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Trick-Or-Treat Give me something good to eat!

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Its Halloween. Need I say more?

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A/N: Wrote this a while ago. Enjoy :)

"Hooray! Halloween is here!" Tre shouted.
"Tre, shut up! You've said that a million times already!" Mike said.
Tre pouted. "You're no fun, Mike." he commented.
"Tre, he has a point. You've been shouting since you woke up." Billie Joe said.
Tre scrunched his nose and averted his gaze from Mike, to Billie Joe. No one was ever on his side when it came to a special event.
"You should be happy! You don't have to drag Joey and Jake all around town!" Tre said.
"Yeah, instead we get to drag you all around town." Mike said, sarcasm dripping from his words.
Tre stuck his tongue out at his friends/band mates. "Shut up, you know you want a lot of candy, too." he stated.
Mike smiled a little. "Alright Tre, you got me." he said. He then looked at Billie Joe. "Okay bj, now you have to confess that your sweet tooth is jumping for joy at the sound of," Mike wiggled his fingers in a spooky way, "Candy." he finished.
Billie Joe rolled his eyes, smiling. "Oh yeah, I can't wait to go trick-or-treating as a rock star and get tons of candy!" he said, impersonating a 10 year old.
Mike chuckled. "Imagine all of those poor souls who find Green Day at their doorstep, begging for candy." Mike said, stroking his chin, thoughtfully.
"Oh boy..." Billie said, picturing the scene.
Silence fell upon the three men, as they sat there in their own thoughts. Then all together, the burst into fits of laughter.
Oh boy...Green Day begging me for candy...I can picture it now!
Later that night Billie, Mike, and Tre were all suited up for their night of trick-or-treating. Tre even went out of his way to plan a few trick on his unsuspecting candy giver-ers.
Tre was dressed up as the whore he was in the Holiday music video. Billie was dressed as as Dracula. Mike was dressed as a zombie surgeon. All in all, Tre made a good whore, Billie was an awesome Dracula, and Mike was cooler than the blade of his scalpel.
"So, we ready to go?" Billie asked, putting his vampire teeth in his mouth.
Tre cleared his throat and giggled girlishly. "Sure thing, babe." he said, batting his eyelashes.
Mike laughed. "Let's go, sexy." he said, sarcasm being heavily stressed on 'sexy'.
Tre laughed, reverting back to his normal voice, and walked out the door with Billie and Mike following close behind.

"Ah, our first house." Billie stated, in his vampire voice, as the band strolled up to a small peach colored house with a green balcony.
"Hhhmmm....there aren't any cars in the drive think anyone's home?" Mike asked.
"Of course there is! They wouldn't have their jack-o-lantern lit and gate open if there wasn't!" Tre said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
The three walked up to the door and Billie rang the doorbell.
"Ding-Dong!" Tre and Mike sang along.
A few moments passed and Tre got impatient. "Trick-or-Treat!!" he shouted.
"I'm coming, damnit!" the men heard a female voice exclaim.
"Ooo! A girl. And she doesn't sound old." Tre whispered.
"Tre, you're a girl tonight." Billie reminded.
Before Tre could say anything, the door opened and...
A girl in her mid-twenties opened the door. She was dressed in a witch's costume. Long, striped stockings, a short black dress, and a large witch hat perched on her lime green hair.
"Happy Hall-..." she was about to finish, but the sight before her was quite interesting.
"Aren't you a little old to be trick-or-treating?" She asked.
"Aren't you a little young to be in such a hot costume?" Tre asked, seductively.
The girl eyed Tre and raised her eyebrows. She had no idea who these people really were, but she did recognize the whore costume from the Holiday music video.
"Treats, please!" Mike chanted. He even held out his makeshift candy bag.
"I'd be happy with just you." Tre said, eyeing the girl.
Billie Joe laughed. "You seem to have some odd trick-or-treaters." he said, Count Dracula style.
"Oh yes. I have a surgeon who wants candy, a whore who wants me, and...I can only imagine what you want." she said.
"You're name would be nice. I'm sure our friend is getting tried of saying 'she' and 'the girl'." Billie said, looking at the screen.
'The girl' laughed. "Natalie, or Nat." she said.
"Coolio." Mike said.
"Now," Nat began, "you know my name and I still don't know yours'." Nat stated, placing a hand on her hip.
"Hhhmm...well...I guess it's only fair..." Mike said, looking at his fellows.

