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Gerard gets in over his head, and feels the consequences. Quite literally.

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Authors note: Um, I might consider this one NSFW. Its a bit graphic.

Chapter Four: Blood.

"Whats the worst that I can say?
Things are better if I stay,
So long, and goodnight.
So long, and goodnight..."

Gerard sang to the ceiling of the hotel room. They were stranded. Well, not really. The bus was having some technical problems, so they were stuck in Nevada for another night or two. Which was fine with Gerard, as it gave him more time to see Bert. Its almost like this was meant to happen. The band was upset with him over yesterday. They weren't really saying it, but he could tell. He also knew it was pity keeping them from screaming at him. He didn't know how he felt about that. Even now, out of the corner of his eye, he could feel Mikey watching him with pursed lips. Annoyed, Gerard turned over on his side, his back turned to Mikey and the rest of the guys. It was then he saw he had a text message. It was from Bert.

"Had a lot of fun yesterday. Hang out again tonight?", it read. Gerard mentally cursed. He really wanted to, but after last nights stunt, they'd never let him leave. Guess he'd just have to sneak out then. He typed his reply.

"Sure. :)"


It was midnight. The other guys hadn't quite fallen asleep yet, but that was okay, Gerard would have had to wait until The Used had finished up tonight's show anyway. Even he was alarmed at how eager he was to see Bert. He tried to tell himself it was just the normal excitement of hanging out with an old friend again. He had missed him, that was all. When 2 AM had rolled around, everyone had already long ago said their goodnights. So, quietly as he could, Gerard crept out the door, out the hotel, and called a cab.

He returned 5 hours later, immensely pleased with himself. He had seen Bert, gotten his drink on, had a good time, and from the looks of it, his band mates had slept through the whole thing. No one would ever know. And Bert had invited him again tonight, to a huge party they were attending before they left Nevada. He went over to his side of the bed that he shared with Mikey as gently as he could and fell asleep, unlike Ray, who unbeknownst to him, had been awake the whole night.


It was The Used's last day in Nevada, they would be leaving before the sun even rose the next morning. Their bus problems nearly fixed, it was My Chemical Romance's last day in the desert state as well, but they would be leaving mid afternoon the next day. After that, they would be facing their first show since the accident, and everyone, including Gerard, was nervous as to how Gerard would do. Gerard was expressing his frustration by attempting to write lyrics to a new song, yet somehow the lyrics he was coming up with was making him feel more and more depressed. God he couldn't wait to see Bert tonight. This was the thought he carried with him until the time finally came. Figuring he'd leave at about the same time, he repeated his steps from last night. Once 2 AM rolled around, he grabbed his coat and tried to tip toe to the door.

"Going somewhere?", came Ray's voice from the darkness.


Gerard took a deep sigh and turned around to face Ray, who was standing right behind him.

"I was going for a walk?", Gerard attempted.

"You mean like the 5 hour one you took last night?" Ray immediately countered. Gerard's shoulders slouched. He knew this was a losing battle.

"Please just let me go?", Gerard pouted, even trying to summon his best "puppy dog eyes" look.

"Look Gerard, I know you're going through a lot right now but this isn't the answer.", Ray pleaded.

"It's not about that Ray! This is Bert's last night in town, after this I probably won't be able to see him again for a really long time, if ever."

"Oh, and I suppose alcohol has absolutely nothing to do with this?"

Gerard had nothing to say for a long while. But he was getting agitated. Who were they to tell him what he needed right now? It was their decision to make him continue with this tour, shouldn't he at least be compensated for it? "I'm going." He said defiantly and reached for the doorknob.

"Fine.", he heard Ray say, and he could tell he was angry now too. "Lindsey would be so disappointed in you."

Gerard felt as though he just got slapped in the face. Hard.

