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It doesn't hurt, though

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Danger lurks in the brightest places and in your mind, darkness waits to take command of your heart

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Gerard's Point of view

The movie had just gotten out. Mikey, Emily, Frankie and I had laughed through the whole thing. It had looked so fake. And there was a girl behind us who would scream every time somebody got stabbed.

We stumbled into the lobby, still laughing. The girl who was behind us came out a moment later, her face pale, clinging her date's arm. Her expression made us laugh even harder. Once we had been able to breath, we left the theater and started walking to IHop.

“That had to be the dumbest movie I've ever seen!” Emily complained. Frankie laughed. “Yeah! It's nothing like that when you actually kill somebody! It was so FAKE!” he yelled loudly, laughing again.

“They don't gush blood! Oh my god that was so stupid!” Mikey and I had gotten used to our killer soulmates and we could easily talk about killing and dead bodies. It was natural to us now.

We laughed as we walked. About a mile or so from IHop, Frankie and Emily froze. Mikey and I stopped with them. I was nervous, and Mikey looked worried.

“What?” I whispered to Frankie. He shook his head and slipped his hand out of mine. Emily looked ready for a fight as well, stepping back from Mikey.

Then it hit me. There was a deep thud as the blade flew into my chest, just under my shoulder blade. I fell back, landing on the ground.

I could feel the warmth spreading in my shoulder, but it didn't hurt. “Gee!” Frankie yelled, dropping to the ground next to me. I barely saw Mikey drop down on my other side.

There were dots dancing around in my eyes, getting bigger. Then everything went black.

Frank's Point of view

I saw the blade in Gee's chest as he had fallen, but I didn't focus on it though. All my focus was on his face. It looked shocked and faintly worried. “Gee!” the shout was choked from my throat. I dropped down next to him.

Mikey did the same, his eyes huge. I took Gee into my arms and shook him lightly, tears running down my face. “Gee! GEE!” I touched his neck.

Part of my mind was running through what would happen if he was dead. I would kill whoever had done it and make Emily kill me. I wouldn't live without him, it wouldn't even be living.

The other part was begging, praying for him to have a pulse. It was yelling in my head up to heaven. PLEASE! PLEASE LET HIM BE OKAY!!!!!!!!

I stared at his shocked face; eyes closed, lips pale as usual and nearly didn't feel the little thump of his pulse under my shaky fingers. A sob torn from my chest when I felt the beautiful feeling of him being alive.

Then I turned my attention to the dagger sticking out of his chest. I looked at Mikey, who was staring at his brother with glassy eyes. “Mikey,” I whispered. He looked at me and his face blanched terribly.

Emily was moving, dodging daggers that were still flying in the air, to high to hit Mikey or Gee on the ground. From the corner of my eye, I saw her catch one and throw it back. From the distance, there was a shriek and a thud.

“Mikey, he's okay! But he's loosing to much blood. We need to get that out of him and wrap him up. Can you help me?” I said it quickly. His whole frame was trembling but he nodded.

I handed Gee to him. “Keep him as still as you can, okay?” Mikey swallowed and grasped Gee's top half, around his shoulders. He nodded and I took the base of the dagger in my hand.

“On three. One.......Two.....Three!” I pulled the blade out of Gee's chest and he gasped. His eyes opened fractionally and he looked at me. “Frankie?” he mumbled, the word mushing together to sound like 'Froggy'.

He could have called me dickwad, for all I cared. I was so relived to hear his voice. A surge of heat battered around in my heart and I took him from Mikey, holding him close. He gasped loudly, and I remembered what had just happened.

I set him back gently and tore a long piece of cloth from his bloodied Iron-Maiden shirt. Trying to not hurt him any more, I wrapped his shoulder slowly.

He gasped as I tightened it. “Just do it fast please. I'm about to pass out again anyway.” he muttered. I nodded. Working quickly but still trying to be gentle, I had his whole shoulder wrapped in minutes.

As he had promised, Gee was out again in Mikey's lap. When I was done, I took my jacket off and put it over him. Mikey nodded when I had told him to lay on the ground next to Gee.

I stood up, joining Emily. A dagger flew my direction. I stepped to the side and snatched it with my left hand reflexively. Aiming in the direction it had come from, I sent it back, getting a nice scream from whoever had thrown it.

Emily and I were advancing on th bushes. As we got closer, the daggers came quicker, aiming for our heads and chests. And we got faster, spinning and catching and dancing across the open space.

Finally, we got to the bushes and dove in. Emily caught two, killing them quickly. I got three, knocking them to the ground.

One's neck snapped on impact and he went limp. I dropped him to the ground and got better grips on the other two.

My legs were around one's throat and he was choking. My hands were closed around the other's throat. I twisted my legs quickly, killing the one who was trapped.

The one in my hands was the one who had hit Gee. The marks on his mask were the same as the ones on the dagger. He would suffer. The dagger was still on the ground next to Gee and Mikey.

I pinched his air socket shut and he passed out. Emily looked at me strangely, her eyebrows lifting. “You gonna..........?” she trailed off, looking back at Gee and Mikey.

“Nope,” I picked up the guy and carried him from the bushes, Emily behind me. “I'm going to give Gee the choice. If he wants to, I'll let him. This is the guy who hit him.” Emily chuckled and took the guy from me.

“You have to carry Gee, stupid.” I blushed. I hadn't thought of that. We went over to where Mikey and Gee were still on the ground. I touched Mikey's shoulder and he flinched, looking up.

Relief washed over his face when he saw it was us. He got up onto his knees and handed Gee to me. I held his light body in my arms like a baby. Emily helped Mikey up.

I looked at him and considered. “Mikey, call your house and be sure your mom's not there. I can't take him to my house.” Mikey nodded and pulled out his phone. There was no answer, confirming that their mom had already gone to work.

We headed to their house at a quick pace. I checked my watch ever few minutes. We got there about ten minutes after we had started walking.

Mikey opened the door, letting me inside with Gee first and Emily next. “Tie that guy to a chair, Ems.” I said, walking to the living room. I sat Gee on the couch, watching his face.

His eyes didn't open and he didn't gasp. I kissed his lips softly and went to get the first aid kit the Ways kept under their bathroom sink.
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