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A brief exercise in erotic-esque poetry. I post this everywhere. I wrote it, like, a zillion years ago. *winks* You can superimpose virtually any slash pairing you like onto it, and that pleases an...

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stretch a lazy hand
slipping softly
through the slippery strands
tied into dreams
His hair, spread over the pillow
Your eyes, blurry, gazing at his

A thin recollection
the night before
his hands curled
like rosebuds
fingers stretching towards you
the thorns trimmed
but tangled in your hands

you pressed down
holding him to the pillow
mouth on his, softly
stifling the cry that
rose to his lips
like the fingers of dawn
creeping gently
color rises to his cheeks

you leave gentle bruises
scattered, like petals
on his throat, arched
like a slender walkway
between heaven and hell
ah--! his body beneath you
his faint struggles
brilliantly illuminated
the moonlight glaring

You, stripped to your last
shadowy illusion
your last forgetful kindness
his eyes wide, but somehow
not unhappy
his lips parted, inviting
kisses dropped like rain
swift entanglement of arms
and a final sigh

he, into your arms
you, into your passion
gripping handfuls of soft hair
pressing harder, sharper
an ache that won't leave
more precious than diamonds
this night
his body, your body

a last gasp, and then nothing
only a little death, twisting
against your newly gentle arms
spine shivering like waves
a tear? perhaps, but gone
with a kiss
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