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A Gig Getting Dirty

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Oldschool gig-romancing, Gerard and Frank go to their first gig alone and Frank gets more than he could hope for. Frerard-ing to the music!

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It was just a night, but it meant so much to hold the pieces of paper in my hand. It was weeks until the night itself but I didn't care. It wasn't jsut the fact it was possibly my favourite band, or that I was being trusted to go without family, it was also that I was taking one of my reasonably new friends, Gerard. Though he was two years older than me we got on pretty well and as soon as I mentioned trying to get a hold of those tickets we seemed to hit it off again. I remember we used to speak a lot more in school, a few years back he used to take me and his little brother Mikey out to the park but of course we grew up though we still talked when we could. It was great, to have a new close friend like that, in a different relationship than it was so long ago. In the weeks heading up to the most anticipated gig of our lives we only got closer until I felt pretty at ease with him despite his moments where he suddenly changed the mood. Growing up though brought so much more into the equation, it meant new feelings were brought up and it made me feel pathetic at times, the way I saw Gerard. Let's just say it sucks to look at guys and pretty much know none of them will be interested in you in any remotely romantic way. Now that I'm not one for the romance. I'm 17 - it's really about the sex at my age. At least... It is for me? Mostly...?

It was just him, he put me on edge so much. It was only two years but he only made me feel so much smaller sometimes. I'm hardly ever the one to instigate anything, I feel that's not my role in our friendship. Perhaps I should wait until we're that bit closer. There's something about Gerard that doesn't settle right with us. It's probably me just thinking that really, I get so paranoid about such things and I swear that guy is the type to mess around, sometimes he gives me these dirty looks, just to wind me up. It gets on my nerves, I want to tell him to stop but I get embarrassed. It's only a joke, but it still gets me blushing and hey, it's had me having sweet dreams at night as well. I know there's no chance in hell of him actually seriously considering me, so I've learned to stop viewing him as a 'possibility'. It helps to have a great imagination and time to daydream though. At the same time though it scares me, the line between things Gerard does that is normal and things that I would only dream of. It messes up my expectations and as I mentioned, scares me to death. But I've learned to put those thoughts aside.
I was looking forward to that gig so much though, and to share it with someone like Gerard only made me more excited. I knew as well that awkward crushes would easily happen more than once as we promised each other that we'd be fighting to get as far forward in the crowd as possible. I told myself that I'd be brave and perhaps accentuate just how crushed we'd get with each other, I even fucking saw it in my head. I'm so dirty sometimes, just imagining rubbing up against him, hard as fuck no doubt, and using the crowd as an excuse really was distracting at times but I knew once I did that I would never stop seeing Gerard as more than a friend. I told myself the gig wasn't gonna be about that, it was about two friends going to see their favourite band. Two friends. By the end of that night though, I think it was a little different.

As soon as we were dropped outside the medium-sized inner-city venue I pretty much dragged Gerard through into the crowd. He had told me he'd done it before, the whole standing thing, and I believed him but he didn't seem like he'd be as 'thrashy' as me at these concerts. I held tight onto his sweaty palm as we hit the crowd, still held on as it got denser and harder to navigate. By time we stopped we were a good way towards the front and it was only a few rows to go until we were right in the perfect area, in my view. Gerard stood beside me, grinning with excitement as we waited for our heroes to come onstage. It was gonna be the first time I saw them and I was gonna treat it like it was my last time too. Everyone around me was just as ecstatic about it, you could taste it in the air, the thick, hot air that enveloped us.
I should've been used to the intense heat at concerts by then but I was always cautious about not getting too involved, too crazy too early ever since I had thrown up. I liked to stay reasonably close, just pushing others around if need be for about twenty minutes then I'd get ever closer and ever crazier. Gerard had brought two small bottles of water for us in case we didn't get any from the attendants and he gave mine to me to hold. I was tempted to gulp it down in one but I knew I would need it later.

