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Sweet Love O' Mine

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A hot night with our favourite singer

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My heart thudded against my ribcage as he held my face and brushed his lips against mine. I had admired him for weeks from afar, but I never dreamed I would be lucky enough to actually be with him. He smiled softly at me as he pulled away, his thumbs stroking my cheeks. I had my hands on his hips and was trying my hardest to keep my breathing steady. Sure I had had sex before, but this was different. He was different.
We were still at the Troubadour but I knew what was coming, his house was a block away and any minute now, he would sneak us off. His auburn hair fell carelessly over his eyes, his beautiful, green eyes. I leant up to kiss him again and he chuckled “Greedy?” he teased. I grinned as an answer and his tongue entered my mouth, he kissed me gently at first, then more passionately with a hint of ferocity, always leaving me wanting more. Heat coursed through my body and I pressed myself tighter to him, he moaned quietly in approval and put his hand on my lower back pushing me into him further. I broke the kiss this time panting a little.
“Can we go?” I asked curling my fingers through his hair
His hand caressed my back under my shirt and he gazed at me for a moment “Thought you’d never ask” he murmured
He glanced around the room before taking my hand and leading me out the door. We walked to his house in a comfortable silence, I looked up at him and he winked at me, starting an eruption of butterflies in my stomach. When we arrived the house was dark, he unlocked the door easily and led me inside not bothering to turn on any lights. I was positive he could hear my heart beating, it sounded like an army drum to me, but he never said anything about it. I could make out the silhouette of his face from the light coming through the window.
“Don’t be shy” he said, breaking the silence. I followed his order and took his shirt off, pushing him onto the bed behind him. He pulled me down with him and rolled on top of me kissing me passionately and rubbing my breasts before taking both my top and bra off. I clung to him kissing him and rubbing myself against him. I slid my hands down his firm torso and undid his leather pants and pulled them down, our breathing was getting heavier and I let out a small moan as he tore my pants off me. He repositioned himself on top of me and began kissing my neck, sliding one hand down my body and between my legs, rubbing my clitoris. I moaned and bucked my hips into him.
“Do you want more?” He asked to my neck
“Please” I said breathlessly. He moved his mouth back to my lips and talked as he kissed me “How bad do you want it?”
I stroked his hard penis as an answer. I felt him smile against my lips and move his hand from inside me to place it under my back. I put my hands on his back as he pushed into me. My back arched and I stopped breathing for a moment from sheer pleasure. He fit inside me perfectly and his movements were perfect aswel, I moaned louder and dug my nails into his back he moved faster and pushed himself deeper. “Axl....more” I managed to say. His breathing was harder and much faster he licked my neck and then kissed me. I wrapped my legs around his back, urging him deeper.
We rolled in the sheets for hours until we were both exhausted. Panting with a sheen of sweat over both our faces we lay on our sides staring at each other.
“How was that?” He asked me grinning
I was speechless. It had been the best sex of my life. The best night of my life “Axl, that...” I shook my head unable to find words. “Wow” I panted
He grinned and held my hand kissing my knuckles. My eyelids got heavier and heavier and I curled up against his chest. He stroked my hair affectionately and I drifted off to sleep. “Sweet love O’ mine” Was the last thing I heard him say before sleep totally engulfed me.
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