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OMG! Its Gabe Saporta

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Allison moves from Miami to L.A. She hates it with all her being. Once she gets there she makes a friend; Aida. Togheter they go to a Cobra Starship Concert, where they go to the Meet'N'Greet. Fast...

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Hey Guys!

Okey, this is my first Fiction EVER! so please be nice?

Allison POV

I hate it, i hate it, I HATE IT! Oh hey there! My name is Allison, and im 17, and im moving from Miami, to L.A, because my stupid mom, got a job as a manager. MOOOOOM! When are we there? i asked my mom.... AGAIN. We are there soon sweetie, my mom Karen anwsered. You may ask where my dad is? My mom and dad divorced when i was 5. It was hard to live with my mom in Florida, while my dad was living in California, but it can have its good sides; my mom likes to make me happy, so she buys my attention with clothes, shoes, cars and vacations, my dad spoils me just as much; he buy me evrything i want without looking at the prize, and when he is bored and i arent there he buys cars and clothes, and one time he bought me a vacation house; its in Washington, a little bit out of seattle in the mountains.

Anyways, im going to live with both my dad and my mom, when i get to L.A! "We are there now sweetie", my mom said. I got out of the Black BMW, and looked at the house. I stood there shocked. Oh.My.God, i said slowly. The house was SO nice! It was a beige colour with 4 floors, it had a loooong driveway, and before you got to the door the driveway got in a circel and i the middel there was a fountain. I walked in side the house where our furnitures already was in their place. In the middel of the room there was at least 100 Hot Pink boxes which i regonized as mine. I got some of the men there was on their way out and asked: Can you help me with these boxes, they are going to my room?

One of the men looked at me and said: Are you crazy? We have been here from 5 in the morning to now, which is 14 hours! I sighed. You get 2000 bucks each, for helping me, i said.
They dident even talk about said anything, before they walked, almost ran over to the boxes. Where are they going? one of the men asked. Follow me and i will show you, i anwsered. I walked over to a BIG staircase, and ran up; when i got to the top of the stairs, i walked into a hall there was to the right. I maked sure the men, was behing me so i stopped, and looked over my shoulder, sure enough they were following me with 2 boxes each. Whn we came to the end of the hall, there was a doubble door, which was leading to my room.

I stood there shocked; it was HUGE and 2 walls with Pink fur(A/N Alex from wizards of waverly place has it in her room) and 2 white walls, there was a black queen sized bed, with pink cheetah pattered sheets, the floor was white, and my white make-up table with mirror from 1799 was there to, and in the celling there was a pink, white and gold chandelier with pink crystals. And out to the front yard there was this BIG window with golden curtains, and beside my bedtable, there was a pair of pink and white doubble doors with a big A in Black. "Where are we going to put the boxes"? the man that called me crazy asked. Just in there! i said and pointed to the doubble doors. One of the men opened the doors and i got a look inside; it was black with shelfs and empty ranks, and there was a table and 2 vintage chairs. The men put the boxes down, and walked down to get more boxes. While they were getting the last boxes i decided to move my stuff or clothes out of the boxes. "Allison?! Sweetie? Dinners ready!" my mom yelled. Im coming!, i yelled back.

I put the last clothes on the ranks and walked out of my walk-in-closet, and closed the doors behind me. It took me at least 7 minutes to find the dining room. And when i found it, i walked into a beautiful room with white walls with gold patterens and white marbel floor with golden G's on it. The G stands for Gilbert. In the middel of the room was a long dark rosennwood table, with matching chairs. On the table there was 2 silver plates, and 2 crystal glasses. I sat on a chair, as my mom walked in with Pizza and Chinese-food. My mom sat down across from me and said: I dident know if you were Vegetarian or meat-eater today. I nodded, and grabbed a piece of pizza with: Tuna, shrimps and cheese, and started to eat it, after i took some nuddels with chicken. Do you want me to save some?, my mom asked. I just nodded, and took my plate and glass and found the kitchen, and left it there. I walked upstairs to my room, and yelled: Goodnight mom! I took my PJ on( and got in my bed, and fell asleep.

