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Frank's P.O.V
Jackie came into her blood red basement room a few minutes later. Gerard was examining all the drawings and posters stuck on the walls, I was looking through her DVD's and CD's and Ray was jamming away on her unamplified fender guitar. She looked at us and laughed before stripping off her jeans and t-shirts and jumping onto the double bed which was pressed up against the back wall.
"Rayyyyy." She whined opening her arms as he dived in and gave her a bear hug. She looked at me and Gerarrd and smirked.
"Oooooh, time to get you to a bed, me thinks!" She stood up and dragged another double matress from underneath the bed before plonking it beside her bed.
"Get into bed then!" Ray was obviously enjoying this. I stripped down to my boxers as did Gerard and we climbed under the covers. I started to feel butterflies flying around in my stomach. Oh God, I've got it bad. So I decided to try making conversation.
"Uhmmm, so your into some pretty cool music then Jackie?"
"Yeah, pretty much the same as you guys from what I can gather."
Ray rolled over and wrapped his arms around her waist, snoring lightly. She smiled at this and then winked at me and Gee. "Night night boys, sleep well." She whispered before shutting the light out and starting to snore lightly herself.
As soon as my head hit the pillow I was wide awake, the tension building up inside me. What if I did something like hug Gee in my sleep? Or say something stupid? And why have I started calling him Gee?? My train of thought was interrupted by Gerard sitting upright.
"Frankie, you awake?" He called me Frankie...
"Yeah, you?" I asked, realizing what I had said and mentally thrashing myself.
"Obviously, I don't talk in my sleep." We were still whispering. "Uhmmm, I know we've only been friends for a day, but you wouldn't be really mad at me if I told you something really big would you? I mean, friends aren't exactly something I have a lot of." he chuckled lightly.
"No, Gee. I would never be mad at you. What did you want to tell me?" I asked, my heart beating faster and my stomach clenching in uncomfortable knots.
"Well, uhmmm, I. God why am I saying this? You won't feel the same." He ran his hand through his hair- probably what he did when he was stressing out.
"Feel the same 'bout what Gee?" I was starting to feel rather nervous now.
"I errrm. Frankie, I-I'm gay. And I really like you, please don't be mad." His voice was really quiet.
"Why would I be mad at you Gerard? I really like you too. I don't know how Jackie does it, but she's right. And I really like you too." I admitted it all thinking 'what the hell, i don't care, if he was playing a sick practical joke I could just laugh it out and cry later'.
"S-so is this o-okay then?" He leaned forward, giving me the softest, sweetest and most loving kiss I could ever have dreamed of. The butterflies had dissapeared and in their place was a very cheesy, very warm loved up feeling.
"That's absolutely fine Gee." I was on cloud 15 and loving it. He pulled me down and hugged me under the covers. "So are we like, erm, together then?" I asked.
"Only if you want us to be." Gee said in his sing song angelic voice.
"Obviously I do."
"Well then, your my boyfriend." That sentence sent me rocketing further up into my own private heaven. Gee stroked my hair gently until I fell asleep. He murmered "I love you Frankie" and I replied with a simple "Love you too Gee." Before falling into a hefty slumber.

We were woken up by Jackie belly flopping on us and screaming "Morning love birds!" Me and Gee jumped apart and she said "I know what you talked about last night and I'm not stupid, we'll accept you so it's time to tell them!" Her face was alight with a scary excitement and she was actually fully dressed with Siouxsie Sioux eyeliner on. Her hair was blue. And very short. Blue. Oh well, half my head is red and shaved with a black mowhawk through the middle! I took in Ray's appearence too. He had tartan bondage zippy trousers on and a Neon yellow T-shirt with 'Take your ex out tonight- one bullet should be enough' written in blood like lettering across the chest. Nice. Obviously one of his new outfits as supplied by the psyco- maniac known as Jackie.
"Ugh, clothes?" I asked. She pointed to a box at the end of the matress. Scarily, they all fit. Same situation for Gee, Mikey and Bob as it seems when we went up to the kitchen.
Coffee was on the go and everyone was munching on pop tarts. Green Day was being blasted through the speakers. AWESOME!
"Morning all!" Hollie said as she finished her pop tarts and dumped the dish in the sink.
"Frank and the Gerard have something to tell you!" Jackie screamed with a scary grin on her face. Me and Gerard flushed red and Ray sat there with a knowing look on his face and a Jackie in his lap.
"Uhmmm. Me and Frank are sort of together." Gerard said in a mousy voice while lacing his fingers with mine. I grinned nervously and everyone started cheering and whooping! They were happy for us!
" Oh guys that's awesome!" Bob said and Cheyenne nodded in agreement "Yeah, I'm happy for you." These comments were followed by 'it's about times' and 'awww everyone's loved up, life's good'. A haze of happiness washed over me as me and Gee sat down with the others at the table. Gerard and Jackie didn't eat any breakfast but chugged 3 cups of coffee, straight black.
People were laughing and chatting happilly until Jackie's phone rang. She anwsered and all the blood drained from her face making her paler than usual as she started shaking...
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