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Chapter 10- Morning

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Basically this is sort of a feeling chapter in a way its short though. Comments and critisism is welcome :3

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Chapter 10- Morning
Frank: I'd been home, well Gee's house for 3 days now. I hadn't been to school since the accident, nor had Gee. It was about 6 am and it was a moday. That's why I was thinking about school. What would we do, no one knew I or Gee was gay.

I wanted to be the same, to be able to hold his hand and kiss him. I didn't know if I could go without touching him. I looked at my angel, his mouth in a perfect 'O' while he slept. I knew I'd have to wake him soon, but he looked so peaceful. I think he was still trying to catch up with sleep from when I was in hospital.

About 30 minutes passed of me just, watching my angel sleep. He'd saved my life, I remember what I saw when I blacked out, it was a Black Parade. That would be a good name of a song, I needed to write a new one maybe that would be it. Not just Black Parade though, Welcome To The Black Parade. I didn't write it down because, I knew I wouldn't forget it. It was sketched into my mind.

Gee stirred, thanks to me getting out of bed.
"Frankie?!" his voice sounded panicked and, his eyelids flew open.
"Babe it's ok i'm over here getting changed for school." I was lucky that I still had my suitcase here full of my clothes. I heard Gee give a sigh or relief and stretch. He really wasn't a morning person.
"Gee 'The Black Parade' good name for a song?" I wanted his opinion, after all he would be the one singing it I hoped.
"That sounds like a amazing song name." I knew Gee wouldn't lie to me so I took his word for it. I smiled and grabbed some black ripped skinnies and a Iron Maiden t-shirt out of my suitcase. Gee was looking at me, and I suddenly felt nervous. I took off my pyjama shirt, and stood there topless, and Gee was heading over to me.

He smiled and ran his hand up and down my chest. God he was such a tease when he wanted to be. I grabbed him and started to kiss him. Gee didn't have a shirt on already so I was happy. My hand knotted in the back of his hair, making the kiss deeper and more meaningful. I was the first to break away after he put his hand, down my trousers.
"Not till your birthday." I kissed his nose while he pouted. I was keeping good on my word, I wasn't going to go back on it, no matter how much I craved him.

He let me go and smiled. I carried on getting changed and so did Gee, I had a few sneaky peeks but I was allowed right? He was my sexy boyfriend after all. After we were both ready it was nearly time to go. No time for breakfast and I was hunry. My stomach made a noise which made me, and Gee both giggle.

"Gee are we going to be a couple at school?" I hoped it didn't sound like, I didn't want to be. The look on his face though said it all. It was hurt confused and damn right cute. I went over and kissed him.
"I didn't mean it like that, I just wasn't sure if you'd want to be after being a popular and all." I was being stupid and I knew it, if he wanted to be popular surely he wouldn't be wearing skinnies and a band top right now.

We headed downstairs and as we got into the porchway I could hear mikey, he was doing up his boots.
"Heyy Mikes." me and Gee both siad this at the same time. All 3 of us laughed. Mikey had been let out the same day as me and he still looked rough, but better. It was my fault he ended up the way he did, I felt a pang of guilt everytime I though of it.

I bent down and laced up my converse and Gee was doing the same.
"When I was a young boy my..." I started to say these words self conciously. They were going to be in my song somewhere. I saw Gee smile I knew he'd heard me but I just chose to ignore it.
"So you ready to go lover." My heard sprinted at this and my stomach had a swarm of wasps in it.
"Yes I am." And with that I grabbed my rucksack and laced my fingers through Gee's. Ready to face what might be waiting for us, in the outside world.
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