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Oneshot Gerard is babysitting Bandit very sweet.

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“Okay Gerard, I’m going to head now oh babe I really don’t want to go! Will you guys be alright? Bandit’s bottles are in the fridge and…..” Lyn-z ranted on. It was the last night before My Chemical Romance headed off on a small tour around some states in America and Lyn-z’s friends insisted that she went out for the night , because she would not get chance again for a while. Gerard also backed them up, since Bandit had been born Lny-z had hardly been out at all and now he was going back on tour tomorrow it was only fair for her to get a night out. “Yes Lyn, okay, we will be fine, yes I know, love you too,” Gerard nodded slowly pushing Lyn-z towards the door. “I know you will be fine but I will just miss you guys so much….” ah anything to get out of it. “Hey! Just go out and have fun, I have everything here, we will be fine, that right Lady B?” winking at the toddler on the carpet floor giggling at her parents. “ Okay right I will see you later” she smiled , walking over and picking up the child, kissing her on the nose and handed her to her father, then kissing him. “ Keep an eye on him for me will ya sweetheart ?” Lyn-z laughed at Gerard’s unimpressed expression waving at her daughter before getting into the car and driving off.

“ Looks like its just you and me babe.” Gerard smiled messing with his daughters short raven hair, and closing the door. Gerard walked into the living room and lay down on the couch , plopping Bandit on his stomach as he flicked through the channels. Bandit sat quite for a few minutes but then slid side-wards and rolled so her belly was on her dad’s . Gerard held his arms up so she didn’t fall off. Her head rested on Gerard’s chest before she propped herself up on her arms and giggled at the father . Gerard turned his attention back to her and asked “ Bandit what are you doing silly?” Bandit cooed and poked her fathers nose. Gerard pulled a funny face when he did this and Bandit laughed . Then when she went to do it again Gerard pretended to eat her finger. Bandit screamed in delight, not expecting it. Then Gerard grabbed her and tickled her . Gerard was convinced that Bandit had the most contagious laugh in the world, once you heard it you had to laugh along with her . “ Okay missy time for some dinner.” Gerard announced picking Bandit up and advancing towards the kitchen.

“Awh come on Bandit, here comes the train….” Gerard sighed making train noises , he was not having a very successful time feeding Bandit her dinner. So far he managed to feed her two spoons and half an hour. Most of it was on the floor and around her mouth. They had started feeding solids and she was not happy about it. It was the same struggle every night and every night she won. “looks like you win again Lady B” Gerard sighed , Bandit cooed Gerard could swear she was mocking him. Gerard changed her into her pyjamas and put on Play house Disney. Not to long after Gerard heard a small yawn from beside him. He silently thanked god that he did not have to listen to any more Mickey Mouse. “Alright missy time for bed.” Gerard announced scooping the small girl into his arms. Bandit cuddled her head into her fathers neck. Gerard smiled, he could smell the baby shampoo in her hair. Gerard walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle from the fridge before heading upstairs. Bandit did not have her own room yet so her cot was in her parents room. She had also picked up some bad habits, every night she would fall asleep in the parents bed and when they went to bed they would but her into her cot. So Gerard, clearly not having a problem with “bad habit” placed the small child under the covers, and went to find a book to read to her. “Da da da” Bandit cooed once Gerard had left her view. “ Right here babe.” Gerard laughed slightly at how cute and demanding she was.

“Okay Snow White it is…” Gerard said entering the room again and sitting next to the child, draping his arm protectively around her as he started the story. Once he finished the story he heard another little yawn from beside him. Slowly he got up and walked around to the bedside where she lay. Kneeling down to the level of the bed , and the child he said “Alright sweetheart sleepy time.” Bandit spoke incoherently , her words that were not fully English yet. Gerard often wondered what exactly she was saying, oh how he wanted to be a part of her world. Placing pillows around her so she didn’t fall out , he smiled again but she would not settle, she whimpered lightly. He knew one foolproof way to get her to settle. Messing with her hair he started to sing.
“And through it all,
How could you cry for me?” As soon as Bandit heard Gerard singing her crying stopped and she listened.
“Cause I don’t feel bad about it,
So shut your eyes,
Kiss me goodbye,
And sleep…..
Just sleep….
The hardest part is letting go of your dreams….”

Gerard kissed Bandits head softly when he finished , he brushed a few strands of hair from her half closed eyes and whispered “goodnight princess ,I love you…” as she drifted off to sleep. Gerard sat there for a while just watching the little one sleep. He could not believe that him and Lyn-z had created something so beautiful and perfect. He sighed and soon he to drifted off with his head rested on the bed.
A few hours Lyn-z came home she took off her heels at the door, she mentally noted that if she every went out again it would be in converse no exceptions! Gently she tiptoed into the living room “Gee I’m home, everything okay?” she whispered but to her surprise Gerard was not in the living room. “he must have gone to bed..” Lyn-z figured heading up the stairs. As she entered their room she gasped in surprise, there was Gerard kneeling by the bed fast asleep and Bandit on her side also asleep with her little hand on her fathers outstretched arm. After a lot of “awh look” and “that so cute!” whispers Lyn-z ran off to find the camera. She took a load of pictures before going over to Gerard on the floor. “Gee… Gerard hey I’m home come on and get into bed…” Gerard woke and cursed under his breath a his sore, hunched back. “ fuck that is the last time I’m sleeping on the floor…” Gerard cursed and Lyn-z smiled and kissed him before they both hopped into bed with Bandit. This would be something , Lyn-z thought that she would tell Bandit when she was older.

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