Next Day

"Sweetie its time to wake up, its your first day at school today!", my mom said while she shook me to wake me up. I groaned, but got up anyways. I jumped out of bed, and maked my way to the bathroom across the room. I walked into my bathroom, and brushed my teeth, and made my hair in big curls. After i was done with the curls i just stood and looked in the over sized mirror. I sighed, and made my way over to my make-up table, and put on some mascara, Midnight Fantasy and blue and purple eye shadow. I walked into my closet and put and a big brown shirt, some skinny riped jeans and some black pumps.

On my way out of the closet i took my brown mark Jacobs bag( and ran down to my moms office.(A/N do you know how hard it is to run in pumps) "Mom, can i borrow your brown sunglasses"?, i asked. "Of course honey", my mom anwsered and gave me the sunglasses. I ran down to the garage and searched after my Pink Ferrari, after a minute i found it.. Yeah, we have many cars... And most of them is mine, but yeah what can i say, they are pretty! I pressed a button on the wall, so the garage door came up, before i got into my car. I turned the energy on, and drove out of the driveway, and raced to school. When i got there, it was like all people stared at me or my car, when i got out. Dont look at them, keep calm, i thought over and over, while i walked to the front doors.

When i got into the hallway people stopped what they were doing and stared at me, while i got the office. At a desk a woman with grey hair sat and was writing something into a computer, i took a deep breath and walked over to her, and said: Hey my name is Allison, and im new here. The woman nodded and looked at her computer screen, and said: Yes here are your schedule". She handed me a piece of paper, i took it and said thanks and looked at it. I groaned; my schedule goes: first i have English, Biology, French(A/N I can speak French fluent along with Spanish), Music, Dance and Sport.(A/N i cant remember what is really called)I walked to my first class room, with help og the map i got along with schedule.

I knocked on the door to the classroom, and walked in. "Can i help you"? A old man with ALOT of wrinkels asked. "Yeah, my name is Allison, im new here and this should be my first class?", i anwsered. Oh thats right, students this is Allison Gilbert, she moved here from Miami, she is Latin/American and she will fill out the spot as the head cheerleader and flyer, oh and my name is Mr. Smith.(A/N from the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie)You can take a seat next to Aida, Aida raise your hand, Mr. Oldie said. A girl with long beach blonde hair, ice blue eyes and a tan raised her hand. I made my way to her table and sat down on the chair next to her, while i dropped my bag next to the table. Mr. Smith continued to talk about a subject i dident know, so i stopped listening to what he said, and started day dreaming. I was pulled out of my dream, when i saw a piece of paper on my side of the desk from Aida.

There stood: Hey, do you wanna go to a concert tonight? Its a small town band but its okay. I took out my pencil and started writing: Yeah sure, you can just come to my house after school... Do you walk or drive???. I pushed it over to her again. She read it, and smiled. I just looked at the teacher, until the paper came back. I read it: Nice, i walk so can i ride with you? FYI there is cheer pratice, when you want it to be, just tell me and i will tell the rest of the team. I wrote: Sure you can ride with me, your on the cheer team too? I gave her the note under the table, because Mr. Smith asked a student behind us a question. She read it, and wrote back: Yea, im your second command. Second in command? i wrote back. Yes whenever you are sick or has other plans, i take over pratice, of course we do what you have told me to do. I looked at it, and smiled while i wrote: okay, what is your schedule? and pushed it over to her.

I got it back almost as i had given it: English, Biology, French, Music, Dance and Sport. What do you have?. I stared at it totally suprised, i shook my head and wrote: The same, its like we are destinyed to be friends. She took the paper, looked at it, and smiled and wrote: Yeah, sisters 4-ever. Just as i read it, Mr. Smith said that class was over, and we were free of homework. I did a little happy-dance in my head. So Allison wanna walk with me to next class? a soft voice asked, i found out it was Aida. Yeah sure? i anwsered, and we linked arms. Hey, you wanna go with me to Cobra Starship Concert tommorow, i have Meet'N'Greet passes.(A/N Just so you know, in my story Meet'N'Greet passes is 5 persons there comes with the band into a small room, to hang out)Aida stopped dead in her tracks, and screamed.