Then it kicked off, the lights went down and the beastly roar of the crowd drowned out everything else. Surges started to pick up, people fomr the front made their way to the back, pushing past the heavier waves of those pushing to the front, everyone getting pushed and pulled with the waves as they met, scattering anyone caught off guard. I was nearly taken down by it, but laughed and went with it, pushing with all I could against people trying to take my place. I thought I was doing fine until I did actually make the mistake of shrinking lower, where I was pretty much tossed aside, cast away from Gerard as I fought my way back to the surface. The animal was still growling, probably audible from the street with how everyone in the room made it clear their appreciation for the five men who sauntered onto the stage with sly smiles, taking their time to set up in front of us. I was yelling too while trying to push through to where I had left Gerard.

The first song had started though by time I had got my head together and I was torn between finding Gerard and just going with the high-tempo, brand new song that was blaring out. I tried to push through but gave up, it was too much chaos, the song was too high energy and nobody was standing stil or letting me make a way across so I went with it, half worrying about where Gerard actually was. The crowds movement did allow me to gradually edge back to where I thought I started though my eyes were glued to my idols as I blindly stumbled around. It was such a crush, not too bad but still pretty intense. It was just getting started. As the dirty bridge grew near I could just about see Gerard, he was only about ten feet away, a couple behind as well. I sank back so at least I was almost level with him and then I realised that this bridge wasn't any bridge.

Anthony, the vocalist started the long, excruciatingly long bridge that was one of many parts of their songs that were a little more than special. It's not even that I find any of the band members attractive but God, did Anthony know how to use his voice in great ways. The band knew it too, they knew that there were quite a few songs that could send even the most straight guys rolling their eyes back with those guttural howls and whispers Anthony could rattle out. I cursed to myself, grinning as well as the growling whispers began, the subtle moans as the crowd joined in, most no doubt because they were singing along but I knew that I wasn't the only one who was getting off, just a bit, by how it sounded.
This band knew their songs were quite frankly at times, fap-material. It was what they did, they were punk, they were masters of their art but making a song so it was somehow sexy, that was talent. I threw my head back for only a second, not even debating whether I should let myself give in to it.
I just didn't expect to see Gerard enjoy it too. But he was, and all of a sudden he seemed so much closer, he had slipped through a gap and was only a few feet away and was staring right at me when I looked and did I chose the wrong time to look. Exactly the wrong time.

I knew he was enjoying it as I had for the simple reason he wore that dirty look, cheeks that seemed too pink to be just form the heat and the way he was biting down on his lip. I couldn't look away though, I almost had no reason to, the music had quietened with the moans blaring out and he held my gaze with eyes that were intimidating though inviting at the same time. Those eyes weren't full of worry for where I was, they told something else, for a split second. He finally snapped out of it though, diving across a few people to finally reconnect with me, grabbing hold of my arm and passing off those dirty looks as if they were nothing. We were crushed, side by side but it was fine, I trusted him to not let me suffocate and he trusted me the same.
"You enjoy it too, Frank?" Gerard leaned in, still having to shout for me to hear though the words still held a softer tone that instantly set off alarm bells in my head, asking me 'what the fuck he was up to'. I nodded, too embarrassed to answer with a straight face. His grip tightened on me once again as the song quickly dissipated and suddenly led on to one of my admittedly, least favoured ones from the first record. Fuck, that was it, I was gonna have a drink. I shakily lifted the bottle to my lips, taking a quick sip, getting ready to start jumping to the beat of the song as soon as it fully got going. Fuck. Paranoia made itself at home.
I was right, as soon as the song properly started the place erupted once more, rushes of crazed fans colliding violently to the song, frenzy taking over with the dark lyrics beaming out with that masterful sinister tone. Gerard let go off me as soon I got jumping and I swore as I saw him disappear again and it took me some time, well, half of the song, to realise the new feet I was trampling every time belonged to him. Space was being compacted around me and I could feel everyone close in tighter. It was clear Gerard had just been pushed out his space by not making enough room for himself though I was happy with him behind me, he was taller anyway so I knew he could see. As soon as I stopped jumping I cringed; how close was he actually?

