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Heaven and Hell

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Sorry about not updating in a while.

Frank P.O.V

Heaven and Hell.
That is what life is like these days.
At times things are so shit and unbearable that you actually believe that your in Hell.
But then there are those times when things are just...Heaven. Sure the Heavenly moments never last long but in those few moments, life is just worth it.
And no matter how shit things get you have to always remember that things will turn around.

For example; A few days ago Grace, Jet-Star/Ray's adorable daughter Grace had been taken by BL/ind. We stormed the main BL/ind building in blind rage. We were going to get her back even if it killed us. Which it almost did.

But we made it out, with Grace.
And that was worth the injures we sustained.

The five of us are lying on the diner roof. Just taking a moment to enjoy our victory and the warmth of the sun. We each had a small umbrella up, protecting our faces from the sun.
It was truly peaceful.

"This is truly Heaven, even though I can feel myself burning through my clothes" Gerard mumbled.
He kept dozing off ever few minutes and I had made it my duty to kick him awake.

"Saviour it while you can, we probably wont be able to do thins again for a while" Mikey sighed.
The good mood died as we all thought about how there will be Draculoids out looking for us.

"Thankz for the depressing realization" Ray muttered.
"Mikey Way. Moment killer" I said and Mikey kicked me.

Did you know that it can actually rain in the desert??
Well it can.
Which is why we are now dripping wet, sitting in the diner.

"Now what?" I ask.
Its been ages since we have had to huddle together to get warm.
And by huddle I mean that Grace is sitting on Rays lap, a thickish blanket wrapped around them.
And Mikey and I are huddled into each of Gerard's sides. I bet he's toasty warm.

"Would you two wet hairless monkeys PLEASE detach yourself from me" Gerard moaned.
In response both Mikey and I nudged our wet hair against Gerard's face.
"Ew! Bastards!" He yelled.

"Haha thats what you get bitch!" I laughed, wrapping an arm around his waist.
"I hate you sometimes" He replied.
"I love you too"

"Man love, this world doesn't have enough, Man love!! Grace playfully sung.

When night fell, our clothes were still soggy and gross, but thankfully it had stopped raining and it had started heating up. Which meant we could hang them to dry while we slept.

"I swear, if your in my bed when I wake up I will KILL you" Gerard said to me.
Lately I have been having freaky, insane night terrors and when I wake up I can never get to sleep. I have how ever found that when I secretly slip in to Gerard's bed (camping mattress), I would eventually fall asleep.

"Its not my fault!" I said "I must roll onto your mattress in my sleep" I said.
"Whatever Trevor" Gerard said, getting under his worn bright red blanket, wearing only his boxers.

"My name is Frank, numnut" I laughed, getting under my bright green blanket.
"Night dipshit" Gerard bantered back.
"Night tosser" I replied with a smile.


Hope you liked. I know its kinda short but oh well!!
xx CaseyKilljoy
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