"Fuck you!", he spat before finally walking out, leaving behind a Ray who had regretted his words the moment he had said them. Ray took a deep breath. He'd just apologize to Gerard in the morning and hoped Gerard would be okay. Like he had said, it was Bert's last night here and hopefully, after tonight, they would never have to deal with him again.


It was a house party, in a nice, secluded, cottage-like place near the woods. The music was loud. So loud, you could hardly hear anyone say anything. Bert had his arm around Gerard's shoulders. Gerard could tell he was high on something, and he was still sipping at some Jack Daniels. Gerard was somewhat buzzed, but not drunk enough to have a good time. He guzzled down a bit more of his own drink in hopes that would do the trick. Bert was telling his friends something funny, but he couldn't hear as to what. He could just see them all burst into laughter. They were seated on a couch and there were a ridiculous amount of people here. He was somewhat regretting coming. This was nothing like the far more intimate hang outs they had had in the past couple of days. He felt nervous, and perhaps the slightest bit scared. He checked his phone. It was 4 AM. Maybe he should head back anyway. He tugged at Bert's jacket to get his attention, and once Bert looked over at him, Gerard titled his head towards the front door to indicate he wanted to go outside. They excused themselves and left, stepping out into the cold air, their hearing now feeling strangely impaired.

"What's up?" Bert inquired.

"I think I wanna go back now dude.", Gerard said, probably a bit louder than he intended, considering he was still adjusting to the drop in volume in regards to his surroundings.

"Go back?!??", Bert said incredulously, "Dude its my last night here!"

"Yeah..." Gerard ran his hand through his hair nervously, "..but you know, you seem busy with your friends and all. Its cool."

"Is that what this is about?", Bert laughed. "Alright dude, well come on, I wanted to show you something, just you and me. And then you can go back."

"Okay.", Gerard agreed. Bert grabbed Gerard's hand and began leading him away.

They kept walking for what felt to Gerard like a long time. They were getting farther and
farther away from the noise of the music and the chatter of people, and the surroundings grew darker. Finally Gerard saw what Bert seemed to be heading towards. It almost looked like an over sized tool shed. Bert opened the door for them and turned on the lights. The interior was what kind of looked like a poor man's bachelor pad. There was non-flat screen tv that was still rather big, a worn looking sofa on the other side of that, an even more worn out rug in the middle of the room, and beer and soda cans scattered all over.

"Its kind of like a club house they used to use a lot. Before Peter got married.", Bert explained, referring to his friends who had thrown the party.

"Ah.", Gerard acknowledged, "So what did you wanna show mmmph---- "

Before Gerard could react, Bert had slammed his own mouth onto Gerard's. He grabbed Gerard by the shoulders and back up into him, pinning him against the nearest wall, while pushing his mouth upon Gerard some more. His tongue was slithering its way hungrily into Gerard's mouth. In his slightly drunken state, Gerard returned the kiss, closing his eyes and trying to enjoy it. He couldn't. Something was just terribly wrong about the whole thing. Bert had already begun sliding his hands up Gerard's shirt, his finger's finding Gerard's nipples and rubbing over them playfully. Gerard shuddered at that, finally finding the strength to bring his hands to push Bert off him.

"Stop." Gerard breathed out, his heart pounding. He could see Bert was breathing really quite fast as well.


"What?", Gerard said, sure he must have misheard.

"I said," Bert said in a stern tone, ""

And as he said it, Bert whipped out a small kitchen knife from within his pocket. He had planned for this.

At the sight of the knife, Gerard's eyes widened, his heart raced even faster, if that was possible, and his first instinct was to run. He tried to make a dash for the door, but Bert was faster, and stronger. Bert grabbed a huge chunk of Gerard's hair and pulled back hard, bringing him instantly to a sitting position on the ground. Bert then lifted his, mind you, steel toed doc martin boots, and stomped on Gerard's stomach as hard as he could. And again. And again. Gerard was screaming from the pain, but it only made Bert more stimulated. Still clutching tightly onto Gerard's hair, Bert kneeled down so he could be at eye level with Gerard. Bert yanked Gerard's head back, leaving his throat exposed. Gerard looked frightened, panicked, confused. He could hear his rapid breathing. Smiling, Bert took his knife and caressed Gee's neck with the edge of it almost lovingly. Gerard let out a whimper.

