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At Last

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Ryan and Jace's start to an enjoyable night. (m/m)

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Ryan and Jace sat there on the couch in silence. Their faces were plastered with pure excitement as they waited to see the trailer for the sequel of their all time favorite movie. The title came up, and all they managed to notice was the shitty special effects. 
"...what the fuck was that...?" Ryan managed to utter. He was slightly raged that the new director had completely screwed up his favorite movie. Jace turned to see Ryan at the end of the couch, staring at the tv screen with his eyebrows furred together. He laughed to himself and silently pushed himself over to the taller, well-built man. 

Jace, a 17 year old boy, with a more feminine side, had always had a crush on Ryan. Ryan was 19, relatively muscular. Definitely not the most defined, but he had some abs. His luscious dark brown hair slung around his left, vibrant green eye. He dressed just like Jace. Skinny jeans, band t-shirts, skate shoes, the works. Ryan, on the other hand, had dyed black hair that fell right above his eyes, slightly lower on the left side, completely covering one of his piercing blue eyes. Jace had only recently gotten to know Ryan, yet he was deeply in love with him. Jace often went to visit Ryan's college dorm. He'd skip school just to talk to Ryan for hours upon hours. 
Tonight, Jace was hoping to get all his fantasies fulfilled. He was positive that Ryan had feelings for him after their most recent discussion.  

Ryan became aware of the boy making his way over to him. He knew exactly what Jace wanted, and what he was doing. Ryan turned to face Jace and looked at his lustful expression. They leaned toward each other in unison, allowing their lips to touch. Softly at first, then faster, and harder. Jace licked Ryan's lips and was granted access. Their tongues danced together as Jace draped his arms around Ryan's shoulders. Jace found himself pulled into the lap of his friend, and being deeply kissed. He snaked his hands up and around Ryan's abs, and up to his pecks. Ryan moaned and his nipples were toyed with by the darker boys exploring hands. He began to take off Jace's shirt as his own was skillfully removed. The half naked bodies clashed together in a battle of lust and love. Their hands trailed along each other, exploring blissfully. 

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