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That Jackie kid is seriously weird. I mean, she's pretty cool and a good friend as far as I can tell, but definatley and oddball. Her sisters are very cool though, I'm head over heels for Cheyenne, her twin (they really don't look alike) and Mikey's obviously found his one and only in Hollie- his first gilfriend too, how cute! But yeah, Jackie's odd, she's 16 and drinking 1st thing in the morning, I mean, Gerard didn't even do that man! Not even when he got his life taken over by pills and the sweet poison called lager. But, hey ho, life's sweet and it's all gravy from here on out!

Frank's P.O.V
Bob had spaced out and was busy staring at something that wasn't there. I suggested going to the arena and we had all agreed apart from Bob, who was still sitting in the clouds with his fairy buddies. So Cheyenne leaned forward and clicked her fingers in front of his face. "Aaaand, your back!" She said, pulling Bob from his daydream.
"Wha?" His face was a look of sheer confuddlement as we all burst out laughing- I had to hold onto Gee to stop myself falling off my chair!
"Jeez, stop laughing and HURRY UP GUYS!" Jackie screamed, she was wearing her black and red vertical stripe skinnies, neon yellow sex pistols t-shirt and a green battered canvas jacket with various pins and badges on it and of course, the battered black doc martens. She was ready to go already! God, she only just opened that tin and it's gone. ALREADY. Psycopathic piss head that she is.
Ray pulled on his battered leather jacket and bright red converse and joined her at the door. We all looked at each other for about five seconds before the rush to get out of the door began, no one had brushed their hair properly, but most of us still had make up on from yesterday and our clothes didn't smell too bad.
"You know we were gonna go to the arena?" Mikey asked.
"Uh, yeah." Gerard replied
"How about we go to ours, introduce Mom and Dad to our new friends?"
"Sure, sounds great." Gerard replied as we turned the corner to the direction of the Way's house.
"Ooooh, we should do the rounds!" Hollie suggested
"Huh?" was our general reply
"You know, go round everyone's folks and introduce ourselves like?" There were mumbles of agreement as we entered the Way's house. An unexpected wave of nerves washed through me. What is they didn't like me? What if they don't like the girls? Do they know Gee's gay? Are they homophobes?

We walked through the door and Gerard shouted to our Mom Donna, our Dad had died a few years back, but what can you do? Mom came into the hall from the kitchen, she was clearly shocked to see 8 of us as there were usually only five.
"Oh, hi. I'm Gerard and Mikey's Mom, call me Donna." She smiled warmly at our friends and Gee laced his finger's through Frank's. This made Mum smile wider and she pulled the two in for a huge hug "Awww, I'm so happy for you GeeBear!" She squealed, and then pulled away tho examine me, I had my arm locked around Hollie and my Mother's grin got wider (which I didn't believe possible, but it obviously was). The girls introduced themselves and so did Frank, it was nice to know Gerard was accepted, I think she always got the hint that he was gay anyway. He never asked any girls out and turned down everyone who asked him, so it was kinda obvious.
"I've just finished making brownies, want some?" My Mom asked as we followed her into the kitchen, the guys knew how good my Mom's baking was, it was not to be turned down. Everyone took a handful, but not Jackie. "Don't you want any, Jackie?" My mom asked.
"Sorry, I'm just not hungry right now." she replied
"Eat, bitch!" Ray shouted grabbing one and shoving it into her mouth and basically forcing her to chew and swallow. She complied and then grinned.
"Wow, Donna. You're and amazing cook!" No one ever called Mom by her first name, the guys called her Mom, cos she basically was. We'd been best friends all our life.
"Sweet!" I never thought I'd hear my MOM say that. "So, Cheyenne and Bob, Mikey and Hollie, Ray and Jackie and Gerard and Frank. All the boys loved up. Not natural!" She practically squealed, I didn't think she'd react this way to me and Gee having our first friends in a long time and actually having a relationship. "Right, I'm going to watch Corrie." She said as she threw off the apron and then bounded into the living room.

"My house now! Then Bob's, then Frank's." I said as we hopped off the kitchen stools and out of the door, shouting goodbyes to Gerard and Mikey's mom as we left. We were there in a couple of minutes as we all lived relatively close together, thank God! We walked through the door and my parents were playing guitars in the lounge. "Hey." I said as they smiled and greeted us as we sat down and they hung the guitars back up on the wall.
"Heyy, I'm Jackie, Ray's girlfriend." She smiled as she shook my parents hands. "Me and my sisters moved here Friday."
"'Sup, I'm Hollie."
" Hi, I'm Cheyenne."
" And I'm Frank, I've just moved too, but I'm not related to the girls." Frank smiled as my parents shook the newcomers hands.
"Yeah, so we just popped in to say hi." I said
"Oh, okay son. Glad to see your making friends," He looked Jackie up and down as she smirked "I like the girlfriend, she play guitar?" My Dad asked.
"Yeah, actually, I'm pretty shitty at it though. Apparently I can sing, but I don't believe them." She grinned as my parents nodded. Uh oh. Awkward silence. "Lovely to meet you, Mr and Mrs Toro!" She hugged my parents tight and bounded out the door. We stood for a moment before joining he in the yard. "That went rather well!" She was very happy and wrapped her arms around me as she smiled. "I think I like New Jersey. It's not as bad as I thought it'd be."
"Yeah, you get used to it." Bob smirked as we walked the five doors down to his house. Bob's parents weren't in, he forgot that they were out on buisnes so we made our way to Frank's house.
About a street away from our destination Frank let go of Gerard's hand and shot him a pleading look, he simply nodded.

I was very nervous, everyone knew it too, so they kept on reassuring me right up until we reached the door and I let us in.
"Frank, is that you?" My Father called from the living room.
"Yeah." I walked into the living room flanked by my friends. "These are my new friends, Gerard, Ray, Mikey, Bob, Hollie, Cheyenne and Jackie." I said pointing to each of them in turn. "Oh, it's lovely you've made some friends and well done for being back in time to go to church." My mother replied. I was blushing wildly, damn it. I'd have to confess, I could keep it to myself though. Then it would just be my dirty little secret. Privacy was not something respected in my church and the last thing I needed was for my parents to find out about Gee.
"Oh, uh. We'll see you later then Frank." Gee said
"Yeah, sure. See you guys tommorrow." I replied
"We're walking you to school Frank, Okay? Good. Laters! Jackie shouted, walking out the door with the rest and leaving me to face the church with my family. Now, how to explain the new t-shirt, it would be easier if it didn't have 'I think you may be mistaking me for someone who actually GIVES A SHIT' on the back and 'homophobia is gay' on the front. Oh dear...
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