I dared twist around and almost banged foreheads. I cursed again, he was pressed right up against me. "Sorry, I can't move." Gerard motioned with his hands appologetically, shouting again. I smiled though was panicing like hell. It could've been worse, he could be besdie me and be able to see what kind of a state I was getting into, the combined pressure of him on me, pulsating with the song's rhythm and the overall atmosphere but it didn't hlep to think of the positive side. Shit, why did he have to be pressed so close. True, I had no space at all now and was being pushed into a tall guy in front but that was the least of my worries. The songs were drowning out in my head as the pressure got all the more delicious.
Gerard simply carried on like that for what must've been half an hour, digging into me from behind, seemingly unaware of the discomfort mixed with desire it was stirring up within me. I could hear him cheering, yelling as if nothing was happening but trust me, something was, at least for me. How could he carry on like normal? We were pretty much stuck to each other if it wasn't for all the movements of the crowd interrupting the contact. And let me tell you, his moving about on me only made it so much worse. By worse, I think it's clear I mean better. Way better.

Then the jumping started again and fuck, that was it, no more hope for me recovering. Gerard was all out grinding on me as he jumped, I swear pushing into me as well. I was jumping too but God, I was hard as I could get, the rhythm was just right as well and I moaned under my breath, begging for the song to come to an end. When it did I sighed and crossed my legs in the time the band decided to have some chatter with guys at the front. I heard Gerard laugh from behind me, vibrating wildly which was no help for me and I whipped my head around to stare him right in the eye. Guilty, surely. It looked like he damn knew what he was doing to me. Not that he had a choice, or that was how he made it seem.

"What is it?" Gerard asked defensively.
"Nothin'" I quickly looked around, puzzling over it. I almost panted my reply but I managed to pull myself together just enough. Wondering if he was being totally honest. Those eyes betrayed him though. He was fucking me around for a joke again, wasn't he? Or plain just fucking around. It was getting more than agitating having him innocently grind up against me, despite such situations being inevitable in the first place. I tried so hard not to let on what it was doing to me or let out as much as a contented groan each time the pressure got harder.

Surges in the crowd started again and this time we didn't get split up, Gerard made sure of this by grabbing hold of one of my shoulders frimly, making a joke,
"You're not getting away this time Frankie." Gerard laughed, leaning forward and affectionately laying his head on his hand for a second before cruelly pushing off. I was getting mixed signals, it surely wasn't just paranoia or being hopeful on my part...

I tried my best to ignore him and hey, there were plenty of distractions around me but I decided to not start jumping until I was sure which was Gerard was going with all this, I didn't want to get myself any more confused about it. It was when that one melancholy song off the band's new CD came on that I froze up entirely. The whole crowd became still, joining in the anthem with the squealing guitars and Gerard again lay his head on my shoulder, hugging me to him with his other arm as he was seemingly singing along under his breath. Yes, I know that doesn't mean anything, on it's own but I was sure, I was sure he meant it in another way than just a friend needing to rest a bit. You never should be sure around Gerard though, not a hundred percent at least. I repeated the lyrics with him too, with the rest of the now calm, infantile audience. It was so sudden for that one song to be played and was no doubt going to be followed by one, if not, the most fiesty of all thier tunes. I enjoyed the moment though, allowed myself to breahte a little.
I was right, on both counts as Gerard seemed to ignore the change in song and general atmosphere around us and carried on whispering the lyrics, loud enough so that the sound would flutter by my ear.

Then I was certain that Gerard was being mean when drew in closer still, lips deathly close to my ear as he began singing along quietly. It was amazing, it sent shivers down my spine. He pulled me in, not letting me move to a certain extend as the words slithered out his mouth. It didn't take me anytime to notice his hips lightly making contact with me again, and began to forget having space of thier own, pressing himself firmly onto me again and it was definatly deliberate this time. His hand slid down from my shoulder in a somehow unprovoked advance, down my chest slowly. As if it wasn't bad before, my jeans got that little bit tighter.