Evryone fell silent, and stared at us. OMG! You have Meet'N'Greet passes to the Cobra Starship Concert tommorow, she asked REALLY loud. Yeah, my mom got them for me, i anwsered. Evryone started whispering. I ignored them and linked my arms with Aida, and littarly dragged her to our next class. The day passed by really quick, and before i knew it me and Aida, was walking towards my car, and as soon we got in i turned the radio on, and smiled at the song there was there: I kissed a boy-Cobra Starship. When we got to my house Aidas eyes fell out. "Oh.My.God", Aida said. "Yea, i know", i said, and walked inside, put here bag on the couch, and walked inside her room, with Aida right in her heels.

" I just love your room"! Aida screamed. "Shhh, my mom is probably speaking with her clients",i whispered. "Oh, what is her job?", Aida asked. "She is a manager, and we need some new clothes to the concert tonight", i said. "Okay, but i dont have money on me", Aida anwsered. "We dont shop silly-head, we have my closet", i said in my matter-of-fact voice. "Okay, where is your closet?" Aida asked slowly. "Follow me", i said, and walked over to the boubble doors, and pushed them open. Aida gasped at how big it was, and how MUCH clothes there was in there. "Okay, we are done drooling, we did that when we were babies, now im gonna pick you outfit!", i said. Okay, sit!, i demanded, while i was pointing to one of the vintage chairs. I looked at her, and on the clothes on the ranks. A minute or 2 i found the perfect outfit to Aida; it was a dark blue tank top, with a black and blue mini skirt and silver peep-toe heels, and the underwear; a mid night blue bra, with a matching thong. "Put it on!", i demanded once again.

Now it was my clothes i searched for. I turned, and my outfit hit me in the head like stacks of bricks dumped on my head; it was a pair of grey skinny jeans, a grey cardigan and yellow pumps, as for the underwear it was a pink bra, and a pink thong.( When we were on our way out, of my closet i realized something, and stopped dead in my tracks. Aida turned and asked: "Sweetie is there something wrong?". "We need jelewry!" i said as it was the most obivous thing in the world. "And make-up", i added. "Oh yeah!" Aida said. "Hmm, your outfit has details, so we should keep it simple", i said, and walked over to the ranks with necklaces, and found one there matched the outfit just right; it was a long chain necklace, but at the end there was a black stone, and from the stone there was another chain with a cross, it was simply gorgeous. And after 10 seconds i found my jelewry; some silver, gold and black bracelets and a necklace where there stood: live your life with no regret. "Okay time to make-up", i said in a sing-song-voice. I took Aida by the wrist and dragged her out of the closet. When we got out, i closed the doubble doors, and dragged Aida out to the bathroom; because there was no way in hell, me AND Aida could fit on the little bench in front of my make-up tabble. "Okay, i think blue eyeshadow, purple eyeliner and black mascara for you my dear, and black eyeshadow for me", i said. "I like the way you think sister", Aida said. We both did our make-up, but i got done first and made my long black hair wavy. "You look absolutely stunning honey", Aida said. "You look dazzling sweetheart", i said, i was totally right; the make up made the finale touches on the outfit. "Okey, darling lets go!", i said, and we made our way down to my car; the pink ferrari, and drove off to the bar, where the town band was playing. We made our way into the bar, and saw ALOT of people in there; not like ALOT ALOT people, but MANY people.

"What is the name of the band?" i asked. "Alphabeat", Aida anwsered.(A/N a real danish band, that make english songs, check it out on youtube, try Heatwave,and i dont really want to describe what song they sings in my fiction, so im just gonna skip that) "Hey, do you wanna sleep at my house tonight?", i asked Aida when we were in the car. "Yea sure", Aida anwsered tierdly. "So tommorow, we arent going to school, we stay home, because then we have alot of time to sleep, eat, pick our outfits and such things, oh and we are leaving 7 PM", i said. I dident get a response, but a faint nod, because Aida was already sleeping like a rock. When we came to my house it, put Aida over my shoulder, and walked up to my room, where i dropped Aida, and fell asleep myself just as fast.
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