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Don't read if you hate randomness

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Well basically me and my friends played a funny story writing game ....... its really stupid and in no way were we trying to make fun of my chemical romance or the other celebrity guests

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Disclaimer* Ok , me and my friends (zoe &leah) were just messing about at school and decided to play a story game . This has never happened and probably never will . Anyways its just a bit of fun and its realy stupid . We weren't in anyway trying to make fun of MCR or any celebrity guests (except justin beiber) :)[//]

One chocolate dog licked itself because Gerard raped a draculoid . He danced sexily around a picture of Frank because love is rough . Frank ate Ray's afro and Mikey sucked a chicken leg . Bob died :( . After that Lyn-z saw Zoe video-ing Gerard and Franke golfing at roundhay park , using me + leah for intellegence . Both having CM punk introduce their jellytots . Tre cool had bacon but he hurt himself while Ray washed Justin's skirt . Poor Ray . Beiber died (Woo hoo!) happily during gay sex with taylor launter because the chocolate dog shagged a lampost . Anways Ginatre raped no one (except donlisha) but jeremy kyle ordered them to stop . Jeremy kyle pee'd heavily on Mikey's glasses and I got angry and killed him and let Mikey stay at mine . Mikey passionately danced in his sleep because of viagra . I captured him in a van and gave him a candybar . He and Jeffree star went to the make up store and Gerard bought Jamia . Which made Frank happy as he liked threesomes . But our teacher is coming over to us so we better stop writing this . The end .

P.s. Th world had a million person sex party just like Billie joe armstrong had predicted . Mike got pregnant and never found the mother .

[*So yeah .... that's the end . This is the shizz that my crazy (but loveable) friends and I come up with . I didn't write any of the dirty stuff ! I promise ! TWAS LEAH ! Ahhh readers your minds will never be the same again because of this . Poor bitches.
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