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Flower Of Flesh And Blood

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A Dunmer Thirsts For Revenge.

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So, this is what I got so far.. i would have written more, but it's getting really late. Im definately going to start chapter two very soon, so don't get discouraged by the length(or lack of) of this chapter:) Enjoy. Oh! and reviews are very helpful:)

I wake up in the imperial prison. I don't remember exactly how I got there. I try to get myself up, but I feel weak. I haven’t had a sip of Skooma in so long. I manage to sit up, dusting my arms off, exposing my pale blue skin. Yes, I’m a Dunmer, but not from Morrowind. I was born in Cyrodiil, in Skingrad. My family was very wealthy. My father was a well-known blacksmith that made the finest glass armor and weapons in all of Tamriel. He’s dead now. After my mother died he decided to join the Arena. He was already too old to fight, but Owyn let him anyway. He didn’t even last a minute against that Altmer. So, I was left with all the Rosethorn’s earnings; Unfortunately, the gold only lasted a few months. Since my dad pasted away, I no longer knew what to do with myself. I had no friends, or family left. After I lost my home in Skingrad, I moved south to the city of Bravil hoping for a new start. There, I met the wrong people. I ended up living in a Skooma den. There were two Khajiit, a Nord, and a beautiful female Breton. Her name was Roxanne Brigette. She fancied me from the start, and I just as equally. We would spend every second together, drinking Skooma, until one day, she was assassinated. For some odd reason, I don’t think it was the Dark Brotherhood, for they were dressed in red robes. That night I went looking for these assassins, and instead I got into a brawl with a Bravil guard. Now, I’m in here.

I don’t understand why they took me to the Imperial Prison, versus just taking me to the Bravil jail. Maybe fate has brought me here? No, that’s silly. Fate hasn’t been nice to me lately. I don’t even really think it exists anymore. My life just sucks. I will be a Skooma addict low-life for the rest of my miserable existence.

I finally get up and dust the rest of myself off. I walk over to the rusting cell bars and look down at the broken lock pick I was able to sneak in. Obviously, it was a failed attempt at freedom. Across the narrow hallway I see another Dunmer. He’s obviously been here quite some time.

A guard comes up to him and they start talking. I decide to ignore it before I hear “Valen Dreth! VALEN DRETH!” I quickly turn around to see the guard laughing almost to tears as he leaves the dungeon. I decide to walk up to the iron bars again. We make eye contact, and he smiles.

“Hey, there! You! Kinsman! I haven't seen another Dunmer in here in I don't know how long. Where you from, huh? Vvardenfell? You got a wife back home? Tell you what. I'm getting out of here in a couple of weeks. When I get back to Morrowind I'll look her up. She must be so lonely. Don't you worry, eh? I'll take care of her long after you're dead. Oh, that's right. You're going to die in here!” Then he goes on laughing hysterically. Before I can make a come-back I hear the guards come down, followed by the emperor! They say something about how he’s in danger. Danger… from what? Assassins? Possibly the ones who killed my dear Roxanne?

“Baurus, lock tha-” she pauses and looks at me, “who the fuck is this? No one is supposed to be in here!” Captain Renault exclaims.

“Sorry, uh, usual mix up at the watch.” Baurus explains.

“I’m sorry, what? Just.. Just fuck it. We need to get the emperor out of here. Prisoner, get away fro-”

“Prisoner,” Glenroy interjects, “Stand by the window. Stay away and you won’t get hurt.” Renault looks at the Redguard angrily, and I back away. I stand by the poor excuse for a window with my hands behind my back. The cell door opens and they come in, Renault first. She presses on a stone in the wall, and it moves. The wall slides down, and I stand there in amazement. As they pass me, the emperor stops, and looks at me. He walks close to me. About three inches away from my face.

“You… you are the one from my dreams…” That’s kind of creepy… “Then, the stars were right…”

“Wait,” I interrupt, “what are you talking about?”

“Come on sire. We must not wait any longer.” Baurus says. The emperor walks behind Renault and as Glenroy passes he looks at me intensely.

“I guess today is your lucky day, kid. Just stay out of our way.” I look back to Valen Dreth, who has his jaw on the floor.

“You fuck.” I hear him mumble to himself. I smile and walk closely behind Glenroy. I try my hardest not to ’get in the way’, until familiar men dressed in red armor appear from nowhere and conjure deadric weapons. I jump behind Glenroy and cover my face with my smurf-like hands. I decide to remove them at the wrong time. One of them takes their dagger and injects it right into the back of Renault’s skull. Baurus quickly stabs him in the back, and the armor disappears. All that’s left is him in a red robe. It was them!

Like i promised, chapter two sooooon!:D

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