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An Unexpected Visitor... Who is it?

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A familiar face returns after the pridelands after being gone for a few years. How do Simba and Kovu know he is?

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Zazu: flying around doing his morning rounds when he finds a rogue lion crossing into the pridelands at the southern border

Zazu: flies back in a panic Simba and kovu are both awake early and see him rush down to their feet both

Kovu: Zazu, whatever is the matter?

Simba: What is the emergency?

Zazu: I was taking my early morning rounds.... and I noticed a ROGUE lion! It was passing through the southern border...!

Simba: I'll awaken the lionesses! Kovu, you go stop the rogue lion. roars loudly causing the lionesses to awaken

Nala: Simba, what's wrong?

Simba: We have a rogue lion wandering in the Pridelands... i want you and Kiara to stay here... I will go with Kovu... I promise I will be back... nuzzles Nala affectionately

Nala: be careful...

Kiara: be careful, Kovu nuzzles him as well

Kovu: I always am... runs to the southern border
----------------------------Meanwhile with the Rogue Lion---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*

Kopa: thinks to himself- Why does this place look so familiar? remembers The Pridelands... I am home... finds a small puddle close to a big tree he drinks from it and hears an old baboon singing in the tree

Kopa: Why hello, my old friend... How are you?

Rafiki: looks down from his tree to see a lion he remembers very well Kopa? Is dat you? My you have grown into a big strong lion haven't you?

Kopa: laughs whole-heartedly Yes i did... Rafiki, I came to ask you, is my father still King?

Rafiki: You mean Simba? No, my dear boy, he renounced his title to Kovu, Zira's youngest child... Your sister Kiara is married to him, and they are now the King and Queen of the pridelands.

Kopa: Is he still alive? What about my mother?

Rafiki: Yes dey are still alive, Kopa... and loving life...

Kopa: sighs a sigh of relief Well, I best be on my way, old friend... I'll see you around...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Back with Kovu and Simba-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kovu: sees the rogue lion at the watering hole he bares his teeth WHO ARE YOU?! WHY ARE YOU IN MY LANDS?!

Simba; looks at the rogue lion and notices something unique about him he can't put his finger on it

Kopa: I was passing through... I was not planning to stay...

Kiara and Nala run over they recognize the rogue lion immediately

Kiara: Kopa? Is that you? her eyes start to water No way, i thought you were gone... mudges his head

Nala: My son, you're alive... her eyes water as well

Kopa: No, I am still here...

Kopa: Mother, I have missed you terribly...

Simba: Kopa? Is that really you?

Kopa: Yes, Dad, it's really me... chuckles

Simba: B...Bu...But how? I found you dead... all bloody... you were so still...

Kopa: I lost alot of blood... but I found a friend who wished to help me get back on his feet... his name was Mheetu... he died shortly after he took me in... so I just roamed around whereever I could find. I always thought you, and how much I missed you all. feels his eyes begin to water

Nala: hugs him shh... we are here and don't plan on leaving you... yet laughs to help him feel better

Nala: I believe a certain lioness will be happy to see you...

Kopa: You mean, Vitani?

Kiara: goes to get Vitani she has her paw over Vitani's eyes

Vitani: Kiara? What is going on? I don't understand...

Kiara: says Keep your eyes closed till I say...

Vitani: okay?

Kiara: brings Kopa over and has him sit right in front of Vitani she walks off and tells Vitani to open her eyes- she gives the two a few minutes alone to talk

Vitani: K...K...Kopa? Is that... is that really you?

Kopa: Vitani, it's really me... I'm back... I will never leave you, ever again... I am so sorry...

Vitani: i would always tell myself it was my fault for your supposed death... I would cry myself to sleep thinking I was never going to see your face ever again.

Kopa: shh... I am here... and I will never leave you alone... not anymore... come on, we have so much to talk about...
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Later that Night________________________________________

Kopa: Vitani, I need to speak with you... it's important...

Vitani: Everything okay?

Kopa: Yeah, I just need to ask you something...

Vitani: What's going on?

Kopa: Vitani, ever since that day I met you in the Outlands, I felt like i had to do everything in my power to keep you safe and protected. I fell in love with you from the first moment I saw you. I seriously thought of renouncing my title to Kiara just to be with you. I have always loved you. Will do you do me the extreme honor of being my mate?

Vitani: Kopa... Yes, I would love to...

Kopa: licks her muzzle lovingly Good...

A few weeks later- a ceremony is held to bring Kopa and Vitani together as one


Vitani: I'm so glad we are now officially married, Kopa...

Kopa: Me too rubs her affectionately

Part 2 will be up soon! Don't know when...
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