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Whatcha Gonn' Do?

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"Yea I'm a true bridesmaid, and no I won't jump you."

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Dead Eyes, Black Skyes
Chapter 4: Whatcha Gonna do...pretty house!

Sam's POV
Oh No! I died! I don't remember dying! I shouldn't have succumbed to the darkness that is relaxation. Damnit! Oh well. Well let's see if I can wake up because I don't want to 'see the light' yet. With ease my eyes flew open, making me seem like an idiot. Scanning my surroundings, I realize I'm in a hospital. Why am I in a hospital? Maybe I can ask someone. But no one's here except that guy on the phone. I raise my arm to try and get his attention but instead I get mine. My arms are connected to about 4 IVs filled with blood. Wow this is so a Welcome To The Black Parade moment. But seriously What happened? Phone-guy finishes talking on the phone and notices I'm awake. Why is he wearing a hoodie and with the hood up? Oh my Gerard! He's a mass murderer. Or it could be that he's cold.
" Hey are you okay? You got quite the beating last night. Do you remember anything?"
Why is he talking to me? Then last night's events came to me. I can't believe my mom once married such a jackass.
"Oh sorry! I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Andy. Andy Six. Um well, do you remember anything? Or do you want to know why your here?"
Andy? Wait THE Andy Six? Well I guess so smartass. Why am I talking to myself?
"Hey you okay?"
"What?! Oh yea! I'm fine. But what happened? I'm Sam by the way, Well Samantha but I like Sam better."
"Okay, well Sam, a couple of friends and I found you getting beat by who knows who, and we, well called the cops and took your luggage. Not to keep just so you know you have somewhere to go with your stuff… sorry for the shitty explanation" Andy smiled sheepishly while explaining, although he looked pretty pissed when he mentioned my dad.
"Besides that, do you know who the guy was?"He asked.

"Um yea… he's my…um father."I muttered

That must've come as a huge shock to him because we stayed in silence for a couple of minutes until he asked a question that broke the silence. "How long has he been doing that to you?" Andy looked pretty peeved.

"Not long it started today since, well do you want the whole story? It's pretty long."I asked him dragging out the g in long.

"The full story, please." He offered me a soft smile in which I returned.

" Well I was 2 years old when I stopped seeing my dad, although I lived with my grandma, my mom got remarried when I was three to my step-father with whom I love with all my heart , when I turned four my little sister was born on august 4, 3 days right after my step-father's birthday. I never thought of my biological father and I refer to my step-father as daddy or dad. Nothing interesting really happened after that but October 3, 2009 my baby sister ,Marley was born. And now it's summer, I just turned 13 2 months ago and hen all that stuff happened last night and now we're here… sorry for the shitty explanation." I said mimicking him.

Andy was listening intently since I began, ha-ha he looks like a little kid during bedtime stories. Once he realized I mimicked him he chuckled

"… hey! You mimicked me!....smartass" Andy pouted. The second he pouted I erupted in a fit of giggles and he chuckled. After our little laughing session he asked a question I didn't even know the answer to " Do you have anywhere to stay?"

" Well I have a grandma in Arizona, but I'm already enrolled in a high school here, and she'll call my mom and tell her to come get me. But the problem is my mom doesn't have enough money for me to go back, but don't worry I'll find someplace to –"

"you could stay with me..?" that shocked me big time…. I mean THE Andy Six, he can't possibly care about me we just met, but he did save my life. He probably would've done it for anyone else. But maybe, just maybe I'll stay with him and no one will find out. While I was thinking Andy was trying to convince me by giving me the puppy dog look, which might add is adorable on him.

"well alright" I mumbled giving up.

"what was that I couldn't here you?" oh great now he's teasing me!

"I said I'll stay with you, okay?" I practically gritted out after that a chorus of "Yay!"'s

"I'm guessing that's the rest of the band?"
"Yea… wait you know who we are?" Andy asked as if I was going to jump him.
"Yea I'm a true bridesmaid, and no I won't jump you." I said smiling reassuringly
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