"So beautiful. Struggle less, " Bert nearly whispered to him, "and maybe, just maybe, this will hurt less."

He then let out a weird laugh and used one hand to grab the collar of Gerard's shirt, and lowered the knife to the shirt, cutting the material downwards, the blade never lifting itself higher then half an inch off Gerard's skin. Gerard was too scared to move at all. When Bert was finished, the top half of Gerard's front was totally exposed. He pushed Gerard hard so he was completely lying down on the worn rug. Bert then positioned himself so he was sitting right on top of Gerard, and he ran his hands all over Gerard's skin. He leaned down and began lick at Gerard's nipples, his tongue making circles upon them. Gerard began whimpering again, and his legs began twitching. Bert dug his nails on both hands into Gee's side pulling his hands down slowly, painfully towards his waist, leaving angry red marks on pale skin. When he became bored with Gerard's upper half, his hands began reaching for Gerard's belt buckle. Gerard began to tremble. Gerard thought of Mikey, of Frank, of Ray --- how much he wished he could be safe at the hotel with them now. But there was no chance of that, and no one was coming to save him.

"Please," he began to plead with shaky breath, "... please don't do this." Bert could see Gerard was holding back tears. He stopped for a moment. But then continued on just seconds later, apparently having no response to that. Gerard really began to panic. He decided to attempt to run for it once more. Quick as he could, in order to take Bert by surprise so he didn't have time to react, he kneed Bert in the crotch as hard as he could and used all his strength to push him off, jumped off the ground and bolted for the door.


Again, Gerard was overpowered. This time, Bert seized Gerard by the waist, and lifted him, while Gerard violently kicked, shrieking at Bert to let him go. Bert was beginning to lose grip on Gerard, so he threw Gerard as hard as he could into a dusty book shelf that contained a bunch of CD's that came crashing down on him. Once again on the ground, Gerard immediately felt liquid running somewhere along his scalp. Whether it was blood or sweat, he did not know. His head was however in a lot of pain, and his vision was becoming blurred. He didn't have to see to know how pissed off and scary Bert probably looked at the moment however. He felt Bert over him, and he felt Bert's fist collide with his face repeatedly. He though he heard his nose break. There's a metallic tasting liquid that kept entering his mouth. Now that was blood. He tried to shield himself from the blows, but Bert would be one step ahead of him each time. He was baffled at how someone could be so swift when they were both drunk and high at the same time. Bert was yelling something at him, but he couldn't understand. Finally the blows stopped, and Gerard barely had enough time to comprehend that fact before he felt his wrists being grabbed roughly and he was maneuvered onto something soft and elevated --- the sofa. Bert released his wrists and began fumbling with his belt buckle again while he felt blood still gushing from his nose, all over his face. At this point, Gerard was far too dizzy and pained to fight back, and his stomach still hurt from the earlier assault on it. Before he knew it cold air was hitting his legs. Bert hadn't taken off his underwear yet. No, he was savoring it, running his hands up and down Gee's legs this time. Bert took his knife and made a small incision on Gerard's thigh, licking the blood that poured out of it. It was apparent Bert enjoyed doing this, because he made even more incisions after that, lapping up the blood that he could squeeze out each time. Finally, his hands found their way onto Gerard's underwear, playing with Gerard's private parts through the underwear. Bert wanted to draw this out. Gerard was whimpering yet again. Or was that crying? Neither of them were sure.

Bert fingered the outline of Gee's underwear until finally pulling them down, exposing genitalia. Gerard was crying for sure now. Bert was even more aroused. He enclosed his mouth around Gerard's soft cock, roving his tongue around everything he could find between Gerard's legs. The incisions he had made on Gerard's legs had started to bleed again, but Bert was bored with those. Eventually, Bert decided it was time to unclothe himself. He eyed Gerard warily and went on to remove his shirt. And Gerard attempted to sprint away again.

