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Guess who i saw last night XD

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not a story just me excited about my first concert hehe XD

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MCR thats right!! xD hehe
it was one of the best nights of my life :) it was icredible going to my first concert, and seeing them was the best thing ever.

They were sooo great live, they really blew me away, and Gerard wore red eye shadow awwwww >.< and then there was Frankie with his short sexy hair. Then Mikey just wipping his hair the whole time lol and then Ray just soo amazing at the guitar wow.

I just had a great time. They first came on with na na na and they also sang mama, teenagers, give em hell kid, vampires.. and soo many more it was soo great. Frankie was spinning like mad to begin with :D

Even though we didn't have the best view i still went mad belting out all the songs and dancing like mad haha i think i am made for concerts XD lol i will defo go to more thats for sure. TThough it was the experience and just seeing them was really good.
I think i trud on someones feet with my DR martens like twice woops

I went to the LG arena in birmingham and the support band was the blackout i didn't even know they were walsh and saun sounds just like ian watkins XD they were good, might check some of their stuff out.
SOoooo thank you emily (emo-girl) for taking me to see the best band ever and thanks for the t-shirt and program XD

Unfortuantly i don't have pictures cuz i took a thro away camera though when i get them done i might post them, if i can. I just wanted to post it here cuz it was an amzing night and my first concert , and to share it with mcr was insane so it was a very big deal for me. Now i know what to expect next time and it will be even more amazing :)

ohhh and who else went to see them at the LG arene in birmigham last night?
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