"Alright, I'm Frank." Tre said. He wondered if Nat would suspect anything.
"Frank, huh..." Nat stated. Then she looked at Billie. "You next." she demanded.
Billie scratched his head. "Can't he go before me?" he asked lamely, pointing towards Mike.
"Nope." Nat chirped. She was about to say something else, when a sound was heard down the road. Nat poked her head around the 3 men and looked out into the street. "You lucked out, man. My trick-or-treaters are coming." she said, moving the men aside.
"And you're gonna give them candy." Mike said, accusingly.
Nat smiled and nodded. No later than a few seconds, a band of five or six children ran up to Rose's door.
"Trick-or-Treat!" They all shouted.
Nat pulled out her candy bowl and smirked over at Mike. "Happy Halloween!" she said, dropping about three pieces of candy into every bag.
"Thank you, pretty lady!" one of them exclaimed, as the group moved onto the next house.
"Hey..." Tre commented, scrunching up his face.
"That is so not fair, Nat! We were here before them!" Mike whined.
"Shut up Mike!" Billie scolded.
"Mike...Frank..." Nat muttered. Her eyes widened in realization. "Oh my fucking god!" she exclaimed.
"Great...So I guess you know us then, huh?" Billie asked.
"Know you?! I LOVE you guys! Oh man...I'm meeting Green Day on one of my favorite holidays...C-can your autographs?" Nat asked lamely, blushing.
"Only if you give me candy." Mike said, like a stubborn child.
"Yeah, and only if-..." Tre was cut off by Billie Joe before he could say anything more.
"Tre..." BJ warned.
Nat looked at her favorite band. "Fine, Mike gets candy and...well..." she trailed off.
"You don't have to give us anything." Billie stated.
Nat smiled.
Yadda, yadda, yadda...Nat goes with Green Day to quest for candy.
"Alright, now that we all have been acquainted and satisfied," Tre 'hmphed' at the comment, "can we please go and get more candy?!" Mike shouted.
"Yes! Now, the first house we'll go to will have to be that one across the street. An old lady there who gives tons of candy and even money." Nat said, locking her door and walking out onto the sidewalk.
"Alrighty then! Lets go!" Mike squealed.
The four adults ran over to the house and rang the doorbell about 50 times.
"I don't think her doorbell will be working for a few days..." Billie commented as he observed small sparks flicker around the small device.
Nat laughed. "Not our problem, is it?" she said.
Then the door opened up, but as soon as the old lady poked her head out of the door, Tre spun Nat to face him and kissed her, deeply.
Nat was too shocked to do anything, so she froze on the spot. The old woman's voice, though, snapped her out of her trance.
"Ladies, please...I don't appreciate that kind of behavior..." she said in that innocent voice old ladies seem to always have.
Nat pulled herself out of Tre's arms and jumped behind Mike. "Sorry ma'am..." She said in a small voice.
"Um...trick-or-treat?" Mike asked, awkwardly.
The old lady gave Tre and Nat a stern look before handing out four candy bars to each of them, and a few pennies.

"Tre, what the hell was that?!" Billie Joe snapped as they walked away from the house.
"One of my tricks! I told you I'd do a bit of tricking tonight!" Tre stated.
"Why the hell did you kiss her?! You fucker, she's freaked out now!" Billie scolded.
Tre looked back at Nat. When he saw her hiding behind Mike, he sighed. "Sorry Nat..." he apologized.
Nat looked over at Tre. "I-it's was pretty funny..." she mumbled.
Tre smiled. "Alright! Now, lets get a move on!" he exclaimed.
Mike nodded in agreement and pulled Billie Joe and Nat into a fast run for the next house.
Trick-or-treating ended quickly for the gang as word spread that a group of adults in their thirties were roaming around the neighborhood, pulling pranks on people; including two lesbians suddenly making out with out warning, a Dracula wanna-be threatening to drain people of their blood, and a surgeon offering to perform operations to show off his skill. And even though their parade ended early, laughter filled Nat's house as the four burst through the front door, recreating the scenes that they had made that night.
"Oh man, did you see the look of her face when I asked her if I could operate on her?! It was priceless!" Mike exclaimed as he plopped down on Nat's couch.
Tre wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes. "Dude...what a night..." he sighed.
"Yeah... I can't wait to tell Adrienne and the kids about this..." Billie commented.
Nat smiled. "Speaking of Adrienne and kids, don't you guys need to get home to your families?" she asked.
"I don't...Lisa and Claudia have the kids right now..." Tre said.
"Yeah, and Estelle's with Anastasia." Mike added,
"Well, I actually don't have an excuse, so I should get going." Billie laughed. Then he looked at his watch and whistled. "I REALLY have to get going" he added.
Nat smiled. "Well, it was nice spending Halloween with you guys." she said.
"Yeah well, it was great spending time with you. Such a good fan." Mike said. Then he, Tre, and Billie Joe walked towards the door.
"Maybe we can hang out sometime soon.” Tre said, winking at Nat.
Nat blushed. "Maybe." she mumbled. She followed them out of her house and waved to them as they walked back to where ever they came from. She was about to walk walk back inside when she was pulled into another deep kiss. This time she actually enjoyed it though. When she opened her eyes she saw Tre smiling down at her.
“Now we really have a reason to see each other soon.” He said before running to the car leaving Nat standing on her doorstep slowly starting to smile.
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