My god, when will this kid learn?

He dove for Gerard, who surely couldn't get far with his injuries, but Gerard hadn't gone for the door this time. Gerard had picked up a vase on a table and hurled it at Bert, and Bert dodged it, but narrowly. Gerard just grabbed the next object he could find and threw that instead, that time, hitting Bert's leg. Which hurt.

"STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!", Gerard cried, still hurling random objects at Bert, although very few were actually hitting. Bert scoffed at such a pathetic attempt, as none of the objects he was going for were big enough to do much damage either way. He was getting increasingly fed up with Gee. How dare he be so uncooperative? After he had only been trying to help Gerard? After he had forgiven Gerard for his misbehaviors in the past? He needed to be taught a lesson, and he needed it taught now. And two could play at the "throwing things" game. He picked up a ceramic ash tray next to him and threw it at Gerard. Gerard ducked, but it was the reaction Bert had hoped for. Taking this window of opportunity, he kicked Gerard and knocked him down to the ground once again with ease. He bent over and grabbed Gerard by the ankle, and dragged him by it over to the rug on his stomach. Gerard tried fruitlessly to resist once more, desperately clutching to the floor with his nails, ripping off one of them as a result. He was screaming again, god this kid was noisy. Then again, Bert kind of liked it. Bert quickly removed his own pants then, while keeping one knee on Gerard's back to make sure he didn't try to scamper off again. With that done, he positioned himself on top of Gerard. Gee felt Bert's hard cock near his crack and became even more hysteric than before, if that was possible. This couldn't be happening to him, this just couldn't!

But it was. Bert grabbed Gee's waist with both hands, and without lubrication, pushed into Gerard's entrance as hard as he could. Gerard's screaming had reached an all time high. Bert pounded and pounded and pounded, and Gerard screamed and screamed and screamed. Bert groaned from the pleasure and Gerard cried from the pain. At some point, Bert turned Gerard around into a different position, where Gerard was lying down facing him, and Bert was kneeling upright moving his cock inside Gee's ass. Gerard's face had become swollen from the punches, and blood was still covering the majority of the lower half of his face, mixing with the tears. Bert noted that his own hands were covered in blood from gripping Gee's still bleeding legs whilst fucking him. There was bleeding from the penetration as well. Yet the picture wasn't complete. Bert's blood lust was still not satisfied. He wanted Gerard to know that no matter what happened, Gerard belonged to him.

So he picked up the knife again. He dangled it Gee's face playfully, and he could feel Gee tense underneath him even more. He found a good spot on Gerard's abdomen. And he dipped the blade and pierced into Gerard's skin lightly. Very lightly, drawing a slanted line. Gerard was in the most horrible agony imaginable. He couldn't even think straight, or comprehend what Bert was doing. Bert was killing him, that's what he was doing. Or at this point, he somewhat hoped so. He watched as Bert continued to draw random lines on his skin, and he alternated between letting out chortled cries and gritting his teeth in silence. Bert finished up with the knife, licked the blade, and smiled. He continued sliding himself in and out of Gerard, staring at the spot he had been cutting up a moment ago. The room was spinning and his vision was becoming blurred again. It was darkening. This is it, Gerard said, his tears now flowing silently. He would not fight death, and hoped to find some peace in it.

Yet quite the opposite happened what felt like seconds later. A lot of noise occured at the same time. First, someone calling out a name. Then screaming. Then crashing. Then footsteps that sounded as though they were running. Gerard did not know what was going on. Gerard slipped into unconsciousness shortly after he heard someone say something about calling Mikey.

'Mikey...', was Gerard's last thought before letting the darkness engulf him.

Next chapter: Mikey is getting a little paranoid.
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