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Moira Cries

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Moira is not as hard as she makes out to be. One surprising night, she finds out she's not the only one who isn't what she seems. One-shot, mild femslash.

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A/N: These toys belong to Enid Blyton, I just like playing with them :)

Moira Linton hasn't always been this hard, unloving creature she now makes out to be. When she was a child, she was full of feelings and joy, and her eyes were full of laughter, whereas now they are hard and cold. She is surprised her own sister doesn't remember how she was before. She hasn't always been a dictator like the other girls claim her to be.

Because Moira does have feelings, just like everybody else. No, not like everybody else. More than everybody else, because no one else has been through what she has been through. She listens to them in the common room, and smiles inwardly at them talking about their "problems". Moira wonders how they would cope being in her place, when they think such insignificant things in their everyday life are so terrible and dramatic.

They all see her and think she's nothing but a hard dictator, an unfeeling shell with nothing inside it at all.

But they don't know.

In a way, she is glad that she's been through all that she has. It's made her strong. But sometimes, she wishes she wasn't strong. And sometimes, she isn't.

Because sometimes, especially near end of term, Moira cries. No one hears her crying at night, stuffing her sheets inside her mouth to stop herself from crying out loud, calling for help. Because at night, she remembers. She remembers being nine years old, she remembers when her mother's cheeks turned pale and her chest stopped rasing and falling, she remembers her father becoming the abusive monster he is now...and, not being able to help herself, tears start streaming down her face. She has always cried alone, with no comfort, until now.

She feels something slipping into her bed, something warm and with so gentle as they wrap around her waist she thinks they must belong to Catherine or Mary-Lou. It isn't until she hears that somebody whisper words of comfort into her ear she realizes who it actually is.

At first Moira is confused. It's extremely ilogical, not to mention uncharacteristic, for this particular girl to offer comfort. After all, isn't this the same girl that scorns and despises anyone who sheds any tear, no matter how slight it may be? But then she realizes. Like Moira, people aren't always what they seem, and this person is definitely what she doesn't seem.

So now, each night, Moira cries, but not alone. She cries with someone else, somebody who holds her tightly through the tear-filled nights, someone who kisses her tears away so tenderly Moira can't believe it's the same person who usually has no sympathy foranyone in the slgihtest distress.

Nobody is what they seem to be.

Alicia Johns is no exception.


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