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Apple Scruffs

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Julia Lockheart lived with her best mates until she found a way to communicate with her past life, John Lennon, and goes back to the swinging sixties with The Beatles.

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I barely managed to open the door to my apartment one day, for I was carrying an instrument. I saw what I expected to see: my bandmates (emphasis on mates) sitting around the telly. On the chair was Jojo Manson, our lead guitarist. Jojo's a quiet guy of twenty with short brown hair and light green eyes. He's the voice of reason among the gang; almost a parental figure. He is good at any form of guitar and is very spiritual. Lately he has been interested in Indian culture. His calm disposition contrasts with the wild chords that he plays.

Next to him was a happy looking young man playing video games. Jason Sullivan, the drummer, is Jojo's foil. While Jojo is patient and calm, Jason is impatient and outrageous. He's the groups funny-man and is very hyper; taking it out on the drums. Jason claims to be related to some dead big-shot American drummer but he's never taken seriously. He's nineteen years old with blue eyes and blond hair (the only blondie in the band).

"Jeremiah, your girlfriends here," Jason said, not looking at the new instrument I had. Jeremy, who was sitting beside him, whacked him with the newspaper he was reading.

"Shut up, 'ya nut." Jeremiah 'Jeremy' MacDonald said. Me and the black haired twenty one year old bassist write the songs that our band preforms. Jeremy, like Jojo, is a level-headed kid but Jeremy has a bit more of a cocky side to him. He and Jason were the ones who made the bands name. Jason wanted the band to be called 'The Irresistible Love Bugs' while Jeremy wanted, 'The Silver-tongued Players' after he read too much Philip Pullman. They compromised with 'The Silver Love Bugs.' "Hey Jojo; Walrus has a guitar."

I loathe the nickname Jeremy made for me. He got it from my name. Julia Walrus Lockheart. My parents were really into Lewis Carol and decided to name me after a character in one of his poems. My parents died three years ago when I was seventeen. Afterwords I lived with Jeremy and when he moved out I moved with him. Calling me Walrus is his way of getting back for any cocky remark I made. I'm full of them.

"Oh hey a sitar!' Jojo said when I passed it to him. He strummed it with a pick he always kept in his jeans pocket. "Isn't it good, Norwegian Wood," he sang. "Where did you get it?"

"The music shop downtown was closing; everything was dirt cheep. It was already cheep to begin with."

"A cheep sitar. Well don't I feel like George Harrison."

"Oh really little Jojo? Yeh think yeh c'n be like ol' Georgie Harrison?" Jason said, impersonating Jojo's idol.

"Knock it off."

"Don't be so violent Jojo!" Jason said. This gave all of us a little giggle. Jojo hardly stood up for himself among his peers so when he said so much as a 'knock it off' we all acted like he was being violent.

"Okay. Who wants to actually do something related to work?" Jeremy asked.

"No one ever does around here Macca," I said. Jeremy rolled his eyes.

"Yeah; I should know that by know, eh?"
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