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Cold Touches

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Adela gets a second encounter.

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It had been a week since we moved in. I loved the school that I went to, the students were nice and friendly. A few girls had even befriended me, and a few guys had begun flirting me. I'd gotten there in the middle of October, so it wasn't like I was starting in the middle of the year, which might have helped.

However, life in our new house was nerve-racking, I was looking over my shoulder constantly for no reason. I just felt like someone was watching me or something. My mother on the other hand thought that the house was wonderful. I was a little bitter at her, I'd looked in her room and found it completely peaceful, a nice shade of blue, almost like being at the beach, her carpet was the color of a gray rock. She didn't have to stand sleeping in that terrible red and black room.

It wasn't that the doors wouldn't close completely or that things were falling apart, nothing was wrong with the room itself. But it was like a menacing thing was in there.

The thought that something was in there was confirmed on the eighth night of my sleeping there. I'd gotten home from school, eaten dinner, taken a shower, gotten ready, and went to bed. A normal routine, nothing out of the ordinary. Except when I started to dream.

I was in a dimly light place, and a person was in front of me. He or she had long raven locks, was on the tall side, and the hands that were behind their back were very very pale, almost see-through. They turned around and I could see that it was a man. A very handsome guy in fact. He had a small nose that turned up at the end, with a small mouth that had thin lips, almost like he was suppressing from saying anything. His cheekbones were high, and stuck out a little. It was his hazel eyes that struck me though. They were golden around the middle, with a mossy green exterior. But they were glaring at me, like he was trying to burn me in the spot.

He suddenly moved forward, his arm outstretched and fingers pointed toward me. I immediately shrunk back trying to evade him, but my bakc struck on something hard. A wall was behind me.

I flattened against it as he quickly caught me with his hand around my throat. I squeaked a little at the heaviness of hate in his eyes. I didn't understand what was going on or who this person was, except for the fact that his grip was starting to get too tight. I could barely feel his hand, but there was a pressure, which made me think that he was strangling me. My hands were around his arm, trying to pull it off with no avail.

He snarled down at me, pushing me down, so he was standing over me and adding more power into the clamp on my neck. I was starting to black out, little dots were forming on my vision from lack of oxygen. And that's when he leaned down even further, putting his face close to mine. His hand didn't stop choking me, but he was looking at me with something very different from hate. He slowly put his lips against mine and I got a shock, almost electrical, and it would've made me jump if I wasn't pinned to the wall. His other hand was going behind my head and tangling in my hair as he continued to leave kisses on my lips and down my chin lightly, and strangle the life out of me. The hand let go suddenly.

And I woke up, gasping and my heart pounding. I sprang into a sitting position and saw that I was on my floor, right next to my bed, with the blanket around my legs. I was up against the wall, my arm had fallen to my sides, but some how I knew that they'd been in the air. The man had of course disappeared.

My lips were still tingling from his mouth though. I shook my head, getting up and putting the blanket on the bed. Going to the bathroom for a glass of water seemed like a heavenly thing right now, my throat was dry and sore. It had really felt like someone was choking me, despite it being a dream. I went into the bathroom and got the shock of seeing words on my miror. It was cold in there, though the window was closed and the heater was on.

And on the mirror there was a frost, like you would get on your windows on a winter's day. In it there was elegant writing, CHOKING OR HANGING? G. Way. I read the words with a chill over my skin, goosebumps on my flesh. Whatever had written it was still there because I suddenly saw an invisable finger write more on the mirror. P.S. LEAVE! There came a cold caress across my face, almost like something was touching me, and suddenly the cold was gone. The words remained however, melting along with the frost on the window.
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