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Never liked you anyway.

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Everyone finds out about Gerard. They're all pretty freaked out. Expect Gerard's mom of course. (Slight back tracking.)

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Okay. This is going to be not chronological, but in order of point of views. So it's going to go back and forth a bit.
If it doesn't make sense, feel free to tell me, 'kay? Or even if you have questions. I'd love to answer them, as long as they don't give way plot details.

~The night before~
He was lying on his bed listening to all his favorite voices blasted through his ears and fill his brain. 
His mom ran into his room. He raised his eyebrows at her. 
"Frank, you gotta see this." she said. Scooping him up into his wheelchair, remote in hand. 
She moved him in front of their flatscreen and stabbed at the play button.
A woman in a red trench coat with wavy flowing blonde hair stood him front of a decrypt looking local courthouse. 
"I stand here at Newark Courthouse. Awaiting the trial results of Bellview High Special Education teacher, Gerard Way. He is the supsect of the brutal murder of ex-girlfriend Christie, her two children, and best friend. 
We'll get back to you at eleven with his trial results." and with that they cut back to the local news. 
Frank sat there for three more hours waiting for the late night news. 
"Gerard Way, 22 year old local Special Education teacher, has just been released from Newark Courthouse and will be moved jails, awaiting a second trial. If he is found guilty he could be sentenced to life on Death Row."
Frank stared at the tv, willing the news anchor's word to be lies. Filth that slipped from her tongue.
Gerard could not die. He knew what he had to do. 
Frank had to be at the second trial. He didn't care what it took, he was going to help Gerard. Like Gerard had been helping him. 

It was Sunday and Mikey still had seen no sign of Gerard in two days. Which had to be a record for him. 
He wandered around the house, something he found he did when he was bored. He wandered upstairs, through the rooms, back down, and into the kitchen. 
Where he saw his mother sitting at the bar top leaned over a half done newspaper crossword.
Donna Way always seemed to possess a some what childlike air about her. She and Gerard were a bit alike, and much more then either would ever admit. 
Mikey grabbed the carton of orange juice from the fridge and straight drank from it. Setting it down he turned to his mama.
"You seen Gerard?" he asked, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.
"Yeah. Cops hauled him away." she said casually, like it was an unimportant trivial matter. 
"What?!" he spat.
"Yeah something about a murder." she shrugged. 
"Wait! Gerard's in jail and you're just fuckin' doing a crossword?" he screamed. All this bottled up anger at their neglectful mother came pouring out of him, spewing from his lips.
"Lookie. I drew a monkey." Mama Donna said pointing to the margins, were there was a cartoon monkey scratching his head.
Mikey slapped the paper out of her hand. 
"Where. Is. He?" Mikey seethed. 
"Newark Jail." she whispered, afraid of this new side she had never seen of Mikey.
He grabbed the family cars keys off the counter top. He turned to her and said, "You know, I never liked you anyway." And he breezed out the door, long jacket billowing out behind him.
He had no idea where he was going, or how he was going to get there.
But he'd figure it out.
And he sure as fuck wasn't turning back.

Lindsey sat on her couch with her feet curly up underneath her, petting her cat Benji. He was the mangiest looking cat ever. Patched fur, a permeant frown etched in his features, and a missing eye. He wasn't the nicest cat ever. He'd attacked Gee on serval occasions.
She was flipping through channels so fast the tv could hardly keep up. The dinky apparent was silent except for the patter of rain. As a child Lindsey used to wonder why the sky cried. What made it so sad?
The comfortable silence was broken by the annoying trill of her cell phone. 
Checking the caller ID. Mostly she ignored it, there were few people she wanted to talk to. Especially her parents. Lovely how they pretended to give a shit. 
It was Mikey. Should Lindsey answer? She decided to, honestly if it wasn't important, he wouldn't call. 
They had been friends. On and off, but mostly because of Gerard.
Answering the phone, she received muffled sounds, shifting paper, and soft muttered cursing.
"What's up?" Lindsey prodded him, hoping everything was okay. 
"I need directions to Newark Jail."
She didn't even ask, you learn not to eventually. 
She pulled out her laptop and clacked away, then reciting the directions back to Mikey.
"Gerard's in jail." he told her.
"Shit! What did that crazy mother fucker do now?" She asked, remembering Senior year when the police had held Gerard on charges of a bomb threat. 
"Murder. I don't really know. That's all Ma told tell me. I'm going to go talk to him." Mikey sighed, exhausted already. 
"Be careful, Mikes. Tell him I said to be safe." Lindsey said softly, as if speaking to loud might break her.

She sat there on the couch, not moving. Her eyes transfixed to the plastic screen in front of her. Hoping that the news would know something about Gerard. Still nothing, but then again the evening news wasn't for a while. 
She was nervous, Mikey still hadn't called her. Did he make it there okay? Was he still there? 
But the worst questions that always stayed at the fringe of Lindsey's brain were the ones of Gerard's crime, and whether he was innocent. 
Lindsey tried not to freak out. So her mundane distraction was to search the web for rad baby names.
That would only work for so long.
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