Fuck, who was I to refuse. I wasn't sure of his motives but I loved it. It was what I dreamt of. It didn't fit the energy of the song but I couldn't of cared less, I was being seemingly seduced all of a sudden by this delightful creature who I previously thought would have only done such things if forced, drunk or both.
"Like it?" Gerard whispered, lips on my ear. My answer was not to be a no the way he asked it.
"Fu - Yeah." I answered, tilting my head back onto him even more. His hand rested on my hip and I was flying, right until I felt a cool line of three kisses make thier way down my neck.
I squirmed, wanitng to do something, to return the favour but I was kept firmly in place. Gerard nuzzled into my neck, lips planted onto me for a rich few seconds before focussing both our attentions on what was going on with his hips again.
I held on as Gerard wrapped his arms around my chest, water bottle digging in uncomfortably. It was a very small price to pay for what he was doing though, slowly thrusting into me, grinding into my ass as hard as it seemed possible. It came from nowhere and a part of me hoped it was just us getting caught up in the moment.
As Gerard sped things up, I reached behind myself blindly, grabbing at him to at least give some way of showing my wild approval of what he was doing. Gerard needed no such signs though, I doubt he would've stopped if I hadn't either. He really didn't seem like he needed to ask if I liked it whatsoever, he knew I would. He fucking knew it. He didn't need me sloppily grabbing touches of his ass to know and I ended up doing it only to push him in further, easily confirming we both knew pretty well what we were doing.

I ignored the guys in front of me who were thrashing and almost knocking my teeth out, it was so much more important and violent what Gerard was getting up to. One hand of his slid up my chest again to pull at my hair as he nuzzled as well, growling and manipulating me with quick pulls of the more longer locks of mine. He had me facing the celing by time Gerard was satisified and both hands glided down to serious territory, stroking along my belt as a slight warning before lightly tracing those deft fingertips around the fonrt of my jeans. Anywhere at first but my actaul crotch, the teasing bsatard. As fun as it was I was only getting frustrated. I gasped when, instead of doing it simply, Gerard took a hand and slid it between my legs, as if commanding me to open them the slightest bit further. It was like Gerard had it planned out the way he dragged it along, knowing jsut how to put me on edge with it all.

His hand stroked the insides of my thighs before finally going to massaging my crotch with all fingers, aware of my attention-starved erection, pressing his tips down hard with the motions he repeated over and over until I was moaning in the middle of the raging, chaos of the gig that carried on unawares. I rested my head on Gerard's chest, choking out curses between utterings of his name as my way of thanks. I panted, writhed and did my best to stay still to his touch but couldn't help bucking into his hands further. I only got louder when Gerard slipped the ends of his fingers of his other hand under my jeans and to my delight, dread and surprise, boxers. Skin on skin at last, I was nearly having spazms because of it. I was probably calling out like a bitch as Gerard worked away but it was like no attention I had ever had before. It was a mix of the sudden interest and a comination of just the sort of treatment from him I had been careful to dream of that made it so good.

His hand glided lower, almost too low and the part of me that could think at the time was wondering where this was all going. Gerard snarled from behind, it was unlike any noise I had heard from him, it was hungry and barely audible but it was there. It became clear why as his hips met me again and this time his tight jeans showed off his apparent excitement, which only set me off into an even more frenzied state, I was grabbing at him, begging for whatever more he could offer as his hand continued to course my crotch.

