame. A weary woman with bags under her eyes and blotchy skin walked over to her. She placed her black laced hand on her daughter's shoulder.
"You okay sweet heart ?" She asked in a chocked up voice.
Her daughter merely nodded in response, she had no need or want to communicate to anyone. Her Mother gripped her shoulder tighter slightly and gave a sympathetic smile before turning and walking towards the cars.
The rain continued to pour down her as she stood still in an ankle deep puddle. Her empty, hopeless blue eyes rolled up to the sky, she watched the menacing grey clouds twisted and turned - hissing and spitting out droplets of rain.
The wind snarled as she slowly turned her head to look back on the coffin being buried. Her head shook absentmindedly as she watched the care takers shovel soil mechanically into the pit.
Suddenly her eye caught on something, there was a black figure leaning against a memorial statue about twenty metres away from her.
Her eyes squinted as she began to walk towards the figure. He was tall and pale, with long black hair and dressed in what appeared to be a black suit. His eyes were focused on the funeral she had just attended.
Her mouth opened to talk to the stranger when her Mother's voice echoed around her.
"Mariana! We need to get home now!"
The strangers head turned and watched her, she lowered her head and avoided his piercing gaze. She picked up her pace and resulted into a slight jog as she scuffed her black converses against the mud. Her Mother wrapped her arm around her as she turned her head once more to look back to where the stranger was stood. A wave of confusion surrounded her when she couldn't see him at all, she surveyed the gravestones until she was satisfyed she was imagining things.
"H-hey, did you see that guy watching the funeral ?" Mariana asked quietly to her Mother.
"The funeral care takers ?" She asked, not completely paying attention.
"No, nevermind." Mariana sighed, her patience towards her parents had compeltely vanished.


The steam from the bowl of pasta caressed Mariana's face as she loosely twirled a forkful of pasta infront of her mouth. She hadn't eaten in days and when faced with food a feeling of sickness came over her.
"I'm going out for a bit Ma, will be back whenever." Mariana sighed. She stood herself up from the table and pulled a black hoodie over her Iron Fist tee as she tucked her ripped black skinny jeans into her grey converses.
The rain had died down slightly as she pulled her hood up over her mahogany brown hair. She jogged slightly down the road until she reached an old fence, she hopped over it carefully - cursing when she caught her ankle. Tiny splashes of rain smothered Mariana as she ran across the field to her destination, it was her short cut to the gravestone.
Mariana's heart raced from the run as she opened the cemetry gates. The gates screeched the further they were pushed, making an eerie echo through the empty place. Dried paint and rust clung onto her soaked hands as she brushed her hands against her jeans.
Mariana walked up the path, the gravel making a soothing crunching noise as her feet touched it. There was a feeling of hopelessness hanging in the air as Mariana hurried to the certain gravestone.
Her pace slowed when she came face to face with the freshly dug grave and brand new stone. Her knees collapsed as a sob escaped her mouth.
"I..I miss you bro." She whispered as her pale thin fingers traced the lettering on the stone.
"I'm sure he misses you too." A velvety voice stated from behind her.

I'm back and have decided to start a new story, like a fresh start :) xxxxx Much love and thanks xxx Ellie Frank xxxx
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