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Chapter 2

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Jo rescues Gerard.

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hahahaha. I suck at story writing, but its gunna be stuck in my head unless i get it out. Sorreh :P

Gerards Point of View:
I wandered aimlessly amongst the wreckage of a once glorious city. Blackened shells of sky scrapers reached out to the sky, seeming to claw at the cloudless sky. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Hunched figures surrounded me, crawling out the wreckage towards me. They were all hauntingly beautiful, but their eyes were hungry. One of them straightened. She reached out towards me, slender fingers beckoning me forwards. 'Come. Join me, live a better life. You could be so much better than this.' I shook my head. The skyscrapers began to burn, and I could feel myself shaking. Instead of intense heat, I felt freezing cold.
My eyelids fluttered open, taking in my surroundings. 'oh thank god you're awake!' I glanced up at the person who had spoken. She was wearing a biege beanie hat which had pompom ears. Cute. But her eyes. They were quite possibly the biggest eyes I've ever seen. They widened with concern, and were an odd grey colour. But it made them even more fascinating. The snow swirling down seemed to get heavier, and for a moment, I could've sworn the girl had a halo. 'How're you feeling?' she asked, snapping me out of my observations. I took a deep breath, causing a sharp pain in my chest. My whole body was absolutlely freezing, like the flame inside me had been put out.
'I know this sounds weird, but do you want to come back to my house and warm up? I think you've got hypothermia. And I know you're not from round here' I nod, because I suddenly feel so zapped of energy. A cold, pinky brown nose appears in my vision, and snuffles my face, when I turn, I am looking into the eyes of a giant shaggy white dog. The girl had been watching me with concerned eyes. 'Here' Pulling off her hat, gloves, and scarf, she hands them over to me 'I know they aren't great, but they'll stop you getting colder.' As I gratefully pull them on, she turns and whistles, and another dog bounds over. Once both dogs are on their leads, she turns to me. 'You ready?' Again, I nod. Why am I unable to speak!? She walks over and and puts an arm under my shoulder, helping me upright and supporting me there.
We had shuffled out the entrance when she spoke again. 'My name's Joanna, but you can call me Jo. Don't freak out, but I know you're Gerard Way. But don't worry, I won't go all pyscho fan on you.' She chuckled. I peeked at her out of the corner of my eyes, she had shoulder length brown hair, with what appeared to be purple on the underneath layers. Freckles were spattered across her cheeks, which were pink with the cold. 'If you don't mind me asking, how the hell did you end up here!?' I looked down, painful memories came flooding back and swirled round my mind, threatening to drag me down again. Arguments. Screaming. Crying. Running Away. Why was I such a coward?
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