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give me a shot to remember

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Gerard's at school. life sucks; until Frank becomes a big part of it.

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Chapter 1

Gerards P.O.V:

Life was kind of normal for me. I went to school, I smoked, I drank, I hated life, and I technically lived in my skinny jeans.
I'm wasn't popular. I've never wanted to be. Basically, everyone at school hated me. The only one that was ever there for me, was Mikey, my little brother. He's a few years younger than me, but that never bothered me. We would hang out at the same place at school at our break and lunch; out of everyones way. If we got in anyones way, we would be on the floor in a flash, with blood gushing out from wherever the fist or foot landed.
Still, it never bothered me. Life wasn't going to change anytime soon. Well, at least I didn't think so...

I stood on the dis-coloured pavement outside my personal hell; school. Leaning on the large sign reading 'Belleville High School', i took a last drag of my cigarette and walked through the big steel gates.
It was a day that felt like every other day. I pushed my way through the classroom doors and all heads turned towards me.

'Gerard! You're late!' Mrs.Kelly exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes, and took that long dreaded walk to my seat at the back of the class. I always sit at the back of class, because it makes me go un-noticed by everyone. Well, everyone except the teacher.
I dumped my bag down and slumped in my chair, taking out my note books and throwing them on my desk. All i really do in class is sit and cover any welcoming page with drawings of anything that came to mind. And maybe, frequently wrote down some notes, where there was space.
As the teacher went on about World War 2, a blonde girl sat infront of me flung her hand up in the air, flicking her wrist and throwing her chest forward as she did so. She was a very stereotypical cheerleader girl, who had all of the guys after her. I don't like her though. In fact, i HATE her. And she hates me, so it's all good. All of the girls in this school hate me. I've never liked girls much either.
I don't know what it is, but something's always eating away in the back of my head, leading me to unknown answers of unknown questions. Why did i not like girls? I thought about it, deeply thinking about my past with girls. I never had a girlfriend. I'd never even looked at a girl and thought of liking her. Maybe it was just a phase, and that i'll start to grow closer to them one day. Or maybe... maybe i like guys? maybe i am... gay?


I snapped out of my strange array of thoughts.

'huh?'i murmered, still shocked.

It was Mrs.Kelly.

'I asked you a question, Gerard. Maybe you should start paying attention, for once.' she growled.

Small sniggers swept across the room and i drooped in my plastic, uncomfortable chair. I went back to drawing in my note pad to try and take the attention off of me. Then, there was a knock at the classroom door and it swung open. Everyones heads shot up and silence flooded the room. It was Mrs.Alabaster. The principle. Then, standing beside her, a fairly short boy. He had messy black hair, wore black skinnies, a white shirt, a thin black tie and black converse. You could tell he was wearing eyeliner, just like i do! He looked at the floor shlyly and fiddled with his black Misfits messenger bag. I love misfits, too! Any more and i might like him a bit too much! hmmm...

'This is Frank Iero. He's new here and I expect you all to make him feel welcome.' She announced, nodding at him and then left the room.

Leaving him standing there, looking helpless.
Our teacher introduced herself to him and pointed to the empty desk next to me.
This is going to be interesting. I havn't had anyone sit next to me in a long time.
He slowly walked to the empty seat, his head down and eyes still locked to the floor. He soon inhabited the desk, and sighed into his seat, kicking his bag underneath him. He looked over at me and then at my drawings.

'Hey.' he whispered.

'Hi.' I whispered back.

He had a cute voice, even though it was only under a whisper. He smiled, which comforted me. It also comforted me that someone was actually talking to me.

'Cool drawing!' he said, looking over a little closer.

'Thanks. I do alot of things, like drawings and comics and stuff.'


'I'm Gerard.'

'I'm Frank, as you've probably just heard.'

'Yeah.' i said, letting out a small laugh. 'I couldn't help seeing that you have a Misfits bag. I love Misfits!' I added.

'Me too!' he smiled, his eyes lighting up.

I unzipped my hoodie to reveal a black Misfits t-shirt.

'Nice!' he nodded.

We went on talking about our favourite movies, bands, and xbox games until the bell went. I looked through Franks timetable, and saw that we were in the same lessons together, so we decided to sit next to eachother in all lessons.
He's a really nice guy. I like him alot. I wander how much he likes me?

OOOOH! this is my first ever frerard, and i hope you guys like the start! it'll get better dont worry... so, please rate and review, and i'll be updating it very soon! :)
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