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Valentine's Day....Frerard style.

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Valentines smut :) my first attempt! Lol

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Frankie waited patiently on the sofa in his boyfriend's apartment.
Today was Valentine's Day and his boyfriend Gerard was at work but will be getting out soon.
Frankie has had this day planned out since the beginning of the year and finally it was here.
He had candles all over the apartment and a path of rose petals that lead from the front door to the bedroom.
The bedroom was dark with heart shaped lights around the room to lighten it up.
More candles,more rose petals, but their was some other things in their aswell,for instance
whip cream and some quite interesting toys.
Frankie was excited about the "sweet" night he was soon gonna have with Gerard.

As Frankie was daydreaming away he didn't notice Gerard open the door to let himself in,but once he saw his sexy boyfriend standing there,he attacked him. smothered him. in kisses.
Gerard didn't mind of course, it's Valentine's Day and if his "hot as hell" boyfriend wanted to makeout with him..then so be it!
Their was only one problem with that,they were lacking oxygen.
Panting, Gerard notices the rose petal trail and gives Frankie a questioning look.
"Follow the trail!" Frankie ordered in a cheerful tone
Gerard smirked,already knowing what room this trail was gonna lead him to....

Gerard gasped for air as Frankie continued his makeout session on the bed.
Gerard was sitting with Frankie sitting on top of him,with Gerard inbetween his legs Frankie got to wrap his little legs around him,trying to get as close as possible to Gerard.
Gerard was hard. Extremely hard. and Frankie sitting on him with his tongue in his mouth didn't help at all.
Gerard groaned in frustration
"What's wrong sugar?" Frankie grinned,knowing exactly what was wrong.
"I wanna go faster" Gerard said
"Ah,like this?" Frankie said then quickly grabbed Gerard's crotch
Gerard gasped in pleasure
"Y-yeah,like that"
Frankie gave a devilish look before grabbing Gerard's pants and pulling them with all his might,causing Gerard to fall back on the bed.
Once Frankie got them of he went straight down south to do the job...
Frankie then poped his head up from Gerard's crotch
"yes?" he asked innocently
"don't stop!!" Gerard yelled frustrated once again
Frankie smirked and went back under to continue
"G-gahhhh" after some more sucking and ball-rubbing,Gerard came.
Still shaken up Gerard lays on the bed breathing deeply while Frankie goes into the bathroom..

******10 minutes later******
"Where the fuck is he?" Gerard questions the absence of his boyfriend
"Frankie baby? Are you okay?" Gerard calls out,knocking on the bathroom door
"Are you ready,Gee?" Frankie asks from the other side of the door
"For what?...." Gerard asks confused as can be
"For this." Frankie says as he walks out of the bathroom
Gerard's jaw dropped.
Frankie came out in a Cupid costume,complete with an arrow,ribbon and diaper thingy (Lol)
"I saw it at the store and i thought it was kinda cool and i kinda liked it and i it too?" Frankie trailed off,his voice getting smaller and lower as he spoke
Gerard had had enough. This...sexyness,it was too much to handle.
So,without warning Gerard shoved Frankie all the way to the bed and threw his skinny body in the middle then climbed up himself laying over his boyfriend,still without underwear.
"I'm gonna give you the best night of your life Frankie" Gerard whispered in his ear before trailing down his neck giving wet kisses along the way.
Frankie knew Gerard would love the cupid costume,i mean,who wouldn't?! it was freakin adorable!

Gerard kissed every single area on Frankie's upper body and gave his nipples some extra lovin'
now it was time for the lower body, Gerard kissed and nibbled on the soft skin on Frankie's legs and sucked on his inner thigh making Frankie moan out loud.
They were both already as hard as can be,but taking it slow made it that much more fun.
Gerard slowly took off Frankie's costume "diaper thingy" exposing his very big penis,which was standing proudly just like Gerard's.
Frankie looked downward and blushed
"Don't be embarrassed, i was trying to do this to you" Gerard giggled
Frankie smiled just as Gerard went down to kiss Frankie's exposed balls
"ahh!" Frankie exclaimed as Gerard also stuck a finger in Frankie's hole.
They've had sex before,of course, but Gerard always wants to be careful with his little Frankie
"Mmmmm" Frankie moaned as Gerard moved around his three fingers
"I'm ready Gerard" Frankie said suddenly,adrenaline rushing through his body
Gerard nodded and lined up his hard member with Frankie's wanting hole
He pushed in, making Frankie shake with excitement
Once all the way in,Gerard started going in and out in rhythm.
Frankie layed there uncontrollably moaning, in the need to hold on to something he grabs Gee's shoulders for support as Gerard started pounding faster and harder into Frankie.
"Holy fuckk!" Frankie moaned loudly as Gerard pounded over and over
Frankie started losing grip on Gerard's shoulders and his hands desperately searched for something else to hold on to. The bed post.
All of a sudden, Gerard hit it. The Spot.
Gerard continued hitting the same spot
Frankie then exploded all over both of their stomachs
"holy shit" Frankie breathed out. Gerard giggled sitting next to Frankie's laying body
"Shower Time!!" Gerard exclaimed. Frankie could never understand how he could be so energized after sex.

Gerard sucked on Frankie's lip ring as they stood underneath the warm water
"I love you so much" Frankie gasped when Gerard let go of his lip
"I love you too Frankie,more than anything" Gerard said holding Frankie in his arms
Frankie pulled the water thing so that it was now becoming a bath
Gerard smiled as he started to make his way to the bathtub floor bringing Frankie with him.
Gerard ended up sitting on Frankie,which wasn't a all.
The making out started to get heated and a "problem" started developing
Without a second thought Gerard sat up, lined up his hole with Frankie's crotch and sat down.
"OH GOD!" Frankie moaned, not expecting the sudden movement
Gerard grabbed the sides of the bathtub,helping him go up and down, riding his beautiful cupid boyfriend
"AH,OH FUCK...YESS!!" Gerard moaned as he fastened his pace looking down at Frankie who was moaning profanities and thrusting upward to meet Gerard's thrust.
The water splashed around as Gerard and Frankie rode out their orgasms
Gerard pulled out Frankie's penis and layed down next to him smiling.
"Best Valentine's Day Ever" Frankie said as he turned to Gerard and kissed his nose lightly
Snuggling into his chest :)
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