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I have made my choices guys!!! It was a hard one, and some of you were so close, but I couldn't have too many because it would end up being stupidly crowded and OTT

I won't leave you hanging any longer...

Bitch: Liliana (HeartbreakhOtel)

Friend 1 & Rays girlfriend: Romy (xxKilljoysxx)

Friend 2 & May end up with good old Mikey ;] : Julia (Luckystarz812 )

Friend 3 & Emma's cousin (Could end up with a person we all call Frankie): Steph (fabulouskilljoy8_8)

Friend 4: Jeremy (thatjerokid)

Friend 5: Rayanna (PapaRoachGirlRayanna)

Thank you to everyone who auditioned, an if you didn't get picked, I'm really sorry, but I will keep all of your profiles and if I need more characters later on then I will use you, or even in my next story :D 

Thank you so much :D

The first chapter will be up shortly, None of you guys are in the first one, but you should come in by the second :D  

Hope you guys enjoy, if when I write I get any details wrong about you, anything you like or don't like, or any suggestions then please review and tell me, after all, Im writting this story for you guys, so your the ones that should choose what happens :D    
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