"You're wanting to go further, huh?" Gerard spat out in a low voice that was close to a whisper.
"Oh, God yes!" I replied, pleaded, regardless of whoever else would perhaps overhear and bear witness to the odd, public scene. Gerard chuckled in reply, hand slipping to rest right beside my hard cock, dangerously close so that even a twitch would make contact.
"We'll have to wait then, won't we?" Gerard answered, pulling out his well-positioned hand to instead absentmindedly stroke my neck. I was more than annoyed and outraged, I almost felt humiliated at his refusal. I pretty much threw his other hand off me that was still massaging away, trying to emulate some sort of disgust through my lingering euphoria. I turned around to face Gerard again.
"What do you mean?! You were pretty much there!" I shouted, throwing my hands out, desparate for him to hear me in case it was some sort of misunderstanding.
"I'd hate for it to be a spur-of-the-moment thing, Frank. Besides, I can't do such wonderful things to you here as I'd want to and I don't want it to be a one-off thing, idiot." Gerard yelled back in defence. I was quick to pick up on the promise in his words though. Startled at his amazingly composed and logical reply I stood facing him for a few seconds, calculating what he actually meant by all that.

"You... There are bathrooms...!" I hoplessly pointed out, my eyes blazing after him interrupting something that would have been good even as a thoughtless motion. I was desparate in case he later decided it had been wrong and that one night was the only taste of him I actually got. I was so scared of that at the moment, that he'd regret it and we'd never repeat such things.

"So hasty." Gerard shook his head. That was odd coming form the one who had made the first moves in the first place. I would use taht argument later. "No, I won't want you for only this one night Frank, you relaise that? I'm being serious." It would have sounded creepy to me if I wasn't serious too. Despite wanting him to go further just then he made a very good point, one that thrilled me too, he had just said it wasn't just a night with us. He meant he wanted more opportunities like this with me. "Just turn around, you're missing the show. Forgot I said shit."

I did as he told me, grinning from ear to ear. There'd be other opportunites to get up to such things he had said. He meant it, Gerard was serious. Even if he meant it in a sex-puppy kind of way I would be happy to oblige, even if jsut for a few weeks. I was't sure what I could want of Gerard, relationship-wise but the way he talked sounded very encouraging. It didn't sound like he regretted what he did so it could've gone either way.

Though Gerard took some time to start grinding into me once more, and little longer after that for both hands to creep onto the crotch of my jeans again it didn't put me off wahtsoever; through all the thrashing I continued, I had a little plan. I simply waited until the gig was over two hours later and turned to Gerard while the room slowly emptied around us. With most people gone within a few minutes and cleaning staff starting to get to work I told myself to just get it over and done with. He looked at me with what seemed like embarassment and a hint of confusion, perhaps intrigue. I only had to grin for him to do the same. I didn't care what he wanted from our relationship or what he had said about being serious, I was going to have my night at least, regardless of the future, even if it turned out we never got so close again. I had to take this chance to show him that I was very much into him, it could open up even more opportunities later. I wanted to take up the reigns just for a minute, mavye knock him off his feet.

I took hold of his open jacket with a strength I didn't expect I would've had and leaned in, full knowing I wasn't about to be pushed off and kissed Gerard square on the lips. Admittedly I hadn't pulled very many people, especially guys before and embarasssingly it seemed like Gerard had but nevertheless it was perfect. It took a moment for Gerard to react. He embraced me in no time, locking our heads together and allowed my tongue to explore his mouth for a brief moment. God he tasted a hundred times better than anything I could've dreamed of.
I was the one to pull off though. I looked at Gerard, smiling devilishly as he simply blushed, perhaps undestanding how I felt when things weren't quite finished on ones own terms and wordlessly led him out the building, not even looking back to check if he was following me.

"Was it good?" My Mom eventually asked as we got into the backseat of her old but comfy car that was parked on the street.
"Oh yeah, outdid my expectations by a mile." I answered, shooting Gerard a grin as he slid his hand over the seat to just touch mine. There still lay his dirty promise, and if definately wasn't put out by my hopefully unexpected kiss.
I think, for once, reality was better than my dreams.

AN/ This is about done now
it will be totally, totally finished by Sunday (spellchecked again etc, little extra details) Tell me what you think, please :D
I'm considering doing a follow on chapter (or more), tell me what you would want to see, if anything at all or if it's good as a oneshot.
Thanks, M xo
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